Pills: Reviewing medication in care homes

someone says all human life is here and that's quite true about Hadrian house people come to life they can still drive more slowly it can still do the twist a little bit more slowly but they do remember those songs and they do sing along they do become an extended family and you love your family so you also come to love the family within hadrian house that you look after as well just getting the right mix of medication for your patients will make a huge difference to them médecins usually are given to patients for the right reasons we've change people's lives with eradicated disease they can do lots of wonderful things however medicines become a problem when we don't use them right we're very busy we fill the home very quickly and it was always difficult to understand why people came into the home taken masses of tablets in the bus residents had plenty of medication which we feel as nurses is not needed for them the nurses didn't have the time to catch up and delve into histories neither to the GPS in primary care all the time we don't have time to really get to know people particularly those in a nursing home so it was really nice to take some time to listen to the story so when the medication project came along it gave us that ideal opportunity to sit down and invest the time with our GPS and pharmacists and look at everybody's medication they used to just be the doctor or the pharmacist talk to each other and actually having everybody around the table it's just wonderful it's a it's a game changer in terms of the decisions you make too much medication it's too sleepy sometimes there were drowsy we're not talking to us today mm-hmm I not gonna talk to me the biggest question we have today is really a patch that you take called rivastigmine well there's the patches at the stick on you remember you make it sometimes Lika tells us you're very tired of those patches a sleepy I suppose the decision between us today is is what do we do next quite often medicine subscribe in isolation what sometimes is lacking is a holistic of overview of other medicines the patient's taking and how the current medication fits in the other regime the patch is causing problems do we think about reducing it or stopping it or would you be much happier to be let have to be left on it no I think I would prefer a distraught for you know because she seems a lot livelier refer to that okay right before I'd rather she didn't sleep a days away you know sure my dad was born in Hong Kong he's been a fisherman check out my Konya my babe hair he loves fish enjoy your net saga he's got dementia um he has irregular heartbeat just getting old he's getting old no your father's got a condition called atrial fibrillation yes it's a heart rate that's not very good on warfarin and he does have an episode that's difficult to say well yeah I mean really difficult to say what we have to balance up really is the the risks of giving them something like warfarin or like a war from like drug varices potentially having a stroke and that was a difficult decision for Alex to make but it's putting the patient back in the center and seen it's your miss and what should we do with it how many pigeons did you have Oh horrible forty odd too many here isn't oh hey I I was well done well I won 16 years in one year one team yes I would go more often if I could that's too much pain to dwell on you know the things that matter to patients is continuing to do this stuff that we love doing little changes to medication can make a huge difference to patients outcomes taking missus thoughts as a good example of man who's in pain and can't do things he loves doing by getting his pain control right we can help them do the stuff he wants to do I love myself because when you speak to patients and you make decisions with patients it's something that's made a difference it's just common sense good peer good practice it's so much later than nothing we can change don't worry much anyway for your time you you

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  1. heart touching , I am a sixth year medical student and I love spending time with old people during my clinical rotations , they are cuter than babies and lovelier than adults. I would to love to treat, care them with all my heart. thanks for sharing

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