Postgraduate medical education in the East Midlands – A great place to train

really good fun yeah really nice environments working we're the experience was quite nice is that you actually get a four month blocking your first year of GP training followed by in the second year another four month block at another practice and then your final year which is a solid year of Jupiter you get to actually revisit the first practice so actually you get more exposure and different practice I found noticing that the training was particularly good because we get to spend time in all of your keep special things so I felt like when I wasn't really sure exactly what I wanted to do all of those were a good background to give me a baseline to work from and I could possibly change my mind later if I really want to do specifically in the East Midlands real Drive towards the GP trainees or the prospective GP training is actually choosing what specialties they undertake so actually if you've got a lot of experience in medicine you don't need more experience so you can choose your sort of specialties like Pediatrics subs and Garnier A&E it makes you I think more well-rounded as a practitioner I'm hoping that I will be able to do two specialties they're doing emergency medicine and intensive care medicine and so progressed to potentially being dual trained and have a lot of time in theatres a lot of opportunities to take the lead and be responsible for patient care which I think you have to find your own way to making decisions on people in terms of training we have a lot of simulation or training and that's useful to pick up your skills before you ever try it on a real patient it gives you confidence and experience that you can then apply in practice so those things have been really useful you get the opportunity to partake in research but at the same time you do get that hands-on experience with patients on a day to day basis so there won't be a day that you're not seeing a patient you will be assessing patients and communicating with them and learning all those skills that are so very important to a medical career I think in most training specialities you need a lot of support I think nobody has an easy straightforward time they just ride through it without any difficulty consultants or more experienced doctors in this region used to trainees and like training and I think if you have that type of environment then you will do well as a trainee it's not as if there is a segregation of status between the GP trainers and the GP trainees it's very much actually sort of a family feel to it you get good teaching you get good training by people who really want to train you and if they're enthusiastic about it helps you being enthusiastic about what you want to do as well the hands-on experience is definitely invaluable and that's what I've done the whole way through my training it's just a real pleasure to be training in the East Midlands you

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