Physician Profile: Nimi Patel

– Hi, my name is Nimi Patel and I’m a neurologist at
Memorial Satilla Health. Probably starting in
high school and college I developed an interest in
the neurological sciences. I’ve always been drawn to
the neurological sciences and in addition I did some
research while in college in a neuroendocrine
laboratory where we worked with songbirds. The amazing thing about songbirds is their hippocampus, which
is an area in the brain that controls short-term memory, actually grows and shrinks in size depending on what season it is because they are food storing birds and that to me was just an amazing thing and from there I just
continued my interest in neurological sciences
throughout my medical school. I started my undergraduate education at Lehigh University,
then I went on to go on to my medical school training at PCOM Philadelphia College of Osteopathic
Medicine in Philadelphia and stayed in Philadelphia
for the next several years. I completed my internship
year in Philadelphia and my neurology residency
at Hahnemann Hospital Drexel University in Philadelphia. I’m a general neurologist. I see every neurological condition. I see patients who have migraines, who have seizures, strokes. I also see patients
with movement disorders such as Parkinson’s
disease or essential tremor and also see a lot of patients who have trouble with memory such as
dementias like Alzheimer’s. In addition to seeing a
wide variety of patients, I offer numerous services,
treatment options and diagnostic procedures. Diagnostics include EEG or
electroencephalogram procedures as well as nerve conduction EMG studies. I offer Botox for various treatments including migraines and
post-stroke spasticity, as well as occipital nerve blocks and trigger point injections. I also enjoy working with patients who have refractory
seizures and who are treated with VNS or vagal nerve stimulator. I like to treat the whole patient, meaning not just the disease process that they’re coming in to see you for, but also whatever might be going on or troublesome with
their life at that time, making sure we talk
about nutrition, exercise and just having them improve
their quality of life. The best thing about my job is interacting with my patients. The time I have with my patients while it may seem very
limited throughout the day is the most enjoyment I have. I enjoy helping people feel better. I enjoy speaking with them, educating them about their neurological conditions and having them leave the office feeling a little bit better about their conditions and how we can help them.


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