Positive Interventions in Clinical Practice

actually used character strengths heavily in treatment that I devised with the Marty Marty Seligman during my postdoc at Penn it's called positive psychotherapy and character string character strengths are very important in that so how I use them I'll walk you to a very simple exercise so assume you're a client you come to me for therapy and say I have anxiety I cants labor or depression all the symptoms and I listen very carefully mindfully and we do all the therapeutic repo to build that it's somewhere I do then you know find some nooks and crannies where I could inject some yes Johnny could you introduce me through a story 300-word story with a beginning middle and end and reluctantly they will either tell or they go back and they write it and you know there are some resistance when you also you have clinical savviness to overcome those and then once they write it I ask them John you know what tell me what are the here is a list of 24 strengths what strengths are illustrated in the story so they look hmm they have never thought about themselves they're about their own introduction their own profile in terms of strengths and here their 24 and there they're only just names at this point courage spirituality justice social intelligence so they pick 3 or 5 or 2 how many they want and then I ask them yeah go back home and take the V online so they take V online next time they come with a feedback and ask them to bring the feedback print out of that and then there are strengths which they identified and from the introduction which they thought they are top strength sometimes they match sometimes they don't but that is a springboard for a very very often very deep very productive conversation and the directions are Ryan you can imagine as many as you can think of I don't like these trends I would like to this and that and it just becomes such a powerful rapper building congenial as well as something they have never experienced before so and I run with that narrative throughout my inside do a couple of more exercise like crash reacts great crash your Grizzard crude letter forgiveness we do some work around grudges and every time wherever I can find opportunities okay so how are you using your strengths what are the shadow sides of it so so that strength based narrative runs all through and doesn't remain static it becomes dynamic


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