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So you’re searching for quality
physician candidates or involved in the process some how. We at know just
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methods of posting their information for the world to see. Say NO to the OLD way
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spend just five minutes answering some important questions and put the ExactMD
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  1. • FMG or AMG?
    • US Citizen, Permanent Resident or Green Card Holder?
    • When did you complete medical school training?
    • Board Certified or Board Eligible?
    • Active Licenses that you hold?
    • Any background issues?
    • Any malpractice cases pending or settled?
    • Years of experience?
    • When are you available?
    • What languages do you speak?
    • Why are you looking for a job?
    • Salary range and locations you will consider?
    • How does your experience match the job position requirements?
    • Do you have tenure in prior positions of at least 2 years?
    • No background our licensing issues?
    • Promise to stay in contact via email after submittal and cc: me on all emails about the job?

    • How soon were you looking to start a new practice?
    • Do you have a preference on being hospital employed vs a private practice setting?
    • What electronic medical record systems do you have experience with?
    • What would be your ideal schedule?
    • Are there any professional interests within your field that you would like to share?
    • Do you speak any additional languages besides English?
    • Geographically where were you looking for opportunities and why is it that you have chosen these areas?
    • If you’re looking to relocate, do you have a significant other looking for a new opportunity as well? If so, what is their occupation?
    • If you’re looking to relocate, do you have any children that you’re looking for a good school system for? Do you prefer public or private education?
    • When you’re not practicing, what activities do you enjoy in your spare time?
    • How much of a notification in advance would you prefer prior to a face to face interview with a recruiter?
    • Do you have a CV that is up to date?
    • Do you have the capability to perform preliminary interviews with recruiters via Video Conferencing over the computer?
    • Is there anything you’re specifically looking forward to in an opportunity or anything that would be a potential deal-breaker in an opportunity?
    • In your own words, what would you declare as the “perfect situation”

    I also have the following questions that I must ask of every physician
    we represent:

    • Have you ever been named in any type of malpractice action?
    • Have you ever had any action taken against your medical license or
    hospital privileges?
    • Have you ever been arrested for any reason?

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