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(instrumental Hallelujah) – Depression is not weakness. – Though depression is a disease that may make you feel weak. – Depression is neither laziness. – Nor apathy. – Nor a lack of professional fortitude. – It is an expression. – Of an underlying
neuro-biological pathology. – About which researcher’s
still have many questions. – It is a pathology that. – Like a many tentacled octopus. – Grasps at our emotional stability. – Our cognition. – Our sleep. – Our patience with people. – And our will to go on. – Depression is a pathology that can obscure our personhood, – So that it is hard for others. – And for ourselves. – To see us as we really are. – Admitting to experiencing depression. – Is not weakness. – But rather confirmation. – Of an insidious life
threatening epidemic in the medical profession. – On a very simple level. – It constitutes an
admission of humanness. – So glad you did this.
– Oh yeah. – It’s important.
– Thanks. (instrumental Hallelujah) – Even as I speak these words. – A great fear swells
and rises in my throat. – Threatening to take me over. – At least for me. – Shame has never quite
relinquished its grip. – On vulnerability. – And vulnerability is
deeply uncomfortable. – As an aspiring doctor. – As a doctor. – I may be committing
professional self-sabotage. – By telling my story. – My perspective employers. – May judge me to be unstable. – Or unfit. – To care for ill persons. – But the tears of my colleagues. – The tales of deferred suicide attempts. – My colleagues have confided in me. – And the tragic deaths of bright minds. – Here and around the country. – Lend strength to my determination. – To proclaim my experience. – To say me too. – I admit openly. – That I am just as vulnerable. – To the elements of life. – As are my future patients. – In the hopes that
others will do the same. – I do so in the hopes. – That the culture of
the medical profession. – Will evolve to value imperfection. – As a hallmark of humanity. – And that this value will govern. – The way we judge our
students and our residents. – If I’ve learned anything. – After spending the
majority of my short life. – In pursuit of academic distinction. – It is that the appeal of the dividends. – Good grades, high praise, awards. – Is a femoral. – Not so with the call
to protect human life. – That is something
truly worth living for. (instrumental Hallelujah) – I can’t, it’s absurd. Like this, that’s why this is so brave of you because people don’t do that often and like, it’s so common, in third years especially. Like all throughout medical school. Just not never feeling good enough and never feeling–
– Yeah. – (inaudible) I applaud you. I’m very touched by this.


  1. Just don't use psychotropic drugs….which are killers to health and can potentially trigger suicide or violence. Beautiful music. for beautiful students/physicians It IS good to do group therapy like you are doing here. 🙂

  2. Healthcare is the sorcery of Babylon.It is bible prophesy for Babylon to fall.It has been living or borrowed time.The entire beast system is part of Babylon.From the money/banking system (Federal reserve),to healthcare,to the fake church (Mystery Babylon)to the government,and education.THE WRATH OF ALLMIGHTY GOD is coming.

  3. Beautiful. For more information on physician suicide, please see my article at I'm presenting a free CME webinar sponsored by NorCal on Sept.12, 2018 during suicide prevention week, on prevention of clinician suicide specifically Stay connected.

  4. Thank you Rahael and University of Michigan Medical School for sharing this video – for helping lower the stigma surrounding mental health and for taking the right steps in raising awareness for physician and trainee wellness.

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