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Welcome to Worldwide Business. I’m Kathy Ireland. Traditionally,
the local pharmacy has been perceived as a place
to simply pick up prescriptions. But what if it could do more? This was the magic thought
behind PrescribeWellness and their work to reinvent
the role of the community pharmacist. CEO and founder Al Babbington
is here to tell us more. Welcome, Al. Thank you, Kathy. Great to be here. Al, could you please
give us some insight into the growth
of chronic disease and the ramifications it’s had
on the business model of health care professionals? Kathy, chronic disease is not
only the biggest health care issue in America. It’s also the biggest
economic issue. Out of the $3 trillion– America will spend $3 trillion in
healthcare costs this year on a per capita basis. It’s nearly 50% more than
the next highest nation. And 70% of that is
preventable chronic disease. And an example of that 1 in 10
Americans today are diabetic. 20% of that population
doesn’t know it, and that causes
hospitalizations and deaths. By 2020, one in three Americans
are expected to be diabetic, and it’s an explosion
that has to be addressed. And can you please tell
us how PrescribeWellness is expanding the role
of community pharmacy to address these concerns? We feel that community
pharmacy is the perfect person to address chronic disease. And before we address
chronic disease, we really have to attack
medication adherence and population
health initiatives. So medication
adherence is simply the ability to take our
medication as prescribed. And America is getting
older, so chronic disease and the management
of our medications and management of our lifestyle
is becoming increasingly more difficult and more expansive. And so really, when we start
with designing solutions to help pharmacies improve
medication adherence, then we can lay the foundation
for chronic disease management and areas of population
health, smoking cessation programs, and chronic care
like diabetes and obesity counseling. But immunizations and screenings
are most effectively held in community pharmacy. Well, let’s discover how
community pharmacists are responding to PrescribeWellness
in this Worldwide Business field report. PrescribeWellness is reinventing
the role of the pharmacy to be the center for the
delivery of preventive health care services. Their cloud-based
platform empowers pharmacists and other
healthcare professionals to collaborate on patient care
and provide preventive health care services that improve
medication adherence, chronic disease management,
transitional care, and population health. My relationship with
PrescribeWellness has been very beneficial for
me from a financial standpoint, and also from a customer
service standpoint. It has increased our volume
of business dramatically, and also helps the patient to
take their medication like they should, which help makes
the patient healthier. But now, in the days
of star ratings, it built our adherence scores. And so we’re rewarded
from that standpoint as well from the
insurance companies because we are a high-level
performing pharmacy. And PrescribeWellness
has been a valuable tool to help us to
accomplish those goals. On my way to The
Medicine Shoppe, I probably pass five or
six different pharmacies. But I love coming here
because I know when I come in, they know me by name. They’re already going and
getting my prescription. I can always just count on
consistent, friendly service every time I’m in. It’s not easy to stay around in
independent pharmacy anymore, and you have to find
ways to maximize the volume that’s coming
from your current patients. We also have to find ways to
get new patients in the store and keep ourselves
interesting, keep providing something that’s new. And Med Sync is one
of those services. If people hear that, oh, I go to
Sterling because every 90 days they just fill my meds. It’s automatic. I don’t have to worry
about calling them in. They’ll fax the doctor,
even, get them all ready. That speaks to people because
we’re in a fast-paced society where everyone wants
things convenient. I’ve come here with questions
about particular prescriptions, and I’ve never felt that
there was any discouragement. I mean, I was always
pleased, and they were always giving me accurate information. Woodstock Pharmacy has
always been an early adopter of technology and pioneering
through clinical events that other pharmacies
get bogged down in. We were one of the first
pharmacies in our community to provide immunizations. We’re also the first
pharmacy to provide medication synchronization. And so we’re always on the
forefront of healthcare, providing unique
services to our patients that allow us to lead the
way for our community. With our nine
pharmacies, wellness has been a central core
of all of our businesses. We actually collaborate
with local physicians to find what medications,
and what strengths, and what combinations
are best for that patient and their disease state. And then, lastly, we work
here in the community. We like to talk to other
employers in the areas. A lot of times they
call us about what benefits are best, what
are their co-pays going to be for next year. And we have a
special program that can help them find benefits that
are the best for them to help their employees. Every month, Woodstock
Pharmacy checks with me to make sure I’m on
the same medications, if anything has changed,
how they’re working. And then they
schedule the refill so I can be sure that
I never miss a dose. And I remember to pick them up. PrescribeWellness and
syncing up our medications takes all the hassle out
of the patients’ hands. And just knowing that if they
show up on the 25th each month, all their prescriptions
will be ready. Just simplifying what
seems like a basic task, but simplifying it so it’s
just once a month instead of three times a week can
make all the difference in the world for a
patient’s health. It can prevent that
one heart attack. Sheefa’s Pharmacy is different
from all other pharmacies because they put all your
medications in one package for your morning,
afternoon, or night dosages. And it allows you to just
take it and be happy. It says “morning,”
“afternoon,” or “night” on it, it says what
medications are on it, and it makes taking
medication very easy. Being a community
pharmacist, and just walking down the street
and meeting my patient in a local restaurant, and
be introduced to their friend as their pharmacist, it brings
me so much joy and happiness. PrescribeWellness is
drastically changing the role of pharmacists in
the daily care of patients. Their platform disrupts
the inefficiencies of the current
healthcare system, replacing it with better
personalized care and stronger pharmacist-patient
relationships. And could you please discuss the
growth that you’ve experienced and what you believe is
key behind this success? Well, in growth, we’re
certainly privileged to be on the Inc. 500 fastest
growing companies the last two years in a row. But that’s a
measurement of growth that’s really just financial. What we talk about
in the company is our growth in the number
of lives that we’re touching. We’ve now grown to over
10,000 community pharmacies using our software to
improve their processes. So lots of small towns
in America are using it. Over 875,000 physicians
are writing scripts that our pharmacies are filling. We’re touching 35 million
lives, and continuing to expand the number of
lives we touch is really our measurement of growth. Could you please
specify why pharmacists are the ideal health care
provider to lead this charge? Every American needs
a health care professional that’s local to every
community, that’s trusted, and has, I would say, not only the
ability but a need to transform their business model. And a pharmacy really fits the
bill in all of these areas. They’re clearly the most accessible
health care professional. 200 million Americans
walk into a pharmacy every single week,
so they have access. Gallup poll, second most trusted
profession for a decade running, so they
have that trusted relationship with the patient population. And then really the model
of dispensing medications and making a margin on
the dispensing of meds is an old model
that will not last. And so pharmacy has not
only the ability, but really that need to transform
their business model and deliver more
of these services. And Al, could you please tell
us more about PrescribeWellness and how it works? We’re a software
service solution, and we design and implement
software solutions to help improve adherence,
loyalty, and quality measures and the patient
outcome measurements. And so we design and
implement communications using voice, text,
email, mobile, reaching patients however they
need to be communicated to, and really providing
educational, motivational, and behavioral messaging. But we’re also offering
the pharmacy tools to improve their
practice, things that allow them to align the
meds so that the Medicare patient on six medications
written by four doctors can only do one trip
to the pharmacy, or have them delivered
on the same day. Things that allow
the pharmacy to walk the patient through the
selection of their Part D plan. Medicare is a very
complicated process today, and they need help. And so we’re providing
tools allowing the pharmacy to do that and really
check instantly the needs beyond the medication
or their immunizations. Our aging population needs
Zostavax and pneumococcal in addition to their flu shot. And that ability to instantly
pull that information up is putting this at the
fingertips of the pharmacy to do more. Well, Al, it sounds
like PrescribeWellness can help community
pharmacies realize a much bigger and
much more important role in the future
of healthcare. Thank you so much
for for joining us. Kathy, thank you so much. Thank you. For Worldwide Business,
I’m Kathy Ireland. Thank you for watching. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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