Physician Recruitment

Conway Regional Health System provides comprehensive care for over 200,000 residents in central Arkansas. With more than 170 physicians on our medical staff, Conway Regional is equipped to provide a wide variety of medical care. We’ve partnered with our Medical Staff to create an Accountable Clinical Management Initiative. The ACM has facilitated physician-led decision
making and a culture of transparency and efficiency. “Having been part of some of those discussions, it’s really neat to see how the administration listens to physicians and physicians listen
to the administration. How things that used to take months to get done, if ever, are now done within a few weeks. It’s really transformed the medical community
here at Conway Regional to make it a place where everbody respects everyone, everybody is on the same page and everybody is pushing one another to be better. That’s not something you see in almost
any other medical community.” The health system includes a 150 bed Medical Center, an extensive Primary Care Network, Ambulatory Surgery Center, Rehabilitation
Hospital and one of the largest hospital-owned fitness centers in the nation. Additionally, the system offers a number of
support services including a home health agency, outpatient imaging center, therapy and wound
healing clinics and many more. Our dedicated medical staff offers a wide
variety of specialty coverage including: General Surgery, Interventional Cardiology and CV
Surgery, Neurology and Neurospine Surgery, Gastroenterology, Orthopedic Surgery, Pulmonology,
Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Urology and much more. “We’ve have always had a PHO organization
where we felt like the physicians and the hospital were on the same team or tried to
be on the same team. But since the ACM, we feel like
we really are. Period. I fell like the administration is ever present at these
meetings and we are able to verbalize our issues, they are able to verbalize their issues,
and then we can come together to make a solution that is best for the patient.” Located in Central Arkansas,
Conway has all the advantages of a big city, with the heart of a small town. “If I had to do it all over again, I would
choose Conway Regional and Conway every single time because it melds two of the most important
things to me as a family physician….. family and physician. For my family, we have friends that we love,
church that we love, a community that provides opportunities for my children that they can’t
get anywhere else. I feel that my children are safe in Conway. I feel that Conway has it’s citizen’s
best interest at heart and I feel those same exact things happen at Conway Regional. They have my family’s best interest, the
citizens of Conway’s best interest at heart…whether that’s taking care of them in the hospital
or creating programs to take care of them in the community. I don’t think that you could find a better
fit for a good hospital and a good community creating such synergy and
creating such a great place to live. There are places that have good hospitals
and there are places that have good towns, but I would put our town and our hospital
up against anybody in the country.” With three colleges, an exceptional public
school system and multiple private school options, Conway offers a variety of educational
opportunities. Over the last decade, 6 of our 9 elementary
schools were in the top academic rankings. In the last three years, more than TWENTY
national merit scholars have graduated from Conway Public Schools! Named one of the South’s Best College towns
by Southern Living, Conway is also home to Hendrix College, Central Baptist College and
the University of Central Arkansas. Conway is in the top 20% of fastest growing
cities in the nation. Because of Conway’s low cost of living and
highly educated workforce, many employers choose to grow their businesses here. Jobs in technology, education, manufacturing,
health care and energy combine to provide Conway residents with a variety of employment
opportunities. Arkansas is known as the “Natural State”. From lakes and mountains to well-maintained
parks and trails, Conway is the perfect place to spend time enjoying the beauty of central
Arkansas. Conway is also home to a number of locally-based
arts and cultural organizations, including the Conway Symphony Orchestra,
Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre, Baum Art Gallery
and Reynolds Performance Hall. “I have come to realize that in medical
care, quality is important, and attention is important. The size of your hospital is not so important. The location of your hospital is not so important. And what I think we have to offer here is
a community of people who have signed up as caregivers to take care of people that are
in need…to take care of people that are sick, to take care of people that are hurting. I think we do a really good job of that. I think that being part of a smaller community
actually allows us some advantages in that. Frequently I am taking care of people that
I know, somehow – either through church or through my kids’ softball team or other
avenues and it allows a better sense of community. And that means that we act more like a family
than we do a corporation.”

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