Premiership football stars and Prince William discuss mental health – BBC


  1. So people only take note when celebs are going through there shit in life but couldnt care less about the normal person on road. William talking about mental health is a joke. The royals live of tax payers and talk mental health when it's the elite and media who push the mental health on people with there corruption. SMH the world has gone mad glad im wide awake

  2. It takes a strong person to admit to these issues especially in this social media age. Mad props to you guys, splendid show

  3. driven crazy by queering football coaches. Someone tell Robinson that football is perverting our kids and the police cover up continues ….

  4. If anyone is struggling with mental illnesses there is a great psychiatrist called Daniel Amen, he runs a podcast with his wife called The Brain Warriors Way. He has over 30 years of experience working with individuals struggling with mental health issues, I agree that speaking about issues is vital. An issue discussed is a burden shared from your shoulders, I appreciate the need for medication regarding depression and anxiety however quite often natural solutions can benefit people too. I wish the peace of mind for anyone reading this who struggles with any sort of mental illness, there is support out there and these issues can be resolved.

  5. Good to see Terry Henry back where he belongs home! Preferably on SKY sports as a pundit. No more managing mate well no yet!!!

  6. The reason why men commit suicide later on in life is down to hormones, or the lack off.
    Women get HRT and it’s seen as normal but if men ask for testosterone replacement it’s frowned upon.
    Midlife crisis is all they say but men hate loosing muscle, putting on weight, lack of libido, no energy and it’s all down to low testosterone.
    The government doesn’t want an aging population so this issue will never be addressed through the NHS

  7. I've started a new YouTube channel focusing on Mental Health/anxiety/confidence if anyone wants to have a look😊

  8. Thanks guys this is a very intelligent conversation. I feel like the younger generation will watch this. And it will make a difference

  9. Danny rose is the most bravest person in that room … Danny your are to me and every Tottenham fan a icon & w.h.l. a true legend if you ever read this know we care bro and your not alone push forward and reach out to others .

  10. It’s always so hard to talk about mental health issue and depression. I never told anyone at my family about my struggles, maybe part of it is because Of my sexuality and being in closed. I had been in therapy and antidepressants which I just stoped taking it after six months and trying just to improve with therapy but often you feel judged and also you feel guilty and burden to family and friends if you talk about it. Then you go in twitter and see people like Piers Morgan telling you to toughen up and you feel like maybe it’s your fault and you not being tough enough, but that’s not the case, it takes so much work to improve a bit and you always can go back to it, I’ve been on and off for last ten years and I feel very determined this time to kick this disease off for good and look only on positive, work everyday for the rest of your life cause depression sometimes is like addiction, you get familiar with it and you can plunge into it again and it’s everyday work for me. I hope everyone has a wonderful day and remember we all can do it no matter if you a man, woman, teenager, gay or straight, talk to someone cause people will listen more than you think and will help you more than you expect.

  11. Such an important conversation to have especially as these are people young men look up to and aspire to be like. Good to see mental health being talked about more and more.

  12. There's probably more people here than there are in the house of parliament deciding the future on mental health for young peoe

  13. In the real world away from cameras and social media no one really gives a fucks. Beleive me us men are basically told to man up or the throw nasty medication at you which creats more mental health issues. Mental health only matters with women and children in this day and age!

  14. Fairplay for discussing it . Definitely needs more airing . In a world that is increasingly driven . The mind needs particular care and attention .

  15. Moving and important video, no Matter who we are or what we do we all have mental health and perceived in men to be weak but being brave to speak about sensitive issues and to have more understanding is actually really showing inner strength, I'm thankful for the starting of this movement in general.

  16. Mental health affects everyone but unlike physical health issues, we are less likely to talk about it, and for men it can seem demeaning to open up about these struggles. Its good that we are having more programmes talking about this and making it ok to discuss it publicly

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