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so Monday I told you guys the story of what happened to my wife and I with our health insurance well now I want to show you what the health care exchange is updated to and some sneaky little clever things that Obamacare or the Affordable Health Care Act does that might irritate you a little bit and so watch this before you buy into health insurance for 2018 okay so here we are on the website I didn't even login I'm at the preview 2018 insurance plans no I'm just gonna do this for one city I know of that is in the DFW Metroplex you're fairly close to it takes about maybe 15-20 minutes to hop on and to get to Fort Worth but the problem is that there's two counties in this one city so I'm gonna type that in right now okay so it tells you to choose your location Tarrant County or Johnson County so first we're gonna look in the county that are actually living which is Johnson sure or we'll just say no or skip all the other so we're gonna say okay it's myself and others yes which this is probably about your average American family here we will claim one dependent and I am 30 out of mil I was eligible yes I was eligible and I'm parent under a child of under 19 let's just say is for your gap between you and your spouse eligible and you're a parent okay interagency let's just say one you know I have a daughter and she is not a parent but she is eligible through Medicaid Medicare our chip okay so say this is your average household especially in the county that I live in well we get to continue let's just say your average household makes anywhere between 35 to let's just say 60,000 well let's just kind of go in the middle and say 45,000 well all of a sudden now person 1 doesn't appear to be eligible for a premium tax credit or out of their savings ah why is this well when we review our information it doesn't make any sense right especially when you look and see that everything meets the eligibility requirements this is nuts so why are they not qualified for a tax credit well it turns out you probably make too much money so let's see we made 40,000 well at $40,000 your child may be eligible for coverage through Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance Program so let's go back a little bit and look at our household if we edit they okay you're not eligible not eligible and is eligible all of a sudden if you weren't eligible for Medicaid or chip you do get our savings looky there but only if you pick a silver plan so why would you choose anything but a silver plan because we all know the bronze crack plans are not that great so let's take a look at this zero dollars for a bronze average premium 145 but why is the average premium 109 or gold plan but if you notice there's only two plans available let's see all plans okay no monthly premium high deductible $13,000 out-of-pocket expense no premium high deductible 14,000 hey but you're looking at high emergency care coverages oh let's look at the silver plans so the so-called extra savings only to $15 primary care visits but if you go gold you're looking at about a hundred and fifty-two dollars a month that's a huge jump brannad your copay with deductible is $30 in your primary doctors fifty $15 and your specialist is now fifty or you may two hundred and five dollars for a silver plan to have a lower deductible I'll be honest this is not saving anything like last year so what about Tarrant County well let's go back okay so same zip code but this time I'm one choose Tarrant County which is another zip code within the same city we'll say no other people I'll fill in they're all the same exact information hey all these same exact information a completely different County Olson your premium is now a five hundred and eighteen dollar per month savings how is that well so the health care exchange goes off your County for your tax credits and we say that again it goes off your County and you only get extra savings if you pick a silver plan now here's something that's even more messed up whenever I go to continue to plans you're gonna notice a complete difference in the number of plans that are available why is this well let's look at something oh we're gonna see all plans because now we have the choice for C only simple choice which we may have seen that last night but still 20 plans available why so if you look in 2017 you noticed you had better options that's because this year President Trump sign cuts to the Affordable Health Care Act well after low participation in some counties and literally no participation in some counties and also number available doctors hospitals erage health care cost in some areas some health care insurance companies just pulled out altogether so if you notice by the prices you actually have a different company and you still have Blue Cross Blue Shield if you notice in this particular County Blue Cross Blue Shield is more expensive which is nuts and so if you live in Tarrant County I'm sorry but also it goes off of the fact that in Johnson County there's not as many hospitals we only have like two major hospitals even remotely close to us whereas in Tarrant County a includes all of Fort Worth which this is crazy that it's all going off our County instead of going on a state-by-state case so I want to show you one last thing something to give you a real glimpse as to one of the biggest problems with the Affordable Health Care Act so I had to dig to find this this was available before November 1st but it has income level and savings how many people are in your household let's just say in case my household household are three people and we live in Texas and I'll be honest after the humidity and the dry air I'm kind of open maybe one day we don't so if your estimated household income is below 20,000 since your state has an expanding Medicaid you will not qualify purely based on income won't qualify for financial assistance on a health plan which means you get thrown into Medicaid no insurance or sorry good luck next time if you make anywhere between 220 thousand to 51,000 you get a lower monthly premium plus extra savings make over fifteen fifty thousand dollars scuse me two eighty one thousand dollars you get just a lower premium that's it no extra savings if you make above $80,000 well sorry Obamacare things that are let me rephrase that the Affordable Health Care Act reveals that hey you make too much money and you can afford to pay full price literally right there in bold buy insurance in the marketplace at full price so before I close this video out I wanted to read this quote from Mary Beth chambers from the Washington Eagle and this article was posted in September of 2013 so we're looking for years ago with this we actually got an answer as to why your cost vary by your zip code so according to Mary Beth Chambers corporate communications manager at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas now keep in mind Blue Cross Blue Shield is in every state so they all kind of operate around the same anyway so the regions were set based on care patterns in different regions a number of factors can influence the cost of care in a particular region or state influences in the care provided in these areas could be population differences environmental issues socio-economic factors etc so basically if they feel like there's a political issue they can raise your rates they're not saying it but they're saying it population health factors in their region such as obesity rates could affect rates so in the South were a little bit more fatter guess what we're gonna pay higher insurance another example she used was how doctors in some parts of the country are more likely to perform certain procedures over others like more c-sections than natural births which could lead to higher rates the way different insurance companies set prices for those regions and how they compare to another will vary and will based on the company's data and contracts with providers within that region as we've looked at it we really saw there were localized centers of care for example the cost of a care on average is a little less than Wichita then and a little higher in northwest Kansas so in my area most people drive to Dallas and Fort Worth so if you live closer to Dallas and Fort Worth and even though you don't live in dallas-fort worth you're gonna pay more than people who live further away from DFW based on Blue Cross's claims that a part of the reason the cost of hay care is higher in the northwest Kansas because more those residents Gote are more likely to go to Denver for care so basically the closer you live to a Metroplex the more money you're gonna pay it's not fair to anybody this whole system is so screwed up we need a better overhaul than what we got I can pay State Farm or Allstate or progressive or whoever a certain rate based off my area but that goes into factors of accidents other things like that I get why insurance will be higher depending on area but it's still it's not fair for me to not have as many options as somebody who lives closer to another area so anyway that's my rant sorry for doing a whole healthcare and I'm sure you guys are sick of it as much as I am so anyway love all you guys thanks so much for watching I really appreciate put up with me just wanted to inform people because this is nuts and this is crazy so anyway love you guys thanks talk to you later


  1. Mista ..I own my business…Obama care was still forced on me!!! What are u talking about???
    Obama care ..thank you rhino McCain 😡.

  2. I made to much money..I paid 997.00 a person, high deductible.
    INSANE!!!!!! No medical prior, not even a prescription!
    MY PLAN..FULL PRICE… *Cadillac Cluster Plan..
    * Bending over first is strongly recommended for ease of use.

  3. I am a Physiotherapist in Australia. It seems our health insurance administrators have no issue with: A) CEO's lying, health insurance allowing the switching of patient codes for claims, no communication when asking for rules/feedback/interpretation, discrimination and bad faith practices. I wish I could post my website details here which displays my 4 years collection of clear evidence.

  4. Single payer, healthcare for all. Cut out the insurance companies. Get prescription drug prices under control. Standardize procedures and costs nationwide. Americans should not have to gamble on health just to make corporations richer. We have a military for all, so we should have healthcare for all.

  5. the reason you didnt get the tax credit at the start is because you said that you are eligible for health coverage though your job so therefore you wont be eligible for the tax credit, as far as the extra saving and what not, you dont have to get the silver plan, the reason they say have to pick a silver plan to get the extra saving is because the silver plans offer cost sharing reductions the lower you out of pocket maximum and what not. and not all plans are availible in every single county/city

  6. Best senior care
    1 kaiser 1 866 973 4584
    2 bluecross 1 877 486 2048
    3 easychoice 1 866 999 3945
    4 healthnet 1 800 675 6110
    Forget united health care
    No good Horrible !

  7. Health Insurance through the Marketplace is a SCAM I picked a plan on the Marketplace and it gave me my monthly total payment at the end of the year I got a notice from IRS saying I owe $4,400. The IRS said they paid part of the monthly insurance through the Marketplace which is bullshit this was not presented to me when I picked my plan. My monthly payment total was $ 720 The IRS said they were paying $ 400 a month which would be a total of $ 1,120 a month. The total monthly was $ 720 a month when I picked my plan through the marketplace not $ 1120 there is something sneaky going on with the IRS and it’s called FRAUD nobody told me the IRS was going to pay part of the Insurance Premium TOTAL SCAM BY OUR US GOVERNMENT MAKES ME SICK

  8. they sent me to malina only thing they do right is billing never got malina to do anything complete waste of money

  9. I am a imbecile! And just a self-employed painter that makes lets say ?00000. a year! And it just so happens that my expenses are the same as my income! 😒 My premium is 67.85 cents a month! If you make 60 thousand to 650 thousand a year! Don't drive your fancy fing cars! Drive a work truck so you can write off your maintenance! Get real dude! For people making shit wages in this country which is the majority! This is there only hope! It's not perfect! But better than nothing! A wall is more important to the right! When there family members die off because of poverty! Looks like your just gonna have to pay up haus!

  10. and the deadline date is this saturday December 15th 2018. if i sign up how long does the insurance last for all of 2019 or do plans last every 6 months?

  11. how accurate do you need to be when submitting income information? after your approved for a discountes rate and sign up do they look into your income??

  12. Health insurance is a scam. The fine is cheaper than the premium and deductible. What a joke. Better to pay out of pocket and spend money on healthy foods.

  13. I’m so frustrated what plan is the best I don’t wNt to pay 600 per month!!! Should I go without Insurance!?

  14. I appreciate the video. I have worked the last 10 years for the same big company (which just laid me off). I always thought health insurance was confusing, and now this ACA is SO much worse…….. Also, you grumbled about living in TX. I moved from CA to TX about 5 years ago. Try living in CA before you grumble about TX. CA is a disaster.

  15. I stumbled across your video by chance. I am an agent and want to point out some confusion here that I can clear up for you. You are not eligible because you put that you are eligible through an employer or Medicaid which disqualifies you for a tax credit. Silver plans are not the only plans that offer tax credits, but Extra cost sharing benefits towards co-pays, deductibles, out of pocket max, etc. Also, depending on which plan you get even though it might be with the same insurer, they will cover across counties depending on which network it states. Your chart of falling between 20k – 81k is only based upon the number of people that you entered, not across the board. It is dependent upon the Federal Poverty Level Chart which changes depending on how many people are in the household. I know it's confusing, which is why agents like me help people out at no extra cost to them. We are paid a small commission out of the insurance company's profits if you use an agent. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me on my Facebook page, Blue Vista Insurance Experts.

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