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I grew up in a little town in Staffordshire my parents split off when I was about to farm once I left home I knew I wanted to change the way I looked I spent over a hundred grand on my face and my body and I just love the way I look I wanna make my boobs bigger bigger bigger I wanna make my waist smaller smaller smaller I wanna make my butt bigger bigger bigger over the course of ten years twenty eight-year-old star has transformed her appearance through multiple cosmetic procedures now had boob jobs numerous amounts of Botox cheek implants the jaw and forehead contouring rough had liposuction the lip lifts what has driven star to enhance her body and what is it like to live with her exaggerated physique this is the only exercise machine really I can use at the moment so you don't have to hold my boobs on this having lots of plastic surgery like myself the boobs are a bit of a problem because I like to go on the treadmill but I have to hold them because they just get out of hand see that pulling is killing me already so if I just leave them it's just bouncing everywhere it's gonna call sagging I enjoy this one because it makes your waist really small if I do this for about a month five days a week an hour a day my voice will be tiny I've had liposuction here it gets a lot of loose skin there so always think twice is wrong look probably later on I'll need a tow hook to pull the skin down well-contrived tightening it with exercise but it restricts me having these bloody big boobs star lives in Birmingham and has travelled the world in the pursuit of improving her appearance from Mexico and Thailand to Spain and Poland soon she will be going to Turkey for surgery on her nose so this is my beauty room I've got tons of makeup I literally buy just tons of it I've got everything here I just love glamour I just like looking glamorous and I feel like more confident when I've got makeup on the kind of family I came from was my dad was a Jehovah's Witness very strict I was very depressed as a child I don't know why I had too much religious stuff in my life for a child that young too many arguments for parents were arguing all the time as well my parents split off when I was about 12 I missed out a lot of my schooling back and forth to each of them my dad used to say I look like my mom and then I used to hate that because he sell have you seen the state of your mom recently because of the divorce you know parents like each other and they should not do that because it affects the child a side to her bail at 16 and 17 getting arrested I was drinking quite a lot I was doing drugs I was hanging around with the wrong people my mom had enough of me so she basically put me in a hostel I went to do lap dancing it was a club scene what I was into at the time you know if people were doing co drinking there are loads of naughty girls there beautiful girls once I had to surgery 18 I saw my my boobs change I thought wow I just felt amazing this like wow look at me you know porn star kind of look Pamela Anderson in the 80s after becoming a lap dancer star went on to be a dominatrix and used the money she earned to pay for more surgery the money was amazing I mean we're going back ten years ago the money was a lot better than it is now miss madam whiplash Shh it's just that but breaking away from her family and working in the sex industry took their toll on star I feel very lonely and isolated a lot of the time but that's just who I am I keep myself to myself the key people in my life are the surgeons the cosmetic place is where I go and have all my dermal fillers which is on a regular basis and then I have my little dark pink about which is my pride and joy she's just like my fur baby she's like my child I'm going to Turkey to have a nose job because I feel in Turkey I'm going to get exactly the results I really require I'm gonna have this little this tip here is leaning to one side so I'm just gonna shorten that we're just gonna bring get a bit more flatter and then I'm gonna have it narrowed in that's the Barbie that I take with me on holidays surgery trips a lot of people when I'm out shopping sometimes a little girl said to me Mommy she looks like Barbie is that the ultimate compliment yeah of course it is that's what I've had over surgery for that was the original that I wanted to look like Barbie boom yeah I'm sort of off that now I'm sort of sort of a growing out of that what do you think you're growing into a monster the cost of plastic surgery in Turkey is considerably cheaper than the UK and the country has become a hot spot for cosmetic surgery tourism stars procedure is with dr. Barak welcome I'm dr. och in the previous operation they took a lot of cartilage they didn't give a good shape and we try to fix it now our main objective is to make your teeth looks better and for that I look inside your nose for some septal cartilage that we can use on the operation if we can't find any cartilage we can take from ear back side of your ear done you don't have any scars and your ear shape won't change I want to give a good defining with good pass from tip area to your nasal dorsum and so I will see better in the operation with secondary cheek nose jobs there are more risk than first one and you can distort the blood circulation and you can't find any enough cartilage but with closed rhinoplasty approach these risks will reduce I guess we we will have a good results with our operation ahead of the surgery star shows less enthusiasm than she did back home well I feel a little bit nervous because last time I had my nose job don't need to take the bandage off I did not want to look at my nose so I just felt it I think it felt really small and I just was like got the mirror owners it's like shit got crazy honor I don't think we'll have any more surgery after this this is the final stage isn't it okay please leave a lot I feel a bit lonely as well but level with me which I couldn't deal with it when I'm on my own I don't keep many people by my side and the reason behind that it's because I don't trust people and I don't let people in hello operation 1 perfect we have septal cartilage we use them no here only with previous operation you have so much scars first I take all the stitches and additions I clean cartilage and make new nasal tip to you you won't have swelling you won't have bruising you see it will be very comfortable yes I'm sorry is it sort of addictive yeah I'm addicted to it I am addicted because of before I was addicted to drugs spending tons of money alcohol but I don't do any of that stuff now so I'll just do plastic surgery after I've had surgery I feel absolutely incredible it's like Kim antidepressants Eufaula of you give me two months I'll be selfie ready can I'll be slain you


  1. Better lip job, better nose… and she’d look beautiful! She’s already beautiful and always was tho….

  2. Just stop right now whith cosmetic procedure! You look beautiful right now but if you keep doing this its gonna be to much!

  3. She looks way better without the makeup!💗 she seems like a very nice person overall just very lonely to me😕

  4. She looks hard. Does that make sense? Like if you hug her it would hurt.
    Ex: when Cady hugs Reginas mom on Mean Girls
    She’s happy though so 🤷🏻‍♀️ good for her. AND that song she sings at the gym is a bop! Top 40 for sure 👍🏻

  5. Womans really need to stop making this ugly boobs…. Yes we like big boobs but not like this.. they need to look natural . So many woman have this ugly implants…is crazy… put less silicon , or ask for a type of silicon more soft…. so the boobs go a little down.

  6. Her- I- she looks at Atrocious not from the plastic but from getting stuff done in the same spot over and over again

  7. I am definitely going to make everyone at the gym uncomfortable by singing that on the elliptical. Can’t wait

  8. I'm worried that this is what I'll turn into. I have a lot of issues with self image and desperately want a long long list of surgical procedures to make me beautiful, like how I wish I was. But if I do get any surgeries, I'm worried I'll spiral out of control and get addicted. How can I make myself beautiful in a less addictive, dangerous way?

  9. I don't agree with anything she is doing but nobody knows what its like to be inside her head. She is suffering from mental health. There are people who do not like them self and that is with everyone but, there are some like her who really have very low self-esteem. I feel sorry for her and I hope she stops before she ends up really doing damage that can end in death and I hate to see that.

  10. I feel for her, i understand, i don't have friends , I'm alone on this earth. I live with my cat.

  11. I love her British accent! ❤️ Feel so sorry for her how she damages her body (Greetings from Germany)

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