Potential cure for debilitating disease

rheumatoid arthritis affects 2 percent of the world's population including Australians and it causes a lot of pain and disability and loss of work and it's a huge economic burden for us as well the main problems with the current treatment that they cause side-effects and that they're incompletely effective plus the patient's need to stay on them long term and there's no prospect of a cure with these treatments our team is developing a new way of thinking and treating rheumatoid arthritis which doesn't just put a bandaid on the inflammation in the disease but rather understands how the immune system is causing their disease and specifically guide them to try to re-educate the immune system to turn it off one of the really exciting things about this platform technology that we've developed is that if it is successful even in early stage trials we can change the antigen to use antigens for a range of diseases such as type 1 diabetes multiple sclerosis thyroiditis to attempt to bring this concept of Indian therapy to other autoimmune diseases

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