Physician Video Profile: Kimberlee Tomerlin, DO (Internal Medicine)

I’m Doctor Kimberlee Tomerlin and I am at
Bellanova Women’s Health in Saint Joseph The care that I’m providing at Bellanova..
it’s going to be primary care for women Basically anything everyday like colds that
people may have.. viruses.. I will be doing management of things like.. chronic
conditions like diabetes, CHF, hypertension, as well as probably working with specialists
on top of that too Bellanova has a great philosophy They want to do comprehensive women’s health People know them mostly for obstetrics and
gynecology Now, we are really trying to focus more on
the primary care aspect as well It’s a place where women can go to get full
comprehensive care whether they are 25 and pregnant or 53 going through menopause That’s kind of the idea behind Bellanova..
it is empowering the patient to make informed decisions on their own and to be with women
throughout their whole course of life To help them if they have any questions or
if they need guidance, but ultimately they are the ones that are will be making those
decisions The best way I think to involve patients is
to sit down and have a discussion with them and go over what everything means To take the knowledge that I have gained from
medical school and to translate that to the patient and explain what test results may
mean or what a prognosis may mean and what a plan moving forward for treatment may mean Excellent patient care to me means that somebody
is completely invested in taking care of that patient To do that you really have to get to know
your patients and sit down and have conversations with them Not just see them for a short visit, and treat
whatever they have going on, and send them on their way

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