Physicians Formula Mascara ORGANIC?! 7 Days Cruelty Free Drugstore MASCARA!

What up guys?! Ashley Elizabeth here with AEHM
artistry and welcome to day 1 of my 7 days of cruelty free drugstore
mascaras! You already clicked on this, so you already know, but today we are
testing out the Physicians Formula Mascara! And this one is called the Jumbo
Lash mascara. It says it has a new look, new packaging, not sure what it was
before. But it’s this little green squiggly guy that says organic wear on
there. I went to Ulta and there were a ton of similar ones but this is one that
I picked. Oh and also there was a row of different types of black within its own
hangar. So I got the Ultra Black but there was another type of black, and I’m
guessing it wasn’t as intense, and then also brown as well. But before we go
ahead and test this mascara out, first let’s talk about the criteria that will
happen this week. Yes seven days in a row, every day I will be uploading a new
mascara to try it out. So the criteria is, obviously, you have to be able to
purchase it from a drugstore. Of course. Or Ulta drugstore side, whatever is fine.
It has to be a cruelty-free and not sold in China or anywhere that requires
animal testing. It has to be $10 or less. So I picked that spot because
there are some pricier mascaras out there that ranged all the way up to like
$15 almost $20. Just for a drugstore mascara! And I
thought, you know what that’s getting into high-end territory let’s keep it
ten dollars or less. I even have a mascara that was all the way down to
$3 to test out! So we will see how that goes!
I will be curling my lashes everyday. Just with a normal mascara curler cuz
that’s what I would do with any of my other mascaras anyways. I will not have
any kind of shadow look or liner done. I want to see exactly how this performs.
And after six to eight hours I will do a quick check-in, and we can see if there
is any smudging, flaking, if my lashes are starting to sag, kind of down and lose
their curl. So we will check all that out right here and you can see. You know,
sometimes mascara look really good when you first apply, but then you look
like a raccoon an hour later! Something I learned when I was doing my 7 days
of cruelty free drugstore foundation series is: research, research, research! If
you’re going to buy a drugstore makeup product, there are so many different
places and they all try to compete but some
don’t even care. And you will learn really quickly, if you’re starting to
go buy or get into drugstore makeup, that one place might be a few dollars
difference than the other. So just do your research, sometimes you can get
coupons in the mail, sometimes you can do coupons at Ulta or they have buy one, get
one half off! Or point system, whatever, or Walmart sometimes just has the basic
cheapest price. And then of all the drug drugstores, Walgreens is my favorite and
they have a point system as well. Enough of the criteria, don’t worry every day I
will not go over and over and over again and drag out the intro. It is just a once,
we need to make sure that you guys know why, what, when, where, how I am doing things!
And performing my review and test. So without further ado, let’s try this
Physicians Formula mascara! *Intro Music* Okay! So Physicians Formula mascara in
the style jumbo lash mascara. A little green guy, so I picked this up at Ulta for
$9.99 but they were doing a buy one, get one half off! So that brought it down to
around $7. So not too bad. I noticed at Walmart, today when I was picking up my
last mascara, that this was around $8.89. So it’s about a dollar less but then with
Ulta deals and then points, brings it down less. I appreciate the sealed
packaging because some of the brand’s I was looking at the mascaras were not
sealed. And I think that’s gross! So while I’m opening this up, let me tell you
what the claims are. Well first of all, it says “how green is your makeup?”. So this is
all about organic wear. And organic makeup. This says, “ingredients from
organic farming 70% organic”, so this I guess is 70% organic product, so that’s
neat. It is free of synthetic solvents. Has natural biopolymers, natural
preservatives, natural rice protein, and organic tapioca starch. And it is also
free of petroleum and by products, hypoallergenic, fragrance free, paraben
free, cruelty free, dermatologist tested, ophthalmologist tested,
it’s safe for sensitive eyes… And contact lens wearers! So there’s
no fibers in this, that’s good. Supposed to have a dramatic finish and
give you jumbo lashes with bold volume! Well we will see about that!
If you remember from my foundation series, just because the foundation
claims to be healthy doesn’t mean it is actually…good. Hopefully, I don’t have
eye sensitivities, like I did with the foundation. Packaging is super cute,
there is 0.26 ounces of product. So a quarter of an ounce of product. Go ahead and
zoom you in and curl my lashes. Oh hello! If you want to know how I like to
curl my lashes and how I apply my mascara the best, go ahead and click this
little link right up top. Or wait and check the description box cuz I will put
a link right down there so you don’t have to miss this video.
K, lashes all curled, easy peasy. I picked some nice gimmicky ones. So the
plastic wands tend to be nice and gimmicky. I also picked some regular ones
too. It’s not too bad but definitely those plastic bristles, which might be nice cuz
you know they’re shorter. They’re not all ginormous and spikey. Handle is a little
bit weird but let’s…let’s just see it. Ready? Okay. That’s with one dip. Not getting clumpy
and I can definitely go over it multiple multiple times. Let’s do a second dip… Starting to gather a little bit. So I’m probably gonna hold off on that for a
second. But they’re very long. I wouldn’t say volumous yet, but they’re nice long and
thin. Two dips on this side, one dip on that side. I like that the bristles
aren’t crazy long and that’s because sometimes I stab my eyes
if the brushes are crazy. So its nice that there little short guys. Yeah the more
coats that I do, the more they clump together. I kind of like just the one
coat. Do the lower lash line. I’m liking this for the lower lash line. I just put
a touch on there. Okay now that this side is dry, let’s see what it looks like with
a third dip…. If I can fan them out a little bit that would be nice cuz I like them
pretty volumous. You know once they start drying you can fan them out a little bit.
So, that’s a little bit better. Okay so here is a quick up close of my lashes
all complete. What do you guys think about that? Definitely leave down in the
comments below how you like it on my lashes and if you’re willing to
give it a shot. Claims that it gives a bold volume, but as you can see my lashes
aren’t necessarily volumized. But they are elongated. And it doesn’t necessarily
help curl because on the ends right here some mascaras like the Too Faced Better
Than Sex mascara, my holy grail mascara, that will help actually curl these crazy
ends that I have. And they’re looking a little…I almost want to say heavy.
They’re lifted but heavy. So they’re somewhere in the middle. So it doesn’t
claim to curl or anything but it’s just something to take a note of. Let’s see if
they are dry… They still…they’re not like coming off, but they still feel wet. Like
if I sneezed and it’s been five minutes later I might have some residue.
Something else to note, as well, with this mascara I noticed the more I try to dip
in and add…the clumpier it wanted to start getting. Which I know, a lot of
mascaras are that way. But it’s something that I definitely want to test out. So
next time I use this, what I will do is I will do one coat just to give a nice
little natural pretty flawless finish. And I definitely like
this for my lower lashline. So let’s go and see how the wear time was and if
it’s smudged, if it got flakey, if I did anything weird! Let’s check it out! Hello again! So it’s been roughly 6 hours. A little over 6 hours. And I will pop up
on the screen right here an up close shot of what my lashes look like, as well as
the underneath and everything. If you do notice, on this side right here I have
slight slight slight smudging in the corner and just a tiny bit on the other
side. Now I did check in throughout the day and I noticed just the tiniest
little flakes. Maybe one or two. And I tried not to wipe under my eyes, like I
tend to do and always make sure like hey I don’t have any smudging going on. So I
try not to do that, but there was still two tiny little flakes. Nothing awful
that I’ve never had before. I sometimes… I’ve had worse with some mascara. So not
bad and the smudging is not the worst. I was pretty mellow for the rest of the
day, but I did cook dinner lots of steam with spaghetti and everything. But
minimal-ish smudging, but I wasn’t outside you know exercising or anything
like that. The good news is I had no eye sensitivity! I haven’t even smelled this
yet… doesn’t have a smell, doesn’t have a smell. Okay, so I actually just looked at
the footage of when I first applied the mascara versus now and they do look
quite different. I’ll pop up a side-by-side right here. You can tell
that the lashes really got pieced together, which is very interesting. They
already look super long but they’re definitely not as perfect as they were
when I applied them. Which can be expected but I just wanted to show you
guys this. I don’t know if it’s a deal breaker for you or not, but it’s
something to take into consideration as we move forward in our seven days of
mascaras. Alright you guys, that is it for today’s video!
For today’s mascara! Be sure to tune into tomorrow, day 2 of my 7 days of
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You guys, thank you so much for watching and have a great lovely day!


  1. πŸ€”πŸ˜›Any guesses on which mascaras I will be trying this week?! One down, six more to go!!!πŸ˜„

  2. I was not super impressed with this mascara. It was okay and didn't flake which was great…but wasn't super dramatic long lashes like I go for πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

  3. I didnt mind this mascara. But i liked it better when i paired it with the wet n wild eyelash primer. I love their eyelsh primer so much.

  4. I'm loving this mascara lookout!! You know I have this mascara issue lol. You're the bestest!!! And what are you doing different with your skin?? You look amazing, so beautiful and clear. I need to know girlπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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