1. Oh my goodness!!! This was posted a year ago and it got so much support. I'm working on making an update video and I want to start growing this account. A LOT has changed since this. I can't tell you how much it means to be flooded with this much love 💕 always stay strong because I promise you it gets better

  2. This is so relatable because whenever my attacks or symptoms strike, I'm either told I'm overreacting or just to stop and it may look like it did on the outside, but I'm going even crazier on the inside. I swear no one understands, they all just see it as either something they've went through or extra emotional versus a real disorder. I hate it…it's like I'm misunderstood completely no matter what..

  3. Yeah, when I have my attacks, it hits full blast very fast, I start to hyperventilate, shake, feel an extreme coldness and numbess.
    And I always try to remember to inhale through nose and exhale through mouth.

  4. Im so sad for her… Hey try watching asmr videos and mabey ask your mom for a stress ball this will help you😊😊

  5. I once had an anxiety attack last week, Idk if it was an anxiety attack buut… I crieed sooo much and I even got goosebumps, I felt so anxious, nervous, and alone that day😢😢😳💔. I was scared. I sometime want to cry without any reason. It was weird😢

  6. grow up and stop staring out a bright window from a dark room. You need to get your life in order and stop the silly acting – no cry rooms. No acting on youtube. Just be an adult for once in your life.

  7. My cousin only gets panic attacks if she doesn't take her pills. I feel bad for her. Her mom don't love her or her siblings she and her father have to be responsible and can you imagine her fathers stress? Like Damm he doesn't work he gets help from the government which still doesn't help. And they are crazy!!!

  8. This is exactly what happens before my panic attack. It gets worse when someone asks “are you okay”. It’s like… No. I cry, I shake violently, I start “panting” and gasping for air.. Sometimes when I’m not holding onto something, I’ll actually claw myself and give myself huge cuts in my palm from my fingernails.

  9. I’ve had 3-4 “attacks” (not being sarcastic or anything like that, I just don’t know if that’s truly what to call them) except one I KNOW was real especially after seeing this. 2 of them were by myself and more like this. I didn’t lose my head, but it did progress a little farther than in this vid. But the third and worst one started this way (but it happened faster) but my parents were there. I ended up losing all sense of time and couldn’t control my breathing or sobbing and tears. My mom was holding me tight though and encouraging me with my dad’s hand on my leg. I know that was super luck in the end. It happened because I had the attack literally right in the middle of a conversation with them though. And I’m soooo glad they were supporting me and not telling me to get over it or keeping talking.

    Love you guys!!!

  10. I think I have anxiety attacks but I'm not sure…
    I suddenly feel like I want to cry and then it gets worse and I'm sweating and feeling scared because I'm overthinking.
    Is that also an anxiety attack or is it just… idk xD

  11. YouTube knows me damn well bro
    I watched this vid maybe 3-4 times now and it’s still showing up in my recommendation when i don’t feel so good

  12. I had an anxiety attack in class. Anxiety attacks are normally caused by a fear of something happening and that's what triggered mine. A kid was going to do something that would trigger my anxiety attack, about four kids noticed my blanking out ans teary eyes. Three of them cared but the one that caused it didn't he just kwpt talking about what he wants gonna do and it made it worse. Eventually, I curled up into a ball and just started crying my eyes out with the thoughts of what was going to happen and how it would affect me. I ran home and went to my room and started having a meltdown. I didn't realize I had an anxiety attack until the next day.

  13. to the edgy kids that really wanna have anxiety/depression let's trade cuz i feel like I'm living in a freaking nightmare

  14. I had my first one during school, but I didn't know what was happening. I started to feel sick, and asked if I could go to the nurse. I was violently shaking to the point where if I put my foot just at the tip of the floor, my foot would have enough support to start shaking, like really fast shaking. My head started hurting, and I felt like crying. I sit in the nurses nurse's office for about 10 minutes, and get sent back to class. And then it finally stops. I never really understood it, until I had another one recently, yesterday I was texting my friend, and then I started shaking, I started crying I was so scared, my heart was racing, and my head was pounding. After laying down on my bed for a bit longer, it slowly started to end. It was my second anxiety attack that week, I had one in school during PE, and then yesterday. I finally looked up why I was feeling like this, and if it was normal, I've known I've had anxiety, but never knew I had anxiety attacks.

  15. I get anxiety attacks

    1. On the bus to school
    2. Going over bridges
    3. Before meets
    4. When I get yelled at
    5. When I get stressed w school
    6. When I get stressed w people

  16. Yeah um..my daughter has anxiety. She won’t Cant go anywhere with out somebody by her side if nobody is with her she breaks down and starts saying “get away!” “who are you!” And it’s hard having her dealing with depression and anxiety

  17. I always have them when im alone in my bed and no one is here to comfort me or even care about me
    I just hope i could get over this shit and have a normal life

  18. Wow, there's sooo many that say they have anxiety and depression, do you even know what the hell it is?? like what it feels like or have you just taken an online test to see if you had anxiety and after that, you've claimed to suffer from it ?? if yes, then you're freaking disgusting. You can't just take a test or read symptoms, you have to go to the doctor and get diagnosed for it then.

    Depression is NOT something you should go around and brag about and especially not speak up about how "hard" your life is and how much you wanna kill yourself. Do you even know how hard it is to live with?? As a person who once got diagnosed FROM A DOCTOR with a very high chance of getting depression if my lifestyle continued like that. I was lucky that I had an amazing dad that stopped me from that lifestyle. And there are people out there who weren't lucky as I was.

    Seeing people just claiming that they have a mental disorder is so god damn disturbing. You know it's not cool to suffer from depression, anxiety, eating disorder, etc.

    thank you for reading my teed talk, have an amazing day:)

  19. Please don’t come at me all mad and stuff you guys but I need a little help…so sometimes when I have to interact with classmates,or like have to read aloud or something like that,my heart starts beating super super fast,my hands start to sweat like crazy,I get hella shaky to the point where I start to breathe really really heavy.can someone tell me what this is or what it might be? Like idk if it’s anxiety or just being nervous.

  20. I just had one today, my whole body felt pins and needles, everything was numb to touch including my face, my fingers curling inwards involuntarily, i couldnt control anything except my breathing, i was hyperventilating and during this whole moment, my brain was thinking about heart attacks and death, I felt like dropping down losing consciousness. It was a horrible and terrifying feeling

  21. I need help on whether I'm having a anxiety attack or panic attack. I feel like a panic attack?? because i stop and stare like this and the noises get louder and I start shaking and and then tearing up for idk like 40min? idk and I cant talk, I try, and I cant stand or move. it happens when I'm at forced school events and the mall or in the hallways or before class but never happens when I'm home. I just really need help trying to know what that is? I haven't told my therapist.

  22. This is so annoying
    Anxiety is an illness. ILLNESS. And would u think is a normal thing to post a video of someone throwing up? No. So its not normal either for u to film having an anxiety attack. I have never been trough anxiety, but I now people that have. And they are not proud of it, and its difficult for them to say it. And then I see a video of you just showing it to the world. Imagine how would they feel. Exactly.

  23. Tbh I hate telling my parents that I have anxiety attacks because they never believe me or say that it’s just all in my head and say that it’s going to be okay which is always making it worse…

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