1. ******MUCH OF THE PRESCRIPTION LAWS HAVE CHANGED SINCE THIS VIDEO WAS DONE. HERE IS THE NEW DRUG PRICE WATCH LINK https://medicalpricesdatainph.wordpress.com/category/doh-drug-price-watch/ and http://www.manilatimes.net/check-drug-price-reference-index-protect-public/308550/

  2. Thanks for your video . Im headed to Philippines soon and I know I can get my thyroid stuff a BP stuff but I take Testosterone injections and was wondering if they have that .Thanks again.

  3. I'm traveling from the UK and have prescribed codeine will I be OK with the original box . a prescription . and the right amount for 1 month ? cheers

  4. Great video. One narcotic you can buy at Generics pharmacy without a prescription is Tramadol and most. One thing that I have experienced as hard to get almost impossible without a RX is antibiotics. As they have a huge problem with people abusing them

  5. I dont know, brother Bobby. Im not at the Pharmacy much except for my mother in law. She needs monthly eye drops that lower the pressure on her eye and that needs a prescription. Back in 2009 antibiotics can be bought w/o a prescription. We come back to the PH 2013 and now prescription is required. Not trying to shoot u down but just stating our personal experience. 🙂

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