Politicians Gonna Get Caught!

I love The Young Turks JQ Granicus sparing with you guys a song of fire and ice tonight so you know I'm on fire okay well nevermind song of fire and fire tonight so there will be a lot of jerk Harris so the Rasheeda Talib story has me enraged the first couple of stories has been enraged the rest of the show has been enraged so this will be fun are there no bounds two Republican lies the correct answer is no and so we live in a world where one side has decided they've detached from reality and so how do you deal with that and how do you get the mainstream media to do the job that and do their jobs and that is among the biggest challenges we have in the country all right so let's do it all right healthcare lobbyists are working overtime in an effort to defeat any possibility of Medicare for all becoming a reality now there's one particular group known as centre-forward that is getting together with like-minded individuals to come up with a game plan to defeat Medicare for all and one of the things that they do and this is certainly indicative of the healthcare industry overall is they get some of these congressional staffers together at fancy ritzy resorts in an effort to Wine and Dine them and convince them to work against Medicare for all now according to the intercept Center for words big idea on Medicare Part D for instance is to maintain lobbyists authored provisions of the law that bar the government from bargaining for lower prices for medicine such restrictions cost taxpayers and patients as much as seventy three billion dollars a year while boosting the profits of drug makers so to give you an idea of how they you know push for what they want in terms of continuing the private health care industry and continuing the system the way it is several aides to Democratic leadership filed disclosures showing that they received pay travel to attend the Center for word retreat including Chiefs of Staff two Majority Whip Jim Clyburn and majority leader Steny Hoyer so again this is very similar to a pharmaceutical companies do with some doctors they'll have some sort of retreat at a fancy resort the doctors will go they get wined and dined and it's likely that they'll get influenced by what the pharmaceutical industry wants and the same thing is happening here with center-forward the private healthcare industry and these congressional staffers so there's more analogies there but the only thing that I'll disagree with a little bit is that there's not a chance they'll be influenced it's a guarantee this is corruption defined and so they come over and they say okay now here's your marching orders and you will do as you're told this the $560 trip to a fantasy retreat is tip of the iceberg that's not the real deal that's just where they tell them what their job is here we are your donors you shut up and you do as you are told but we're telling you in a very nice and pleasant context of a mansion that you've all been invited to right no the real deal is in the money that they contribute to their politicians and and other forms of the lobbying so center-forward is just a rebrand for corporate democrats they've had a lot of rebrands because they're toxic and nobody likes them no actual voters like them there's no voters in America who are like oh my god if I could just get a Democrat who loves giant multinational corporations and does favors for them instead of looking out for our voters did that voter does not exist the only thing that props them up is branding marketing and help from television so everybody on on TV are like oh my god these centrist Democrats are so reasonable the way they want to work with Dick Cheney and Mitch McConnell and all and the oil companies and the pharmaceutical companies and the defense contractors that is how bipartisanship should work and it's corruption on that level too but in this case I mean look we've had what the Blue Dog Democrats they were in attendance if any of them still exist almost all of them have lost their elections again because they are deeply unpopular in the real world problem solvers caucus that means I worked with Mitch McConnell to solve the donor problems and New Democrats and those are all corporate Democrats now you got center-forward you could call it whatever the hell you like it's corruption either way so look even the progressive presidential candidates unfortunately we won't call it what it is and you have to name it so so people love saying that about other issues I'll say it about this issue corruption so Steny Hoyer corrupt yes yes and so Jim Clyburn yes he's done some great work in the past in other issues is he corrupt in this way yes so the people that he would have attended Kurt Schrader dan Lipinski of course dan Lipinski is a massively right-wing Democrat there's no and he's in a very blue district and he goes over why is he so right-wing part of it is ideological and issues like abortion and part of it is he gets legally bribed to be that right-wing and he's that kind of guy who loves taking that legalized bribery so that's what this story's about and they just rubbing your face in it because they're like who cares come to our mansion we'll do it right in front of everybody well I'll put you in the room with the Republicans you guys will all give us everything we want there you go run ads pretending you're against us it'll be a nice little trick and we'll Rob the American people together it's not a fun trick right and you mentioned the Blue Dog Democrats which I'm glad you mentioned because this is essentially the same group right so Blue Dog Democrats fought aggressively against the Affordable Care Act they fought aggressively and won in defeating any opportunity or chance for a public option as part of the Affordable Care Act and you're right in that this group has now rebranded itself and they're going with center forward and you have Democrats and Republicans working together to defeat something that pulls incredibly well in fact the Kaiser Family Foundation did a poll asking specifically do you support a single-payer health care system right so there's no Medicare for all there's no language like that specifically a single-payer health care system 56% of voters this includes Democrats and Republicans were supportive of a single-payer health care system which means that there working against with the majority of Americans want and and Jake mentioned legalized bribery and in this case it is legal because there was a loophole used so for instance let's go to graphic for the ethics committee rules bar registered lobbyists from arranging luxury travel for Congress although Center for words board is made up almost entirely of registered corporate lobbyists ruie event forms were signed by the group's executive director cory kramer who is not a registered lobbyist a technicality that helps skirt the prohibition on lobbyists fund to travel so they use all these loopholes in order to get around ethics ethics rules so look Republicans also attended Sean Duffy Rodney Davis will hurt and these are all the guys that Joe Scarborough and the rest television just celebrate so my question to you is bipartisan compromise to what end and that's the question I'm gonna keep on asking no matter what to what end because they said well bipartisanship is great really what if they have a bipartisan agreement to nuclear country well I would call it not great right and you say well that's an extreme example how about if they need a bipartisan agreement to rob the American people of seventy three billion dollars well that wouldn't be great either right that's exactly what's happened here it's not a little like it it's not an analogy because george w bush barack obama donald trump all of them said you are not allowed to negotiate with drug companies you will bow your head and pay them an extra seventy three billion dollars that we definitely do not have to pay them if we negotiate it like every other country in the world and by the way Obama ran campaign ads saying that he would defeat it that he wouldn't do that policy and he did anyway and now you tell me it's not corruption sorry I believed a much simpler possibility it is corruption Obama and the rest of the Democratic Party got paid by the drug companies as they're getting paid today to do that corruption to help you help them romney over that seventy three billion dollars i know what their excuses are oh we had to do a deal in order to get the Heritage Foundation plan past we kill the public option we killed negotiating with drug prices we left the entire health ish insures industry in private hands and at their mercy and they were allowed to raise their prices for insurance let alone drugs any way that they wanted all those cooperates we had to make but what a lucky break our donors totally agreed with that Wow so lucky Obama and the Democrats then Trump said we hear a nancy went on the stump why can't we negotiate with drug companies I'm gonna end that what happened he came in and like a little lap dog trouble yes absolutely sir corruption Trump's like I didn't know we were doing corruption of course I jump in it sorry now Trump and all the Republicans say no do not negotiate drug prices it is insane what is this capitalism guys is this capitalism when you say I'm not going to negotiate anything I'm just gonna do whatever a company tells me to do I'm just gonna hand not my money the taxpayers money the taxpayers money if you're a conservative you should despise this so there are no Joe Scarborough rest of television I do not agree to this bipartisan agreement this is a bipartisan agreement to rob us blind where's my goddamn 73 billion dollars and by the way some people don't take those drugs cuz they're so expensive and you know what happens they die that's real it's there in the middle of a fire and we and we don't send them help and we say oh you want the fire out you got cancer you got something that is existential threat life-or-death we're not gonna send help and on top of that we're gonna charge you more making it more likely that you're gonna die know if you have bipartisan agreement on things that the American people agree to wonderful if you haven't on stuff that the donors agreed to and that the American people hate No Deal so call them what they are these Democrats that go to these retreats and sell you out they are not on your team they're not your colleagues they're the corporate donors colleagues and they're paid to rob you like they did here so presidential candidates are of course discussing Medicare for all and Kamala Harris had to clarify her statements so let's talk about that a little bit during kabbala Harris's first Town Hall with CNN she was asked a question about medicare-for-all and whether or not she supported it now she gave a pretty strong answer and it appeared that she was very supportive of medicare-for-all but then later there was a little bit of equivocating happening there was a little bit of a concession to some of the more moderate democrats when it came to this issue and so recently Jake Tapper asked her to clarify what her true position is and here's what she had to say you said on stage with me in January that when it comes to private insurance quote let's eliminate all of that let's move on yes now you later said we don't need to get rid of all private insurance so but let's clear that we were together yeah and you'll remember and roll the tape that well you support the Bernie Sanders bill which essentially Medicare fraud but I really do need to clear up what happened on that stage it was in the context of saying let's get rid of all the bureaucracy let's get all of the oh not the insurance company no that's not what I meant I know it was interpreted that way if you watch the tape I think you'll see that there are obviously many interpretations of what I said what I meant is let's get rid of the bureaucracy okay we're gonna roll the tape for you so she asked we'll do that because we care about the facts here so so far Jake Tapper's done nothing wrong he's challenging her on something that any good journalist should challenge Iran well you said get rid of private insurance then you walked it back so which one is it great question no problem at all her answer I mean there's the awkward laughing because she got caught and so all right move past the style go to the substance and she says no no III just meant get rid of the bureaucracy I'm not sure that's what you meant at all and those two things are they don't make sense so like do you want to get rid of private insurers or don't you so let's roll the tape and and see what she actually said back then what is your solution to ensure that people have access to quality health care at an affordable price and does that solution involve cutting insurance companies as we know them out of the equation I believe the solution and I'm I'm actually feel very strongly about this is that we need to have Medicare for all that's just the bottom line correct me if I'm wrong to reiterate you support the Medicare for all bill I think initially co-sponsored by Senator Bernie Sanders you're also a co-sponsor I believe it will totally eliminate private insurance so for people out there who like their insurance what they don't get to keep it well the listen the idea is that everyone gets access to medical care and you don't have to go through the process of going through an insurance company having them give you approval going through the paperwork all of the delay that may require who of us has not had that situation where you got to wait for approval and the doctor says well I don't know if your insurance company is gonna cover this let's eliminate all of that let's move on so she could say hey I said eliminate all that when referring to all that paperwork etc but clearly he asked would you get rid of private insurance and she began by saying yes and she ended by saying let's get rid of all that so and by the way that's actually a good answer right she should have just stuck with it instead of doing what politicians do afterwards she had her spokespeople walk it back and now she's somewhere in the middle of the road and even after the second tapper interview I'm not exactly sure where she is right so she does seem to be wishy washy when it comes to this issue but later in the interview she gets a little more specific so I want you to watch and tell me if you're gonna give her any credit let's take a look at the next tape it's relevant no no it does not get rid of insurance it does not get rid of insurance and and and listen and let me just tell you where I am looks like where I am all right I support Medicare for all it is my preferred as a principal you man not Bernie Sanders bill I support the bill okay I support the bill as the bill gets rid of private insurance for everything right for cosmetic surgery but for all get rid of all insurance okay it doesn't get rid of all insurance but for all essential healthcare benefit but but why ask the question why the question is the answer to that question is because Medicare for all and the vision of what it will be includes an expansion of coverage so medicare-for-all will include vision it'll include dental it'll include hearing aids so I love the second half of that answer yeah wish she'd have stayed on that and she'd have emphasized it more but she is trying to equivocate yes she's she's trying to put out there I'm not saying get rid of all private insurance but I'm for Medicare for all which would get rid of all private insurance except supplemental insurers for things like cosmetic surgery if you're gonna have that position go in defending it and then you'll be a champion for it and we'll rally and we'll be like hey that's it that's wonderful but when you equivocate you're doing it for a reason and we know it so you could turn around and say to people who are not in favor of Medicare for all why I didn't say I'd get rid of all private insurance and turn around the people who like Medicare for all and say I did say I'm for Medicare for all you want it both ways and it's not the old days in the 1990s you could have done that till the cows came home now you're gonna get caught and now what could have been a good answer is now turned into a bad answer because you look like a politician yeah I agree with you and that the second part of the interview was much stronger but the way that she words everything is for future plausible deniability hundred percent pending on where the country's headed depending on where the party is headed and so she doesn't want to get pushback from those who were super supportive of Medicare for all she doesn't want to get pushback from those who are not supportive of Medicare for all which is the Democratic establishment for the most part now there was one tiny snippet of this interview that was incredibly strong and I want to give her credit for it let's take a look the bill also says quote every individual who is a resident of the United States is entitled to benefits for health care services under this act not every individual who's a citizen but every individual who's a resident so you support giving universal health care Medicare for all to people who are in this country illegally let me just be very clear about this I am opposed to any policy that would it deny in our country any human being from access to public safety public education or public health period I love that yes so normally when she says let me be clear about this she's about to be unclear about it not in that case right in that case she was clear about it now so that was just very solid answer now let's to go to Jake Tapper okay can you frame things from a more Mitch McConnell point of view correct answers no you cannot and so if if Jake was a was like the BBC and he's challenging all comers very aggressively that's fine and he could turn around and say look I don't have a point of view on Medicare for all or not Medicare for all I'm just asking tough questions of common law Harris should we get rid of private insurance or shouldn't we okay that would be one thing and in King Jake Tapper's say he's been tough on the Trump administration from time to time definitely is he tough on establishment Republicans hell no hell no he never challenges Mitch McConnell and Ted Cruz that way no way so what's wrong with the framing he says our people like their private insurance are you gonna get rid of that private insurance well yes why because you're not telling the whole truth to the American people when you frame that question in that way we get rid of that insurers to give you better insurance what do I mean by better it covers more things so if your were like oh right now my insurance has a low copay good news this has no copay what my insurance is pretty good because it covers cancer and heart attacks I mean it doesn't cover other issues good news Medicare for all covers all of that and everything else all the way through dental and vision now every time the tappers of the world frame it as you're getting rid of private insurance and they don't tell you the other half of the equation which is that you would get better insurance that is journalistic malpractice yeah and and you know going back to the last video that we showed you the way yes the question was 100 percent inaccurate so he specifically mentions that the proposal would cover residents of the United States and then he proceeded to ask her do you support health insurance or I'm sorry coverage for people who are here illegally well first of all it would cover residents who are not here illegally and secondly residents pay taxes so why wouldn't they have access to the health care provided under Medicare for all he says which undocumented people also pay taxes and payroll tax and sales tax and since they're not documented they never get that money back in fact studies have shown that they pay more into the system than they get out of the system but when tapper frames it that way it makes it seem like oh well the right wing is right these people are just they're here illegally and milking off of us by getting like treatment forum for a gunshot or for a heart attack we're not letting them bleed to death on the streets and they didn't pay into it but actually they did and so that is why the framing is all wrong so that's why when when they said about Saddam Hussein hey did he do 9/11 seventy percent of the country thought he did when we went to the Iraq war because they the media said Bush says this Cheney says there's Bush says this Cheney says this and they never corrected them they just ran our jindo 9/11 so that was terrible journalism can I at least I mean at this point they always admit like oh well you know there were some problems during the Iraq war coverage and we should have done better okay how how should you have done better you should have given the full information instead of the talking point from both sides or either side you should have actually pursued the truth rather than what the Republican Party says or the Democratic Party says but have they learned from that have they fixed it no so when the Republican talking point is they're gonna take your private insurance the way that you like so much why do you like it it has low deductibles my can deal with my premium and you don't tell them that the new plan has no deductibles don't premiums don't co-pays and covers more well then you that's horrible it's misrepresenting what the reality is now if you were to say hey taxes are gonna go up for five percent of the country in order to make this happen that would be true okay then say that and you want to give that context no problem about ninety five percent of the country has lower costs under this system five percent does have higher costs okay be upfront about that we're not looking to hide the ball but when you make it seem like Medicare for all is higher taxes and people just don't even have insurance that's insane and if you say oh no no everybody knows that no they don't no they don't because all they ever hear is television pundits tell them how there's no private assurance and so look Kamala Harris stopped going with you or your consultants are telling you and what your gut as a politician is which is equivocation you're actually right on Medicare for all you're right on supporting Bernie Sanders bill come out guns blazing don't say on that one hand this on the other hand that say Jake understand you did half of that here you could have done the whole interview on that yeah we take away private insurance because we give you better insurance be strong comel Harris's has it in her to be super strong yes so bike all means do it already when we come back from the break Cory Booker does not have it in him to be strong he has it in him to be super slimy especially when it comes to attacking other fellow Democrats can I just say he's amazing cuz I might actually agree with him on the issue but the way he does it is he loses me he's he's unreal he's such a politician alright we'll tell you when we come back we hope you're enjoying this free clip from The Young Turks if you want to get the whole show and more exclusive content while supporting independent media become a member at TYT comm slash joined today in the meantime enjoy this free segment all right back on t whitey let's go to member comments first by the way i slept off so buckle up for that katie nicole 87 says i should be working on my 15 page final paper that's due tomorrow but i've got to watch see whitey correct priorities I would love it so much can you do these while I call god I'm so jealous yeah yeah go ahead alright look lots of fun things are happening at TYT for instance Game of Thrones it's still happening and TYT is still reviewing every episode of Game of Thrones every Sunday night and episode 5 was just recently reviewed by Jake we're all these people involved yes Brooke John and you guys should have watched it you should have watched the Game of Thrones episode and you should have watched the review because last night's episode was insane also we're doing and asked me anything on our postgame Tuesday's starting May 14th and you can watch live by going to tea white tea calm / live to watch it as we stream and of course if you're a member you can get access to that anytime okay let me just say two quick things about that only members can ask questions on ask me anything so but it's freely available to everybody so make sure you check it out that's tomorrow okay and then on Game of Thrones we're doing the last one obviously on Sunday and I was gonna say Khaleesi returns but now I don't know that you want that title Anna I don't okay because you were Khaleesi oops although when I get mad I know his devil a trick to be carrots involved so the great return of Ana Kasparian to Game of Thrones reviews there's actually going to be seven of us so we're all gonna bring the whole band together for the last episode so don't miss that and check out our predictions if you remember t y-t-dot-com /join to see who's gonna win who's gonna sit on the throne on the last episode as it Daenerys is it Jon Snow or a number of wildcards we mentioned whoa in fact neither one of them won the poll at the end I got a watch that's awesome and a couple of comments here a stiff upper lip writes in in members section right off the bat see why she shows why I listen to them and not network news it's about the money money it's 6:03 and I'm hearing things I won't hear on the multibillion-dollar Finance Network news facts are facts I been bathing been Shapiro's tears yes it's in gotta love Jake and destroy segments Thank You Mimi on Twitter says combos so fake to me she's like reality TV very poorly scripted I just don't trust her and Bernice pander says yes jank I'm stuck in a small town 98% whitewashed conservative religious I'm supporting Republicans like my family they expect me to get by on an unsustainable disability of $400 a month after minimum medical costs and say quit crying get off my vital meds hashtag poverty she's I mean when you say bootstraps is getting off of your medication which you need to live I think that and you call that conservatives call that compassion no that's a sanity man that's the exact opposite all right we got a lot more stories for you yes Elizabeth Warren has proposed breaking up the big tech companies now out of all the Democratic candidates she has come out with more policy proposals more detailed policy proposals and guess what cory booker is not having it here he is on ABC's this week Elizabeth Warren's already out there saying break up Facebook break up Google and I I don't think right up Amazon right but I don't think that a president should be running around pointing at companies and saying breaking them up without any kind of process here it's not me in my own personal opinion about going after folks that sounds more like a Donald Trump thing to say I'm gonna break up you guys manure II know we need to create systems and processes comported Elizabeth Warren I most certainly did not again she has let her discuss and debate her positions I'm telling you right now we do not need a president that is gonna use their own personal beliefs and tell you which companies we should break up okay so what are your positions I'm very very curious right other than giant favors for the pharmaceutical industry so we can't negotiate drug prices anyway her pulse is actually pretty detailed and he's New York Times of all places went into detail about her policy and talked about exactly what she would attempt to do so let me give you those details let me fact-check cory booker and tell you exactly what she wants so warren laid out her proposal calling for regulators who would undo some tech mergers as well as legislation that would prohibit platforms from both offering a marketplace for commerce and participating in that marketplace so for instance if you're on Amazon you can use Amazon to purchase products but Amazon so creates its own products that you can buy in that marketplace companies would be barred from transferring or sharing user's data with third parties dual entities such as Amazon Marketplace and Amazon basics would be split apart now let's go to process a little bit Lauren's plan creates two tiers of companies that would fall under the new regulations those that have an annual global revenue of twenty five billion dollars or more and those with annual revenue of ninety million to twenty five billion the upper tier would be required to structurally separate their products from their marketplace smaller companies would be subject to regulations but would not be forced to separate themselves from the online marketplace anyway if you read the proposal it's incredibly incredibly detailed and for him to just claim oh there's no processes there's no project she's just like Trump first of all it sounds like your consultants told her told you to compare her to Trump hundred percent right and that's such a low you know below the belt hit and it's disgusting and secondly what are you proposing like what do you bring to the table because so far I haven't seen anything he's agreed with some other proposals okay so look this is why cory booker would have been a good politician in the 1990s and that's what TV pundits look for so they thought they really like cory booker him and Klobuchar are artificially inflated and because all the TV pundits like them and they keep putting them in the upper batch of candidates based on really nothing and they're even with all that extra hype and marketing they're still pulling at two percent at most I've ever seen is like three percent sad and and so why because for this day and age Cory Booker is actually a pretty bad politician and so let me explain in this case I probably agree with them I'm not sure that breaking up Facebook Amazon etc is the right way to go now I'd rather focus on other industries we've talked about it on the show before it's a super legitimate debate and I might be convinced later that that it is time but right now I'm not in that camp right so I'm actually I actually agree with Cory Booker well somehow he lost me anyway okay hold so I I don't want to reopen that debate we've already had it on the show but the one thing that I want to note is that he's not arguing against breaking up these companies he's arguing that Elizabeth Warren hasn't thought this through and hasn't really detailed the processes in getting it done do you see what I'm saying yeah well he didn't clarify but he certainly seems to be in the camp based on what he said there that he thinks it's not a good idea and that it's not about the substance but that it is about its personal like Trump makes it personal that somehow Elizabeth Warren has some personal animus towards these companies based on what what like what did the Amazon ever do to her they deliver something late I don't know any of that what are you talking about right right so the Facebook did once remove one of her ads attacking Facebook but then they put it back that's not as but that was after she announced this she thought they should be broken up so that it makes no sense look I he's attacking a fellow Democrat but I'm in the camp of that's totally okay so we're in a primary if Cory Booker wants to say hey look I think Facebook etc should not be broken up Elizabeth Warren does think that we disagree this is why we disagree and and so have a legitimate debate over it so even though he started out with me and his camp on it's okay to attack another Democrat and I largely agree with you on the policy he lost me anyway why what you just compared to trump what the hell did you do that for him because that's needlessly gratuitously demeaning for no reason at all other than probably one of your consultants told you just compare progressives to Donald Trump they're both radicals and that'll shore up your centrist base how's that working out for your quarry right okay and and then to have the worst criticism of Elizabeth Warren I have ever seen this she doesn't have detailed enough process have you ever read any of our proposals she's by far the most detailed in the proposals that's not even close I really like Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren policies are more detailed more process oriented and it's not close okay and it is interesting because on one hand you'll have some members of the Democratic establishment argue that she's still wonky she's too policy-oriented she's too detailed it's working against her and then on the other hand you'll have people like Cory Booker just completely make things up and make it appear as though she hasn't thought things through and she's nothing more than another version of Trump and I think the attempt to compare her to Trump was a way of getting some cheap buzz because again what has he brought to the table if you bring something new and exciting policy-wise to the table people would discuss your policy but no one's discussing your policy because you've brought nothing new and exciting to the table and more importantly can you imagine just think for one second if Bernie Sanders had just done an interview on ABC's this week and compared Joe Biden to Donald Trump can you imagine the anger the calls for unity how dare you hundred percent so it's just fascinating how there is a double standard in the Democratic Party where an aggressive end in the media where progressives are just not allowed to ever ever ever fight the other side but when it comes to you know the Clos Bashar's or the Cory Booker's of the world they can literally compare the progressives to Trump and it just flies under the radar no big deal oh I mean the other day Hickenlooper compared bernie sanders to stalin and while at the same time saying i don't attack other candidates by the way via so that is aided and abetted by the media i said the media because the media when they compared progressives to trump or stalin makes note of a jonathan karl to be fair made note of it and the name move on they don't find a scandalous but if you compare an establishment candidate to one of those people with these radical progressives look at these outrageous lack of civility to compare someone to her murderer like joseph stalin or to a monster like donald trump lack of civility and lack of unity so the double standards unbearable by the way that goes to cory booker's third strike in that interview in the east jonathan karl rightfully says oh you just compared Elizabeth Warren to Donald Trump and he says no I didn't we all just heard it we can rewind the tape but he's such a politician he can't help himself no I didn't my consultants told me to cuz it's gonna give attention and get me a bump but they also told me to deny it while I'm it's crazy it's not at all clever I mean cory booker is the classic definition of you're gonna get caught right I've been saying that about the internet catches you it's not the old days where cable news guys are like all corey clawber cha oh you guys are so and they never question you then and that's gonna catch you and Booker always gets caught so now last thing to be fair to Booker he is really good and better than the rest on one issue criminal justice reform okay okay no he is you're right so so senator Booker why don't you concentrate on that why don't you go on the warpath on that like Adrienne yang has done on universal basic income and and Elizabeth Warren has on the banks and Bernie has on income inequality and Medicare for all etc you could own that and say we if I'm president we're gonna get and look some of this stuff you might have said from time to time and again I'm giving you credit for the good work that you did in Congress and by the way got a pass that you should rightfully brag about that okay but say I'm gonna end the marijuana prohibition immediately and talk about it in every case and we're going to free all those people who were wrongly imprisoned mostly because of the color of their skin all across America we're not gonna have it we're gonna end private prisons we're gonna do things like that be strong and forceful on the issue that you're good at and and and look then you want to back up everybody on Medicare for all green New Deal great then you've got a lane but if your lane is centrist corporate friendly don't touch my friends in the corporate world that's a terrible lame and you're gonna get run over so I'm telling you you want to listen to it that's your issue you don't want to listen you want to be angry about it that's your issue but that's the reality and this is not playing well nobody looks at that interview in face book or nail that warns just like Trump thank God I'm not voting for Cory Booker said zero people in America when we come back from the break we will discuss the latest instance of the right-wing twisting representative Rasheeda to leaves words to make her seem as if she is anti-semitic oh man if you mention warpath buckle up brace for impact for when we go back


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  6. I honestly didn't think uk news media was anything special until I watched American news, it's mostly one big echo chamber for whichever particular view you hold.

  7. Health care gaffe ??? You mean career gaffe ??? Yo Harris. In case you forgot Oakland is STILL a mess waiting for you !!!! Clean it up !!! Stop raising our taxes !!!! You can't even take care of your own back yard !!! Why would we give you the keys to the mansion ???

  8. It's true that single payer won't get rid of all insurance. Harris has to be direct and sell the benefits rather than fall into the Media's "are you killing private insurance" trap

  9. Somebody please tell her to stop talking with her Dam hands so much. I want to root for her but Everytime shes using her hands try oh so hard to convince you. And its starting to look so Fake. I just dont believe people who talk like that 24/7….

  10. Hi.
    記録日:2019年5月15日(水)AM8:44 lol
    By Lazy Shingo.

  11. I went for a scan yesterday for a shoulder injury here in Australia and it was free because it is part of my tax. Health costs us here in Australia around 3900 dollars per person per year.
    In the US you would have to pay for the same scan yet health costs are around 9000 dollars per person per year. Go figure.

  12. Cenk. Stop. Ask Europeans if they can buy private (supplemental) insurance. In EU and UK. Don't lie. It does not get rid of insurance.

  13. The rate of Women's claims being dismissed before police investigation were at Zer0% over over 70 years.
    Emmett Till was murder because a woman was Believed.
    What college girls are feed up is their stories being looked at investigatec and disproven..
    The only source that say false rape Accusations are Feminist sources that start with bias Making impossible to disprove Andrea Constance was caught multiple times lying under doing the Deposition first trial and retrial but experts say incomonstancies in stories are normal victim behavior 😕 .of the women the experts studied and got statistics 😥 .the 2% are found year after convictions and 90% of those were after the cowards come clean. with all escuses made for them. . Asking what have to Gain and looking historically.
    Search your memory have ever known girls to say stuff that wasn't true just to get you In trouble.
    . Telling do worry it's rare is what would expect some who wouldn't make stories about you to tell you.
    The FBI Statistics show only 8% of Rape claims are true. And not counting the 2% of Proven False year after.
    So might more come.
    I know hard except Women can lie . Did your dad really walk out on you.
    Are responsible for all the wars when Woodrow Wilson was under enormous political pressure to get involved in world War1 back 1918 and got the right to vote in1913 and were 60% of population . I know when your sisters sister daughters nice's moth can do this . The same Women we protect.
    But Women often look at our side
    And Brett Kavignagh seems the tipical White male . Playing the victim. But he was just a reminder of how unfairly Cosby was treated. Much information on the Accusers who were there just cry telling the already famous media narrative strikingly inconsistent with their first stories .was bared to protect the credibility of the accussers.

  14. 5:31 Dan Lipinski only won in 2018 because his opponent was an actual Nazi.

    I hate Illinois Nazis.

    Thanks for the reminder, I'll give his office a call soon. It's only half hour from me, so maybe I'll tell him what's up in person. He's not a bad guy in person, so he can be reasoned with. I'll be sure to prepare a decent presentation and rehearse the facts, stats, and figures.

    This is MAGA M4A country

  15. False rape Accusations are .is exactly what you say if were going make up false rape Accusations. It happened doing the woman's against a male Feminist the girl admitted she wanted attention.
    It happened in highschool 3girls admitted they made up false Rape accussations simply because they didn't like him.
    And those cowards coming clean is the only way the 2% are found.
    O.J Clarence Thomas were proven innocent.
    Oh wait no is proven innocent. Well that is extremely rare.
    All escuses made as see wuth Cosby Cowards and Blossy Ford.
    Sitting sources that say it's are femisim who started out Believing the women.
    If she's the Accuser that is. Unless it's one woman accussing another.
    But even rape so under reported and can't have real statistics on it .we just to keep on men being Peroatrotors and Women being the victims.
    Not ecouraging men come forward against or Women to come forward against other. Maybe men to come forward against other. All those in battered women's movements share in Violence against men.
    And it Men's Rights calling Female voilence and sexual hypocrites and Agression. Say this is eccapable. And trying talk their problems. Men false and accussed of hating for doing so addressing toxic Feminity.
    While male sluts call them.incel . Actually proving my point. if think about it what those issues have anything to do with not getting sex. As a pray mantise .
    Though female supremicist sources say False Rape accussations are. Even then ignore that it is extremely horrible much worse then Rape.
    But FBI Statistics show only 8% of Rape claims are true

  16. Look at these assholes. Bernie kamela beta biden. These old rich white racists all have a fantastic health care plan.why cos theyre rich. Thats the problem. Even rich cenk has premiym health care why? Cos hes rich. Yet these rich racists cant tell you why they have premium health care yet pretend to care about you cos you cant afford healthcare but vote for them and they still have health cate and you dont
    Hmm. Big problem

  17. Truth be told, the GOP and the corporate democrats have killed more Americans than the Talibans ever could.

  18. She seems weak. All I hear is "I'm for Medicare for all, please believe me" (*in my best frantic old lady voice)

  19. I support the competition of health insurance companies and I highly support health insurance for all. think; if private health insurance companies don't have enough people to fund their money pools, then they won't be able to stay afloat. why? because health insurance is too expensive. if companies can stop being greedy and just help people when it is possible, this topic would not be so complicated.

  20. To be fair her answer is kind of vague and one can’t say she said she would get rid of insurance.
    Perhaps she wants to leave insurance for wealthy individuals who would prefer better coverage than
    But I hate to make assumptions,.
    I think politicians need to put together specific examples of what they are running on and how
    They are going to pay for it specifically.

  21. Cenk slamming Obama out of context doesn't help Bernie. Bernie's biggest coalition are Obama surrogates. Sometimes I wonder who Cenk is being paid by, but Trump is certainly 200% garbage.

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