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hey this is dr. Tory with rookie doctor calm I want you to think for a second going to attempt to draw somebody here that's that's thinking a little bit actually this person might look a little angry but just think for a moment of what learning is like when you're in training right now so there's the setting of being on rounds with you know some attending sitting there and other people around interns or med students residents all all around talking about patient care right there's that setting and then there's also the setting of usually an attending sometimes a resident doing a presentation of some sort and everybody's in the audience learning or participating in some way right so these are the these are the different sort of settings on rounds and in conferences where you're learning right but what's different about this then in meaning about these two settings then from say while you're in actual medical school classes or in college classes or learning some other material what's different is this notes taking notes that's what's different notes are missing we tend not to take notes on rounds for sure because that you know you're so freaked out about whether you're going to be called on or not so you tend not to ask but you tend not to be taking notes at that time occasionally you might fake it like you're about to write something down just for the sake of avoiding eye contact we all know that strategy but most people are not taking copious notes during that time the other thing is during say a conference in you know in the middle of your day during your residency training it's also seems like most people are not taking notes at that time and you know some people are looking at their beeper and then walking out some people are sort of looking at it like it's a time to relax some people are sitting there tapping their foot completely stressed because they still have to go finish their notes okay but most people are not taking notes and that's what's missing so what do you do about that what do you do about the fact that notes are missing maybe there's an alternative okay and I'm actually demoing that alternative right now and here's what's awesome about it what I'm showing you right now is called the Livescribe pen okay and you can get to it by going to rookie dr. comm slash amazing pen okay or you can just search for it on Amazon and by the way if you use my link it's possible that I could earn a commission just FYI so but I'm recommending it because it's completely awesome not because I earn a commission but I wanted to be transparent with you so anyway you take this Livescribe pen and you go to any one of these settings your conferences or routes okay and it's either you know let's let's just say for example you start taking notes now let's let me show you what you can do with these notes let's say you take notes okay you take notes during the actual conference or rounds but when you come back to those notes those notes are clickable and they can actually broadcast sound and have recorded the entire thing so that if you click on one one portion of the notes it will bring you right back to the audio of what was being said at the moment that you were writing that down now imagine the power of that imagine the power of notes that you could come back to and actually hear what they're talking about so you could draw cute pictures like this instead of long copious lists and bullets and things like that that are difficult to wade through but if you draw things as you go boy imagine the power there so anyway not only can you have the audio but that audio can become a video of you actually writing these things out okay so I'm going to demo how this works in a moment okay so now check this out here's what we have we are at the notes the notes that I just took right before your eyes as I was speaking however what's different about these notes is that I actually recorded myself while I was taking these notes so that if I click on any particular portion if I click on another portion so do you realize what just happened I took notes onto this paper and the pen can now go back and click and hear that portion of the audio wherever I am clicking okay so that I can have pictures diagrams etc thoughts random thoughts pieces of words titles whatever you want and this this piece right here the note can become the audio and then what happens is all I have to do is dock it you dock it into your computer and it will upload it into your computer and then become this video so this is come this is completely awesome now imagine you're not there for a few days you're not there on rounds somebody else borrows your pen you come back you can learn all the lessons that they had learned while they were taking notes because you could just click on their notebook now how sweet is that so this is called the Livescribe pen you can go to Amazon and search for it or you go to rookie dr. comm slash amazing pen it'll forward you right to it so go check it out because this tool is amazing it is the secret weapon of learning the secret weapon

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  1. I'd heard of these pens before but never knew how they worked or why they'd be useful. Thank you so much for creating this great demo. I'll be placing my order very shortly; definitely need this in my medschool lectures.

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