Plants. Succulent disease

hi guys I'm super day we could do good today we could do a plant thingy because we don't know there's a bug heater so we're good check or not my grandma's got brain because um spiders it's spider spray but we don't know what kind of animal it is like and in the end and give us a thumbs up and it's cried down low and our videos up there hello everybody thanks for joining us I want to show you guys what's going on it with this plant I noticed that it was not doing so well yeah because it look like it's dying but we don't know it's tight and then look what it is it I believe it's answer some nine hundred percent sure but we're gonna take care of it and its prey I think it's like bad seed guys because it's super bad because in the fly kids it's it looks like up whatever taught it it's hurting it's hurting the plant because um you guys have this um you could touch it because it's not only spiky but it's a little spiky but you have ed fits what we had last night donar spiky but I did not expect this to be not psyche but we don't know its abundant here to not so what are we going to be using is this one garden instead Keeler so hopefully this is gonna work you cannot use it little boys I cannot use a you know use it um but we're gonna see this works for the plant or not and this time I work for the plant work with you like I do and we're gonna work we're gonna do another video and on where I could do another one and this doesn't work so so it's good for potatoes I don't think so so let me show you guys again what are we talking about see they're tiny sorry behind there but they come off I don't want to spread them everywhere but I want to spray and see if that will kill them and and then we're gonna be doing another video to see how they came out I did trim some of the pieces they were pretty bad so I'll remove them all and I left this one and now I'm gonna try to save the plant because I think we did this but I don't know what they are so okay see wine is like I don't know how we're gonna see how this because it's so small so I think I don't know what I could do with this so yeah we're gonna see that's dry and then we'll do another video see what the results were so subscribe like the video comment down below and our be good thank you guys for joining us bye

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