Physician Video Profile: Jerome Kuhnlein, MD (Cardiology)

Hi I’m Dr. Jerome Kuhnlein, and I’m a
cardiologist at Lakeland Heart and Vascular. I went to Kalamazoo College as
an undergrad, and we found this side of the state because we really enjoyed the
water and some friends of mine sailed, and so we sailed quite a bit out of the
west side of the state. We really fell in love with the area of Southwest Michigan
along the coast, and that’s what really drew us to the area.
I really felt compelled to be able to help patients. I really was vacillating
between cardiac surgery and cardiology, and I sort of felt that the healthcare
arena was moving toward less invasive procedures, and I felt I really was sort
of drawn to that. Since heart and vascular disease is one of the more
common causes of death and disability, I felt that I really could be an asset
in that field. We take care of general cardiology issues, so if someone has some
chest discomfort, or shortness of breath, or some palpitations, or fluttering, or if
they have crushing chest pain, or if they have dizziness and blackout. We take care
of all realms of heart and vascular disease, so we are sort of a soup to nuts package,
our group, and I do both interventional cardiology as well as electrophysiology.
My favorite part of coming to work every day is just really being able to focus
on making my patients’ quality of life better, and if they want, their longevity
better. I think the tools that we’ve been given with the pacers, and the
defibrillators, and some of the newer medications that are available have
allowed us to do that. My care philosophy is to treat every
patient like I want to be treated. Treat every patient like I would
treat my parents, and in fact that goes to our group as well. We wouldn’t hire
anybody in our group that we wouldn’t want to take care of us or our family.

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