1. Thank you for sharing this… he seems like a real good man..funny and self-aware.. <3 Lots of love to you both!

  2. Omg. This is my situation! My ex fiancé and I went on a lovely trip for Christmas in Chicago and then we came home and he pulled away. We have two kids together. I realize now, I was totally in my male headspace. I was trying to fix him constantly.

    Thank you Mr Hot Freckle Jeff and Adrienne

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  4. Wait… I have questions for Jeff haha
    What makes a guy come back when he can technically hook up with any other chic.

  5. oh, lovely to see JEFF in "real" you tube life. He has really caring eyes and a lovely tender demeanour. More Q & A's with Jeff pleeeaaasee .

  6. Omg hello2hot Jeff!! So sweet of him2help u in your passionate career! It was great vid!💖⚘ thank u Adrienne and Jeff! Wow the going away dating fast thing is odd! They understand and they may never come back! U heard it here! Also I realize here u r lucky ur guy was evolved and self reflective! He may not have come back outa not loving you but because he may not have been able2do this introspection! God!!! U got the intelligent man u always wanted Adrienne ! I remember u said u wanted this in a man! I actually value intelligence too!

  7. Adrienne could you pls help me with this "Your advice would be really helpful 😭🙏🏻
    My boyfriend was really hurt due to something I had done , for the first time ever he cussed at me , at the time I understood that he was deeply hurt so I didn't take it too personally and tried to explain him my side of the story , he shed a tear or two I could tell . He told me we shall tall later so I agreed . I wasn't sure if he'd ever call me again but to my suprise he did . I can make out he's still hurt I can make out from his conversation but the more I recall the conversation the more disrespected I feel because of the cussing. Please tell me how to I get through this . Just to be clear ladies, yes I did something that was extremely hurtful I own up to it 100% but the fact he cussed makes me deeply sad and hurt .

  8. Wow wow wow! I loved hearing a mans perspective! So awesome Adrienne! Thank YOU so much for interviewing him, priceless. And he is too cute, loved that he felt comfortable and confident enough to sing in your video! I wish y’all would do question and answer videos from time to time so we can all hear from both sides in a successful relationship and what was a successful dating process as well 💘

  9. I have freckles too, and I love them! 🙂
    Helpful to know/empathize that men are more insecure than they let on.
    Helpful to hear that "loss of the woman" may be what it takes for a man to come back from his fears.
    Appreciate feeling that the guy shouldn't feel that "he's got her".
    Helpful to know that if a guy sees you (socially) dating others that rather than make him angry, it will inspire him to get you back, if he thinks you're the one.

  10. This was great Adrienne thank you ❤️ it’s so awesome that everything you teach us was just confirmed through your husband. I tell my friends about you. Your feminine energy teaching has changed my life.

  11. omg Adrienne! this was so cute jajjala loved it and couldn't be more well said, your husband is so cute I am happy you are with him while giving us great advice 💚

  12. Hi Adrienne.I discovered your channel a few days ago.It is a gem.Lots to learn.

    It was lovely to hear from a man's perspective. This is gold.

    Jeff sounds like a keeper.Thanks♡♡

  13. It takes a good 2+ years to REALLY know a man. This has happened to me several times…they tell you all these glorious things and put on a show to reel you in and then he pulls the carpet up from under you. I'm telling you…the pattern I've seen is 2 years for those cracks to appear. Both men and women want honesty and no BS up front in a relationship. People who put up a fake persona at the beginning only leads to an end of the relationship. Most men cannot deal with women once things become challenging to them imo. A rare few will be understanding and compassionate if problems arise. Most run for the hills.

  14. Love seeing you always, and seeing your hubby and hearing him is great! Thanks so much for the greatinfo! !

  15. What a wonderful husband! His advice is spot on! Thank you for sharing this gift. He reminds me of Kip Moore my favorite country artist from GA!

  16. Agree with Jeffy Bear, I think you’ve gotta let the guy sweat 😓 it for a few weeks, while organizing your wardrobe, catching up with friends and trying to meet someone new.

  17. Thank you, Jeff! It's much more validating when it comes from a man. Uncanny resemblance, by the way, to the guy I can't seem to get over, up to and including gestures, expressions, and way of talking

  18. Jeff thanks for the reminder that even our big strong 💪🏼guys have insecurities! 💛 Adrienne I’m grateful for the videos & recently made my first investment in your work just in time to be spending this weekend with my fella tying up his heart 🎀 . PS Your man’s got a great voice!

  19. Jeff is cool and wise. Great interview. I agree with him, let the man stew for a bit and sort out his feelings. Thanks for the video, girl!

  20. He’s spot on with everything that you’ve been giving us advice on hahaha. His answers are basically a summary of most videos that I have watched from you 🙂 Great to hear that he agrees with everything that you have been educating us about

  21. Loved this video with your hubby, Jeff was awesome. We need more male perspectives so more Jeff videos please . ♥

  22. We woman talk too much about our wishes and desires. And then guys think that's what we expect from them to fulfil. We don't realise it but guys feel very pressured by what we say

  23. Aweh, that was actually really really helpful. Let's have more "Let's Ask Jeff" videos!!! Haha. From the sound of he has that guys-guy personality, so I trust it. He doesn't think too hard about it (which can get too heady and theoretical) but he is connected enough to draw out a good general accurate assumption/opinion.
    Glad you made this video

  24. Thank you Adienne & Jeff for this lovely video , men don't talk about their thoughts & emtions , so hearing jeff's prespective is very valuable .

  25. Omg it’s Jeff!! It’s exciting to hear him talk on YouTube, I feel inspired by the fact that you found such a great man. He is very honest, it’s fun to hear a man’s perspective. I am giving my guy space while rebuilding slowly and just had a fun date. Thanks for helping me not rush anything 👍🏻

  26. Lovely video! Thank you beautiful for bringing him to the table and give us his input, which was very informative, oh so to the point, omg! Definitely he is an intelligent and mature man and such a gem for you, Adrienne! Power couple!
    Love you, girl! 🥰🤗

  27. Loved it! How did you know he had genuinely changed when he came back; can y'all tell that story? would love a joint video. Y'all are hilarious!

  28. Why do men pull away and stop initiating sex at 3 months from Jeff's perspective? The relationship is not at the love stage sharing finances etc but the passion and fun and consideration and respect has been good until then?? .

  29. That was a great interview to hear from the horse's mouth so to speak 😁. Great interview with your hubby.

  30. Adrienne i would to purchase your program but you and your husband are conflicting on one thing. Jeff advises not to conatct him but you contacted Jeff. What is the right technique?

  31. Adrienne!! This video was just perfect. Thank you. All your questions to your husband Jeff were right on point with what I needed to hear tonight. My bf ended our relationship because he feels complicated and overcommitted to make me happy – he is a single dad and I don’t have kids. It’s been 1 month of not speaking. Not sure if he’s even trying to sort things out. Need to start dating again.

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