Physician Video Profile: Michael Schuhknecht, DO (Bariatric and General Surgery)

I’m Dr. Michael Schuhknecht. I’m a general and bariatric surgeon. I work mostly in Niles Michigan here at Lakeland Health
Center. I was trained as a bariatric surgeon from my residency training on up
which was a little unique. I was blessed in the fact that I had two bariatric
surgeons who trained me and kind of forefathers of today’s modern bariatric
surgery and that was my career choice. I chose to take care of people of
size and help people with multiple diseases that went along with the
disease of obesity. At the same time, I was trained in advanced laparoscopy and
general surgery so I kind of tied all three of those practices into one and
found the perfect spot here at Lakeland. There was a community that had the need–we had no bariatric services available for us and we had some minimally invasive
surgeries, but we were able to advance that pretty progressively since one of
the last several years a company like Lakeland fantastic to work for they’re
very insightful and they’re also very proactive in the in the realm of general
surgery and bariatric surgery so it’s been a great mix for both me and my
practice working here in Lakeland and I continue to follow my dream of helping
people of size as well as those who need minimally invasive surgery within our community. So we use bariatric surgery in our program here at Lakeland to help educate,
re-educate, reform, redirect people, and that’s what surgery for weight loss
is–it’s a tool that helps to put a shock collar so to say onto the patients.
They will have the ability to eat less and eat slower and sometimes in some
surgeries not eat the bad foods. It’s a good deterrent. It’s emotional
deterrent for them not to do the bad behavior. I think the best part
of my job here at Lakeland is the fact that I get to take care of a family.
Family is important. My family is very dear to me and our patients are part of
our family. In bariatrics it’ss pretty obvious. We see these patients for six to
12 to 18 months prior to surgery and then we follow them for the rest of
their lives. The reason why it excites me so much and why it inspires me and why
it gets me going to keep doing this is the outcomes. The outcomes are
fantastic. We see resolution of weight in 95 percent of our patients. We see
resolution of the comorbids–diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, sleep apnea–the list goes on and on and almost every one is in the same patient so it’s a very very rewarding job to sit there and help somebody both through teaching and
education as well as the ability to operate and help them learn too to see the results that come out of bariatrics so it’s a very rewarding service for me and for our community I believe.

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