Plant Based Stem Cells and Medicinal Plant Therapy

Hello Doctor, thank you for your time and patience my first question is how long is this therapy been going on? We have been researching and implementing this knowledge and discoveries about alternative and natural medicines for about six years now. I have been through a series of investigations at a cellular level of human and plant cells that he have found in the sap of a variety of plants. We have isolated the specific organic compounds of 17 different plants that only grow in tropical climates. We are using the Moringa plant as the binding agent for the phyto chemicals and medicinal properties of the other 16 plants. So the Moringa extract is used as the carrier for the other plants to work? Yes Exactly! how many people have received this treatment? According to my calculations there have been many hundreds of thousands, at my clinic we have 3000 people a month come to receive treatment. We have opened offices that are attending every day in Ambato, Guaranda, Machala, Quevedo, Babahoyo, Loja, Guayaquil, Quito and Tulcan. What are the benefits of Plant based Stem cells? This questions deserves a more scientific and long from answer but I will try to speak more simply about it now. Our bodies are made of cells, Plants are also obviously made from cells of a slightly different nature. The plant cells feed from nature and then feed our bodies. We developed a process by which we make plant cells work with our human cells so we can rejuvenate and renovate our cells, We use these cells extracted from the plant matter and we take their rejuvenating properties to help turn sick human cells into healthy ones. People who use these stem cells have more energy and they heal faster because this method. These Stem Cells also work incredibly well in the bone marrow. The marrow is the basis for the human immune system. The body absorbs the isolated stem cells into the bone marrow where it is synthesized, strengthening the immune system and stimulating the production and regeneration of healthy human cells that later will be distributed throughout the whole body where healing and rejuvenation is needed. So how does the extract of the 17 medicinal plants work with the Plant Stem cells? They are a complement to each other! In each dose of stem cells are over two million cells. these stems cells use the nutrients of the 17 medicinal plants to feed your body cells and then regenerate them into healthy cells. what the 17 plants do is to detoxify the bodies cells and nurture them. It is a powerful anti inflammatory agent and its phyto- chemicals synergize together to heal the cells. With the aid of the plant based stem cells we are able to strengthen the immune system which begins in the bone marrow. Another important effect is to increase the bodies platelet count. Also remember that the cancer comes together with the anemia and we fight it by regenerating healthy adult red blood cells. Also with our products made from the 17 medicinal plants we lower blood sugar levels especially in diabetic patients and it regulates their blood pressure completely naturally. How many illnesses can this medicine effectively treat? After several years of research and investigations we have confirmed that our treatment effective heals over 300 medical conditions If you want to learn more about this in greater detail you can go online and search “medicinal effects of Moringa” you will find all of the documents that support our research. Also remember that our injectable version of the therapy made out of the 17 medicinal plants is what I strongly recommend because it is more beneficial to have it circulating throughout the entire body. This is why the injection is more effective over simply consuming the extract orally. if you choose that method you will lose many of the important nutrients in the digestive process. which wastes time during a period of your life where time is incredibly important For sometime now my research has been showing that the phyto chemicals found in the injectable17 medicinal plant extract circulate within the body for approximately 45 days doing its healing, detoxifying, and anti inflammatory processes. In addition studies show that the longer that these medicines stay constantly circulating in your body the better their effects. after 5 years of treatments have you heard, seen or experienced any negative side effects in any of your treatments or those done by other doctors in you field? There have been no short or long term negative side effects in any of our thousands of patients. I believe that the safety and efficiency of the treatment is because of the balanced synergetic composition of phyto chemical components with the natural carrier agent Moringa as well as case specific dose sizes with varying treatment timelines for each patients needs. Can healthy people who want to maintain their lifestyle use this treatment too? Absolutely yes, many healthy people come to us to use our treatment as a preventive medicine to keep themselves in good heath. This is because they have heard of people who had been given survival times of only a few days due to terrible medical conditions who then came to our clinic and where completely healed above and beyond what they thought was possible. So healthy people want to avoid any chance of that happening to them. Can this treatment be used safely by children and the elderly? Yes, children older then 2 can receive this treatment and absolutely we would recommend this to the elderly . What is the average dosage for this treatment? Well for most people we recommend an average treatment plan of 10 doses of our medicinal plant extract taken concurrently with 10 doses of the Plant Stem cells. One dose of each is taken every 15 days. Now, with malicious medical conditions such as cancer the treatment is one of each dose every 7 days for 5 weeks and then every 15 days for the remaining 5 doses. And remember that the diet is very important, there are a few types of foods that should be completely avoided. these are Pork, peanuts, chili pepper, and alcohol, and we strongly discourage smoking. we encourage eating as many fruits and vegetables as possible, but try to stay away from acids. basically good eating habits will accelerate the healing process and bad habits will slow things down. A good nutrition based on an alkaline diet, a healthier lifestyle and these injectable plant based therapies will be our natural phyto – chemo therapies. Are these treatments recognized by the public health authority within the Ecuadorian Government? We the physicians within the field of alternative medicine have our treatments and products legally recognized and approved by the Ecuadorian Public Health Agency and are protected by the Ecuadorian legislature. Thank you so much for this interview, do you have any final thoughts you would like to share with our audience before we conclude? From thoughts and ideas to documented results and action is a long road, a road that we have walked from the beginning to the end. We have reached our goal of bringing an effective solution to a wide array of medical conditions that have oppressed humanity for far to long. Please watch my video testimonials online, there are many cancer and aids healing stories to watch and we upload more every day. My name is Jose Reinaldo Yaguana Zhuma you can find me on social media, you can read my profile and my research results their. thank you very and a thousand blessing to you.

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