Possible Dangers of Medication

well I was just bending a lot of time pharmacys seen people come in month after month with their prescriptions for anxiety meds or antidepressants and things like that and every month their dose would go up and they they would say you know I'm not feeling any better but my doctor says I need this the next time they come in they have another medicine and another medicine and they this just they kept adding on more and in my mind the whole time I was thinking this is not working no it's not working it's not a cure-all it's not fixing anything it's masking a problem and not only that your body's overloaded with toxins and there's probably half the reason you feel like like crap you know so I just ate it got me kind of revved up and upset honestly I felt like there's got to be there's got to be a better way yeah and with my love of fitness I you know when I was just getting started I thought well this is the answer yeah you get that endorphin high you get your serotonin your dopamine you know you get all that yeah all the feelgood's but the more I progressed in my coaching I realized that wasn't the only answer either yeah but you know I don't want a dog on meds I feel like they have their place in their purpose but they're definitely a mask they like you're not and you know you're not depressed or anxious because you're deficient yeah in a medication that doesn't even make sense right and so for someone to tell you just have a chemical imbalance and that you need this medication it's took me further from the truth yeah so that's one of the reasons I have such a big passion around it's because I see both sides and I do respect both sides I respect Western medicine but let's be honest there's a lot of other alternative natural ways to help ourselves I hope our bodies heal like you said that's what they're meant to do yeah they're designed to heal

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