1. 3 days after having cast removed she was dead! Violence was escalating. It appears she was dressed in a baggy Halloween outfit…I am curious, was it to minimise removal of clothes during the exam to hide injuries. Abusers will smear makeup or chocolate on a child's injuries..was Laila similarly presented to mask injuries

  2. This physician assistant should not be allowed to practice without having better oversight! A 2yr old falling from a balance beam would not have this type of break! He's full of it! Did he not see her other injuries?! He's suppose to look! What a jerk!

  3. Keep little kids off trampolines if you can. Ugh. Been through that!! Wait till they are at least 7 in my opinion

  4. YouTube says follow community guidelines?
    In other words we can’t speak what comes to mind without thinking about what YouTube wants to hear? Kinda like speak but with no emotion?
    B. S. If what I have to say is more offensive then our government placing our children in harms way then that makes you part of the problem.
    I find this offensive inhuman and disrespectful to say the least.

  5. Why is the questions about the 'stockingette' around Laila's wrist important? That atty has nothing-I think she's just trying to confuse the jury enough to think these are important questions.

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