Physician Profile: Dr. Alan Nieder

Whether facing something relatively minor,
like incontinence, or something as serious as advanced prostate cancer, you’ll find some
of the most comprehensive urological care in South Florida at Mount Sinai Medical Center. Mount Sinai Medical Center is South Florida’s
only Ivy League affiliated urology program. The affiliation with Columbia, in which all
of the urologists in our division are uh, full faculty members at Columbia University
in New York, really provides us with the ability to get the best treatment care uh, for our
patients. Together, this distinguished partnership is
offering our patients the very highest level of care. Dr. Alan Nieder is the co-chief of Columbia
University’s division of urology at Mount Sinai Medical Center. Named one of America’s top cancer doctors
by Newsweek magazine, he has more than 15 years experience and has performed over 4,000
urological surgeries. Along with a highly skilled urology team at
Mount Sinai Medical Center, Dr. Nieder specializes in treating patients facing a wide range of
issues, including kidney stones, incontinence, bladder reconstruction, female urology, enlarged
prostate, and bladder, kidney, and prostate cancers. Prostate cancer is essentially the number
one uh, leading cancer in men in the United States and unfortunately these are cancers
that typically are often diagnosed too late. So early detection is pivotal. Early detection of cancer can often be critical
in helping a patient get the appropriate treatments early and ultimately then a uh, curative procedure. And knowing the signs and symptoms of urological
cancer can be as important as early detection. We just recommend that all patients uh, remain
vigilant for any signs or symptoms. Sometimes there are no symptoms, so educating
people about their risk factors is also important. Most people are very aware that tobacco use
is highly correlated with the development of lung cancer. Less well known is that bladder cancer is
also highly correlated with tobacco use. So once a patient has been identified as having
urological cancer, the Mount Sinai urology team uses cutting-edge technology in the treatment
of these cases. In the operating room, minimally invasive
robotic surgery allows for less blood loss, fewer infections, less post-operative pain,
smaller scars, and faster recovery times. The faculty here at Mount Sinai’s Division
of Urology are able to provide our patients with really top of the line uh, cutting-edge
treatment and diagnosis for bladder cancer. And in the end, great outcomes and expert
patient care is the driving force for Dr. Nieder. When I see patients who come in uh, worried
about significant problems and I have the ability to diagnosis them, treat them, and
hopefully cure them, uh, it’s obviously very rewarding. It makes the patients feel better, it makes
me feel good. To find out more about the doctors, treatments,
and surgery options offered at Mount Sinai Medical Center, visit our website at

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