Powerful supply chain capabilities for global pharmaceutical brand

Having put in RapidResponse into Mylan 3-4 years ago we spent a lot of time and effort and energy into
selecting the right product. The first benefit of RapidResponse is to give me
visibility across my very very complicated network. The total number
of nodes that I was dealing with is well in excess of 300 and if I add third
parties it became 900. So, you can imagine the complexity. So giving visibility was
the first big benefit coming out of this. Resulting from that, and in addition to
that, was me being able to turn my team’s being great firefighters to become fire
preventers. In other words, turning my supply chain from a reactive one to a
proactive one. And the third is scenario modeling gave us, gave me, an opportunity
particularly with the executive team of the company to have a much more informed
discussions around trade-off decisions and we made decision based on data a
fact and objective. What RapidResponse did for us is to enact 13
instances of SAP across the world. I had all other systems that you can think of
because don’t forget Mylan has grown by acquisition, so all these systems came
with the acquisitions. I had a plethora of ERP systems so to get a global
visibility was virtually impossible. What RapidResponse did for me, that me
sitting in Dublin, I knew exactly what was going on and all the manufacturing
sites that had gone live so they’re not done with the deployment yet but
wherever it will deploy I had full visibility from site to DC of what’s
going on. Also from a market perspective, I had demand changes coming to me and I could run a report every day every hour whatever frequently I wanted to really
see what the demand changes are happening. That is Nirvana for a supply
chain leader. To have that kind of visibility,
real-time, instantaneous.

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