Physician Video Profile: Ashley Dupuis, DO (Obstetrics & Gynecology)

OGBYN is a unique specialty. We do primary
care in the office setting. We also do surgery so we are in the operating room usually one
day a week and then we are also on labor and delivery doing delivers. So we have kind of
three different aspect to our job which makes it really exciting. We are always on our toes
each day is different from the last so it’s really comprehensive care. My name is Ashley
Dupuis I’m an obstetrician gynecologist I work at Bella Nova women’s health in St.
Joseph Michigan. Before coming to Lakeland I was finishing my residency in Lansing Michigan
at Michigan State University, college of Osteopathic Medicine. I completed my residency at McLaren
Greater Lansing in Lansing Michigan. When I did my first OGBYN rotation as a medical
student it just really confirmed what I always felt. I was so happy at the end of the day,
I really felt like I was making a difference. I have a husband Pearce he is a physician
as well and he works in the area and we also have three children. My oldest daughter is
Adaline she is 4 years old, I have Elaina she is 2, and Emma is 7 months old. So we
have been busy and it’s been great. Bella Nova is really unique in that we have mid
wives that we work very closely with. So at any given time there is usually a midwife
and a physician provider in the office. We also have a couple primary care physicians
in are office. So it’s easy to refer to them if some has say asthma or skin related
condition they can easily be seen at the same place and not have to find a whole different
office. We do annual exams for women including their pap smear. I also see a lot of teenage
girls who are having difficulties with their periods. We help control any birth control
management that a women or girl may need. Also things like endometrioses, polycystic
ovarian syndrome, pelvic pain, and bleeding that’s uncontrolled. So eventually some
women might need surgeries for these things so we can also take care of that aspect. We
have a lot of a lot of resources that we use to help a wide variety of issues that women
can have. Excellent patient care to me means comprehensive care. So when a patient comes
to me I can help the best as I can we run through different scenarios, we run through
different options and alternatives, we talk about risks and benefits of with whatever treatment
plan we come up with and they have a say in what they want to do. It’s also comprehensive
in the sense that my partners the midwives and the other physicians in my practice I
trust them to also be able to help out with that patient. When I retire many year from
now I would like to be remembered for just bringing my heart to work every day. I hope
that no one ever feels rushed when they are with me and I hope that they realize that
I’m just a human being too. So being a doctor is just a title for me I just like to help
people. So if my knowledge can help that’s all I’m really looking for.

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