Power of Giving 2019 | Health & Medicine: Closing Remarks

thank you to all our panelists today for such a rich conversation about philanthropies impact on health and medicine and what we're really talking about philanthropies impact on people's lives next year the philanthropy initiative examines philanthropies impact on education education and medical philanthropy have long had a symbiotic relationship and we hope you'll join us again next year tomorrow our giving and health exhibition opens and I hope you'll come to see it I also hope you'll come to see our upcoming exhibition in sickness and in health over the last 200 years as new technologies and techniques have challenged our expectations of medicine debates about the meaning of sickness and health have shaped our understanding of what it means to be an American opening in 2020 in sickness and in health encourages visitors to explore these debates through an examination of how Americans have prevented diagnosed and treated diseases in a few minutes you'll have an opportunity to see incredible objects from the museum's medical collections these include vaccinators a scab carrier and vaccine from the 19th century smallpox vaccination campaign along with smallpox eradication materials from dr. FAA's era in addition to other extraordinary objects the smallpox vaccination objects help us to tell powerful stories about the sustained effort it took to eradicate smallpox our collections also help us tell stories about a movement that laid the groundwork for the smallpox eradication campaign smallpox vaccination began at the end of the 1790s and built on a philanthropic cause you may not be familiar with the humane society movement and this had nothing to do with animals that movement began in the in Europe in the late 1760s and worked to promote the rescue and resuscitation of drowning victims on an international scale it's little remembered today but had a big impact the cause put life-saving on the charitable agenda it also created the structure for the International smallpox vaccination efforts of the 1800s people active in the Humane Society movement moved in to smallpox vaccinations and they built on the collaborative practices developed in the earlier cause in giving and health you'll see a medal awarded to a rescuer by the Humane Society of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 1852 the medal features a ship highlighting the International nature of the cause our collections don't just tell us about people working in medical philanthropy but also about the people philanthropists are serving in giving and health you can see a red and blue mosquito net of the type distributed in Uganda by soft-power Health a non-profit founded by dr. Jesse stone and I'm delighted that dr. stone was able to be with us here this afternoon soft power health distributes colorful nets in response to Ugandan priorities dr. stone and her team learned learned from Uganda pne's that light colored Nets showed dirt so people launder them washing away the insecticide that protects against mosquito bites so soft power health health then worked with a Danish manufacturer to make a colorful net that has proved popular and successful the net reminds us that beneficiaries of philanthropy shape programs and determine their effectiveness in critical ways thank you for coming [Applause] you

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