PlantCruise by Experion®: Purpose-built solutions for pharmaceutical and specialty chemicals

The pharmaceutical and
specialty chemicals industries have never faced
greater challenges. Today’s competitive market, places increased demands on having
optimized manufacturing operations. In the current
business environment, the right process control
system is crucial to success. Honeywell’s Plant Cruise is a versatile,
cost-effective distributed control system for demanding continuous and
batch control applications, providing the right mix of
flexibility, agility and integration. With Plant Cruise and
our applied solutions, Honeywell offers a structured
approach to improving the quality and control of batch processes,
enabling 6 pillars of effective operation. Stay profitable As a manufacturer, you know that high-quality
batch yield means higher profits. Plant Cruise enables multiple batch
recipes to be executed in an independent, robust, ISA S88-compliant
DCS controller for increased efficiencies. Stay competitive Shorter time to market is
essential for staying competitive and avoiding market erosion. Using Plant Cruise’s innovative virtual
Unit Operations Controller solutions, recipes can be easily moved from pilot
to production plant for faster startup. Stay connected Plant Cruise integrates
batch operations of any size by connecting critical data,
systems and assets across their plant, enabling faster decision making. Stay prudent Plant Cruise’s innovative
Batch Unit Timeline View provides a unified and cognitive
batch view for operators. The timeline view is mapped
against plant equipment, golden recipe batch
and of course time. This solution drives
better asset utilization and higher product quality
through efficient operations. Stay vigilant Batch data integrity is mandatory
for meeting industry regulations such as FDA 21CFR Part 11. Plant Cruise provides
the features you need to authenticate key process steps
during all phases of operation. And finally, Stay Future Ready Plant Cruise is the modular
and scalable DCS solution you’ve been looking for. It can meet your current
and future growth objectives and enables 2-3% project cost
savings during expansion. Discover Plant Cruise,
the perfect fit for your needs.

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