President Bill Clinton – Address on Health Care Reform

mr. speaker mr. president members of Congress distinguished guests my fellow Americans before I begin my words tonight I would like to ask that we all bow in a moment of silent prayer for the memory of those who were killed and those who have been injured in the tragic train accident in Alabama today on it my fellow Americans tonight we come together to write a new chapter in the American story our forebears enshrined the American Dream life liberty the pursuit of happiness every generation of Americans has worked to strengthen that legacy to make our country a place of freedom and opportunity a place who where people who work hard can rise to their full potential a place where their children can have a better future from the settling of the frontier to the landing on the moon Mars has been a continuous story of challenges defined obstacles overcome new horizons secured that is what makes America what it is and Americans what we are now we are in a time of profound change and opportunity the end of the Cold War the Information Age the global economy has brought us both opportunity and hope and strife and uncertainty our purpose in this dynamic age must be to change to make change our friend and not our enemy to achieve that goal we must face all our challenges with confidence with faith and with discipline whether we're reducing the deficit creating tomorrow's jobs and training our people to fill them converting from a high-tech defense to a high-tech domestic economy expanding trade reinventing government making our streets safer or rewarding work over idleness all these challenges require us to change if Americans are to have the courage to change in a difficult time we must first be secure in our most basic needs tonight I want to talk to you about the most critical thing we can do to build that security this health care system of ours is badly broken and it is time to fix it in spite despite the dedication of literally millions of talented health care professionals our health care is too uncertain and too expensive too bureaucratic and too wasteful it has too much fraud and too much greed at long last after decades of false starts we must make this our most urgent priority giving every American health security health care that can never be taken away health care that is always there that is what we must on this journey as on all others of true consequence there will be rough spots in the road and honest disagreements about how we should proceed after all this is a complicated issue but every successful journey is guided by fixed stars and if we can agree on some basic values and principles we will reach this destination and we will reach it together so tonight I want to talk to you about the principles that I believe must embody our efforts to reform America's health care system security simplicity savings choice quality and responsibility


  1. that's why I hunted it down also, did you see Stewert last night, I think this must be it, he seems to be ablibbing, in that there are no specific points being made or real direction, but the rhetoric is simply brilliant, what a speaker, imagine W in this situation

  2. the speech that was on the screen was the state of the union address he did 6 months prior. lolol he railed it for 13 minutes before they eventually fixed it.

  3. @celes42017 actually he prolonged recession, and unemployment rate never fell under 10 percent during his entire presidency, he actually ran a campaign of balanced budget and free enterprise against Hoover, and then he went steroid on government spending and welfare state

  4. Bill Clinton absolutely blew Health Care reform, I think he had a good idea what he wanted to do on it. But didn't know how to communicate it and tried to please too many people.

  5. I can't believe Americans wanted to impeach this man over a blowjob.

    Bill Clinton deserved his blowjob!

    If it takes a daily blowjob for a President to do good, then well, why the hell not!

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  7. Nobody shouted LIAR! I remember when Clinton was pushing this back in 1993 he did not get anything like what Obama is getting. Is it really race?

  8. This video is a joke because it does not include the part where Slick Willie goes on to predict all of the dire consequences facing America if heath care reform is not passed. None of which can true.

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