Postgraduate Clinical Neuroscience at Oxford

my name is Olivia full and the department I work in is the Nuffield department of clinical neurosciences and I'm studying exercise physiology and neuroscience I chose Oxford because I was looking to study overseas and I had to make the decision as to whether to study in an exercise physiology lab or a neuroscience lab I felt when I investigated that Oxford was a lot more open to crossing the disciplines perceptions of breathlessness is essentially what I study we're looking at how the brain is involved with your perception of your breathing sensations because often treating the lungs is very difficult but we can treat the brain my name is Nadine Gradle I work I study in the Nuffield department of clinical neuroscience and I am doing a DPhil in clinical neuroscience I was working in the lab in Boston and I started to ask all the other researchers in the lab you know what other good labs are there to do MRR physics and where would you recommend doing a PhD and Oxford was always one of the labs that came up and my PhD project focuses on developing new acquisition strategies for functional MRI Ed's high fields but I always had a big fascination for medicine and in particular the brain and how we could use technology to better study the human brain people forget is quite a bit going from physical education and exercise physiology to neuroscience but I think it works really well because the brain controls the body I definitely think I have enough contact with my supervisor most people have two supervisors yes but mine was a slightly unique position I chose the supervisor for what he offered and for the interest that he had and the subject I meet my supervisor once a week and we go over and the progress have made and the next steps in the project so my interaction with our supervisor is very close the equipment we have in the lab here is definitely cutting-edge so that's a crucial advantage when you want to detect these small changes we really need to optimize what we're doing and work with a physicist in a really hands-on way to make sure that we're getting what we want and that they're getting what they want so it's it has really crossed it's great all in the same building we have one of the leading groups developing the analysis methods plus leading neuroscience and I think that's very unique so outside my course I'm involved with a lot of exercise and sports as well so I coach drawing here at Oxford for one of the colleges and I do a lot of endurance sport myself so the whole sports theme carry through I'm a member of the Oxford University women's Boat Club and I wrote in the women's boat race um two months ago now that we did Cambridge I haven't really decided what I planted it out of my course yet I would really love to go back into an exercise physiology lab and get back to the sort of the real-world aspect of what I do as well and I really like working in research so I think I'm going to try to apply for a postdoc it's more about what I can work and where I have an appreciate opportunity to do that

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