Pioneering Emergency Medicine in Tanzania

Being a doctor, we are able to change the course of life. But in Tanzania, it used to be
that no one knew what to do. Life expectancy was only 50-years-old. We had little access to doctors. Emergency medicine did not exist. When I was young,
people were dying of curable diseases. It wasn’t right that women
only became wives and mothers. I wanted to be different. The heroes of my favorite book were female doctors. That inspired me to dream of
life beyond the walls of my home. Even when people said that only men became doctors. Years later I traveled to Dar es Salaam. Healthcare in Tanzania was far
behind other parts of the world. Fortunately, Abbott Fund saw things, not for the
way they were, but for the way they could be. There was a brand new emergency medicine program,
and they partnered with us for the long term. The knowledge you share can save somebody’s life. It is because of them that I was taught
by the fathers of emergency medicine. Within 2 years, the Muhimbili Hospital
mortality rate dropped by 40%. Life expectancy is 65 years and rising. What we are building together is helping ensure
the health of many future generations. I hope my story helps young people imagine the difference they can make in this country. We are changing Tanzania,
one life at a time, and there are many more behind me.


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