Pregnancy Meditation for Anxiety

hey guys welcome back to my channel so a bit of a different setup and you today but a highly requested video that I'm really excited to share with you so you have been asking for pregnancy meditations for anxiety I am so happy to bring this one to you today today's meditation is all about visualizing and connecting in with your baby which can be really hard when you struggle to conceive you can sort of want to protect yourself a little bit and not get too attached because you feel like that will somehow make it hurt less if you happen to lose this baby but I really want to encourage you that while I know that's a natural tendency and I definitely did that it's not actually helpful at all if you lose this baby unfortunately it's going to hurt like hell and whether you have preempted that by thinking I don't want to get too attached or I'm just gonna stay a little bit hesitant it's gonna hurt either way so I really want to recommend don't steal this time from yourself now don't steal this time you have with your baby now by thinking about the worst that may or may not happen and I think in some ways by thinking the words we create this really stressed state in our body which is why I think it's so important to connect in with your baby right now in this moment that you have if you're new here you may not know about my story I will link it below but just really quickly I had three losses over 12 months and after that first loss those next two pregnancies I really went into highly stressed expecting the worst and exactly that not wanting to connect with my baby because I was afraid I was going to lose him or her and then it happened and in many ways I really wish I could go back and enjoy those 10 weeks that I had with each of those babies because that was all that I got so then going into my pregnancy with Luka who is currently 10 months old as I film this I was really intentional about connecting in with him from the moment he was conceived and really early on I was talking to him and visualizing him actually even before he was conceived had gone through his process of really imagining him and the birth and it all working out well and I I do believe this helps it creates positive emotions in the body have another video about visualization for falling pregnant if you'd like to check that one I'll link it below but yeah I really believe that it's an important part of healthy pregnancy is that excitement those really positive happy hormones that we get in the body and we can cultivate that through this meditation so today's meditation is actually a part of a brand new series that I've created and it is for pregnancy anxiety and within this program I've created three yoga classes three meditations and then an e-book that ties it all together there has practices and extra tools and things that I use to really stay out of that anxious state so if you are pregnant whether you've lost a baby whether it's just taking you a really long time to get here I really recommend checking out that program it will help you come down from the stress and really stay in a beautiful grounded place so that you can enjoy this pregnancy because you really should enjoy these really precious amazing moments and not feel like you're holding your breath for the entire 40 weeks so if you'd like to go and check that one out I'll leave the info below and with that let's get into this meditation for visualizing and connecting with your bug let's start by making ourselves as comfortable as we possibly can be you might like to see it or you're welcome to lie down if you're starting to find lying on your back feel free to use as many pillows or blankets and get as comfortable as you can on the side let your body start to relax take a deep breath in and slowly exhale all the air out through your nose repeat this a couple of times as you allow yourself to settle into your body breathe in feel your belly and your body expands breathe out and allow your awareness to soften into your body breathe in breathe out breathe in and breathe out breathe in and breathe out continue this for another couple of breaths in your own time bring your awareness now to your third eye the place between your eyebrows let the forehead and temple soften as you let your awareness rest here we start our meditation here with the chakra of intuition and foresight we set our intention for today's meditation to use our imagination to visualize and connect with our baby and to allow this image to open our body and our hearts to this pregnancy breathe in watching the body expand breathe out allowing your body to suffer bring your awareness now to your heart center let your next breath feel fully into this space watch as the chest expands on the inhale and softens on the exhale allow your mind to wander to thoughts of your baby whether that be imagining that first moment you hold them your family altogether or any other special moment you're looking forward to allow your heart center to fill with loving excitement as you imagine your baby in your life inhale and expand exhale and soften observe how these emotions play out in the body are they only present in the heart space or can you feel them elsewhere in the body as well how would you describe these sensations do they have a color or a temperature a texture or a scent inhale and allow this emotion to expand in your chest exhale and allow it to soften into the rest of your body as well inhale expand exhale and soften bring your awareness now to your wound let's first just observe the external notice the soft swell of your belly perhaps even bring attention to the waistband of your pants or skirt where it presses into the belly you might like to bring their hands onto your belly on to bare skin if you can breathe into your hands notice is the skin tightens beneath your inhale allow it to soften as you exhale feel the warmth of your belly beneath your hands and notice the warmth of your hands on your belly this time as you breathe in imagine your breath as a warm glowing light imagine it filling up your womb each time you inhale feel the warmth and fullness of your womb on the inhale and allow it to soften gently on the exhale start to imagine now your baby within this warm glowing light perhaps you imagine them floating or nestled in cozy within your wing connect in with how your baby feels within this space warm safe sleepy loved let the warmth of your breath fill into your womb imagine your breath surrounding your baby as if it was softly kissing the skin of their tiny body as you exhale let your entire body relax even more deeply inhale and imagine your breath caressing your baby exhale imagine your baby sighing and deep comfort from the warmth of your breath keep repeating this breath and visualization for the next few minutes inhale breathing into the belly comforting your baby with the warmth of your breath exhale watch as your baby relaxes deeply and allow your body to do the same start to slowly bring your awareness back to the heart center notice any emotions you feel after connecting deeply with your baby breathe in expanding into these feelings exhale slowly through the nose inhale and start to bring awareness back to the third eye exhale and allow your gaze to soften over your whole body in the mines I picture your body where it now sits or lives observe the breath moving through you inhale and what does the belly and chest slowly expand exhale observe the shoulders soften and a sense of ease in the entire body be aware of the soft curve of your belly and how your baby breathes in time with the rhythm of your own breath simply observe yourself breathing for the next few moments start to slowly bring your awareness back to your presence in this room start listening to the sounds that you can hear first your own breath maybe the sounds of the room or the house that you're in and then take it further outside of yourself perhaps in the street or the trees around you breathe in and audibly sigh out of your mouth as you start to return to the body move gently as you slowly allow your awareness to return to an awake state when you feel ready you can blink your eyes open see if you can carry this deep connection to your baby that we created today into your day as well if you ever feel anxious or doubtful or even a little disconnected know that you can return to this practice this meditation whenever you need namaste

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