Picture Perfect Match Day 2017

My name is Andy Dowd. I’m from
Springfield, Massachusetts, and i’m hoping to match into emergency medicine. Coming from Springfield I knew that I wanted to go to undergrad more locally. I ended up
going to a UMass Amherst, and it was actually during my time there that I
decided I wanted to go on to a career in medicine. Just being a part of the UMass
system kind of from beginning to the end I feel like I’ve been really lucky. The book that i created is a part of my
capstone project which is required of all medical students here at UMass. We are required to do some type of scholarly project that focuses on medicine and
what I wanted to do is I wanted to give students a chance to kind of reflect on
their experiences I wanted others to see that reflection I wanted those that came
through medical school I wanted doctors that went to medical school 20 years ago I
wanted them to look at the book and say oh yeah that’s what I went through and I
wanted to give people on the outside you know some kind of glimpse into the world
that that we’re living in my passion for photography came from my father he
always had a camera on him he was always taking pictures of everything. I’ve
always been really interested in portrait work and I always loved
photojournalism, so I kind of wanted to take all that and apply it here in
medical school, because I think it’s so hard to explain to the outside world
people that have never been in medical school people that have never been
American school what goes on in these are these walls. Because of what’s written on that envelope, you are going to impact lives in a way that today that you can’t even imagine. I think my experience here from day one
has been nothing but amazing. Hopefully I open the envelope and I match into emergency medicine here at UMass. I’d like to stay in this area and do my
residency here.

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