President Trump Makes an Announcement Regarding a Pharmaceutical Glass Packaging Initiative

The President: Well,
thank you very much. Very exciting — and
exciting times at the White House. A lot of things happening
that are so great for our country. I want to welcome
Made in America Week. This is what we call Made
in America –right here, and they’re all here. Some of the great business
minds, businesses geniuses. Congratulations fellas,
that’s not a bad statement. (Laughter.) But they’re
right here with us, and I’ll tell you it’s an
honor to have them. We’re continuing our
celebration of American manufacturing, and it
has been something very important to us — Made in
the USA, Made in America — and our tribute to the
skill, dedication, and grit of the
American worker. We’re showcasing products
from all around the country that are stamped
with the beautiful letters “Made in the USA.” Today
I’m proud to welcome three more great companies —
we’ve had quite a few wonderful companies — a
little smaller generally speaking than yours, but
every company is smaller than yours when you get
right down to it to it — to the White House
for really a major announcement which you’ll
be hearing: Merck, Pfizer, and Corning. These three companies
are announcing that pharmaceutical glass
packaging will now be made in America. That’s a big step. That’s a big statement. We’re very proud of that. Thank you very
much, by the way. And I know they wouldn’t
have done it under another administration. I feel confident. These companies have
formed a groundbreaking partnership to create
thousands of American manufacturing jobs with
this innovative new product. It’s an incredible
product. Merck, Pfizer, and Corning
are coming together to create an advanced
pharmaceutical glass packaging operations,
which include an immediate investment of at least $
million and the creation of nearly , new
jobs — and quickly. The initial investment
will be spread across facilities in New York,
New Jersey, and a new manufacturing plant in
southeast of the United States — they’re looking
right now — which Corning will be announcing in the
coming months, and there’s some pretty good
competition. I know they’re going
to make a great deal. Eventually, the companies
here today expect a total investment in this
initiative to reach at least $ billion and create
some , American jobs. And it’s very innovative
on top of it. This initiative will bring
a key industry to our shores that for too long
has been dominated by foreign countries. We’re moving more and more
companies back into the United States, and they’re
doing more and more of these products. And that would have been
unheard of even a couple of years ago. These companies have
achieved a breakthrough in pharmaceutical glass
technology that will be used to store and deliver
injectable drugs and vials and cartridges. This technology is not
only great for American jobs and manufacturing,
it’s great for patients who now will have access
to safer medicines and vaccines. It’s also great for the
healthcare workers who can administer the drugs —
makes it much, much safer for them and safely
without having any problems and worrying
about vial-breaking, which, as I understand, is
a tremendous problem that we’re not going
to have anymore. I know that Secretary
Price and the FDA are committed to working with
innovative companies like these. We have tremendous
excitement going on at the FDA. Amazing things are
happening there, and I think we’re going to be
announcing some of them over the next two months. We’re going to be
streamlining, as we have in other industries,
regulations so that advancements can reach
patients quickly. You’re going to see a big
streamlining — I think you already have. To a large extent,
you already have. Very proud of that. I especially want to thank
Ken Frazier, Ian Read, and Wendell Weeks — so three
of the great, great leaders of business in
this country — along with all the great people at
Merck, Pfizer, and Corning for believing in America
and the American workers. This announcement reflects
a central theme of my administration that when
we invest in America, it’s a win for our companies,
our workers, and our nation as a whole. Every day, we are fighting
to bring back our jobs, to restore our industry, and
to put America first or, as you’ve heard, make
America great again. That’s exactly
what we’re doing. Some people have heard
that expression. It’s been fairly
well-used, I think. I want to thank you all
for being here, and I want to thank you for your
dedication to Made in America. Really appreciate it very
much, and I’d like to have you say a few words. Come on up. Thank you. (Applause.) Ken Frazier: Thank you
Mr. President for your leadership, its an honor
to be here at the White House and I’m grateful for
administration’s continued support for American
innovation and manufacturing Merck is
proud to have collaborated with Corning and Pifzer to
modernize pharmaceutical glass packaging since the
start of this project many Merck engineers and
scientists work side by side with corning’s glass
experts to make this exceptional new
glass a reality. Biologic medicines and
vaccines remain on the leading edge of scientific
innovation and Valor glass represents a similar
advancement in material science glass that is
purpose-built for these medical inventions. Occasional breakage and
cracks have been a fact of life for our industry,
Merck has comprehensive quality control processes
to deal with them but when these defects occur they
can have impacts on us and more importantly on
patients by interrupting supply. During our testing Valor
not only exhibited reduced damage, but it also
allowed an increase in our processing rate as well. This innovation supports
our manufacturing priorities of agility
quality assurance and supply predictability. Most importantly it helps
further ensure reliable access to vital
medicine for patience. We’re excited about our
test results And we plan to convert several
products to Valor glass as soon as we work through
the appropriate reviews with the FDA and other
regulatory agencies. So now it’s my pleasure to
turn things over to Ian Read Pfizer’s Chairman and
Chief executive officer. (applause) Ian Read: It’s great to be
here at the White House we appreciate the strong
support for this effort to develop breakthrough and
pharmaceutical glass packaging technology
engineered for the storage and delivery of injectable
drugs Pfizer makes about percent of sterile
injectables for the United States in the United
States, this is a really important advance for us. I Like to thank secretary
Price for his leadership we’ve been willing to look
at innovative ways to accelerate the approval
of this glass and I’m delighted to join with
Merck and corning to announce now this
breakthrough and in innovation that is a
result of collaboration between three storied
American companies, each others represent over a
century of innovation That has yielded significant
benefits for patients American competitiveness
in the us economy through investment jobs capital
and a stream of high-quality and safe
products we believe that our collaboration with
Corning is a potential game-changer and supports
our focused on bringing the highest quality
products to patients the glass industry represents
about four billion dollars of expenditure for the
pharmaceutical industry but subsequent issues
as Ken mentioned the potential shards or
breakages we have strong quality control to shore
that doesn’t get through to the patients But the
subsequent costs or multiples or the glass
costs to ensure that we deliver a high quality
product to patients. So this is a major
innovation and a major way that we can be more
competitive in this industry and as a side to
an you know to ensure that we have an environment
that supports innovation and create a positive
investment claim in the us we’re looking forward
to working with administration on both its
regulatory policy, and it tax reform to ensure that
we can be competitive Thank you very much. Wendell Weeks: Thank
you, Wendell Weeks from Corning, well you’ve
already heard the President Ken and Ian
described this remarkable new product but sometimes
I think it’s better to show than to tell so Mr.
President if you’ll do the honors with me. Now one of the many
extraordinary features of Valor glass is its damage
resistance now this helps protect patients and
improve pharmaceutical manufacturing. So what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna start with a conventional glass vial
this been through a typical pharmaceutical
manufacturing process now for people in the audience
with this screen is gonna show is how much force the
President exerts before the vial is broken, so
Mr. President if you could please depress the lever
okay, let’s press it down okay, so okay. You did okay. I think you ain’t
seen strong yet. (laughter) Now let’s turn
to the new product that we’re announcing today,
this is corning’s Valor Glass and Mr. President
if you just do the same thing, but this time don’t
be afraid to lean into it okay. Go on really. It’s not a test
of manhood. (applause) For those of
you who don’t normally measure things
in kilograms? The President just exerted
about a thousand pounds of force and the important
thing is that Valor glass bottle is still intact
in protecting the vital ingredients inside now
this next generation body requires a new advanced
manufacturing platform and as the president has
announced we plan to build that platform right here
in the United States thanks to our great
customers like Merck and Pfizer the strong support
with the administration the office of American
innovation and the FDAs emerging
technologies team. We’re gonna put this
together and we industrialize around next
generation jobs and next generation product. Thank you. (inaudible) from the
office of American Innovation wanted me to
also inform you that thousand pounds is about
the same as punch from a professional boxer. The President: People
never knew that about me. Male Speaker:
Some of us knew. The President:
They’ll find out.


  1. Will they put all of the vaccines in single shot vials so they won't have any excuse for mangling the brains of babies with mercury?

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    and working hard everyday to #MAGA

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    You Should Be Ashamed of Yourself For What You Said About Jeff Sessions. He Offered His Resignation and You Did Not Accept it. How Dare You Impugn His Honor and Smear His Reputation. Jeff Sessions Stuck His Neck Out For You When No One Else Would, Jeff Has Been Loyal to You From The Beginning. Jeff Session is One of The Few People in Your Administration That Supports Your Agenda and Shares Your Vision For America.
                MY FELLING FOR YOU MR. PRESIDENT ARE RAPIDLY CHANGING. YOU BROKE YOUR WORD on NAFTA. YOU BOMBED SYRIA. YOU ARMED THE SAUDI'S. You were soft on China, but it looks like you might be finally toughening up. On The Way to France You Said You'd Like To See Comprehensive Immigration Reform and You Keep Talking About Having Heart for DACA. IS YOUR WORD WORTH ANYTHING? ??????
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         I am the Canary in the coal mine, I follow you in the news closely, I hear things long before anyone else and I AM MAD AS HELL! I loved you, I was your biggest fan, I put anti Hillary flyers all over my neighborhood , I brought people to the polls to vote for you. I'm one of the people at your rallies, I am the beating heart of your base and you're losing me. WHEN YOUR VOTERS HEAR WHAT I HEARD, THE ANGER WILL BE LIKE NOTHING AMERICA HAS EVER SEEN.* Ivanka and Jared are going to get a lot of the blame too.
       You won on THE BIG 3, TRADE, IMMIGRATION, and INFRASTRUCTURE. Not nation building in the Middle East, Not Modernizing NAFTA and certainty not to have Heart for Illegal Aliens.

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    By that do they mean "none of the right things" or what?

    It is better that the President stands beside those making forward strides rather than leaving them to do so quietly. A big change from prior administrations.

  18. MAGA by unregulating noninvasive medical procedures and allowing them to go on the gig economy. You could have medical apps that would drive down prices for things like Ultrasounds. Why can't an ultrasound tech do the job from her home? Customers would ensure high quality by rating each service on the app. This way you solve the healthcare dilemma by lowering the cost. All you would need to do is make some noninvasive procedures "uncovered" services that insurers no longer would cover. Thus they have less to cover, consumers get many more choices and lower costs. Its a win for everyone

  19. You've gotta be kidding. Glass!? How much of that do you see in the hospital now? That used to be how saline was hung when gravitational drip was used before machines and automation came along. There are only a few meds that come in glass vials now and they are less preferential due to the need for an additional filter and less safe to handle. Thanks for wasting money on another outdated and struggling part of an industry that greatly requires immediate reform. #Absurd

  20. President Trump,can these people get together and develop bulletproof
    glass for American police cars? The only company making bulletproof
    glass for cars has priced it out of financial reach of most police
    departments.Sir,please ask these people to find a way to protect ALL
    members of law enforcement,and to make it affordable.ICE and border
    patrols need protection against the drug cartels who were supplied heavy
    caliber weapons by the obama administration.Everyone knows that those weapons are still in enemy hands.Sir,if
    we compare the first pull on the handle in your demonstration to a .38
    round shot at a normal window,and the second pull to a 50 cal round shot
    at this new glass,the mind glows with possible new protections for our

  21. Your Excellency, Friends,That's a great and good way to increase the global economy. This example was well done at my future home, The White House. Happy to see innovative demonstration and leadership from my President. Two inventions, or concepts, anything created, together combined is ground and room for innovation.We can use the vials to create, test, prove, and demonstrate antimicrobials, understanding how antimicrobial medicines cure all diseases.
    Let's innovate'
    My excelling greatness and holy Head In Chief,Let's raise the US economy, bring more jobs to America, and increase investments in the US by every Nation.Let's Make American Goods Again. America! You are my home. And I worship America. God is American. I am Gods highest degree Shepherd 12th. Shepia.
    Peace easy.
    Your great and good friend,Excelling,Henri Thomas Borno

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  34. Take note: The jobs will be in the Southeast. Most likely that will be in the Atlanta Georgia MSA possibly Birmingham, or Mississippi? I would bet the Atlanta MSA large Urban counties, we're Farmers have sold out because they could not make it, and acres of generational land has been sold. Regardless the southeast has lower-wage manufacturing jobs many pharmaceutical companies are moving into the area I live in specifically for that reason just as the major corporations of the US (AT&T for one), moved their call centers in to Atlanta & less wages to the American worker.(mid 80s) Even though the Atlanta MSA has a higher cost of living, and it continues to rise – wages are low and manufacturing jobs are given to minorities so big Corporation wins again! People do not be deceived this is a game being played upon the American worker! Watch for future announcements as to where the manufacturing jobs will be and check the want ads, the pay scale and you will find it will be barely above minimum wage! It is not these corporations or some silly 'slogan' that make America great we the people make America great and we have always made America great and we always will! Do your homework people research these companies and find out how long this glass is actually been in use overseas. Perhaps it's new perhaps it's not but do not be deceived it is time for the American people to rise up and stop listening to a lying corrupt government, giving us jobs and treating us like we are indentured servants because I would like to know if any of those jobs are going to provide health insurance the way we had it back in the late seventies eighties and the end of the 20th century! WUA – wake up America! The coffee is burning and burning coffee has a disgusting smell!

  35. Go to Corning web site which gives information about their pharmaceutical glass. it's not anything new, it's not anything that hasn't been used before it was just made elsewhere. We don't know how these jobs are going to 'come available' – but again watch listen and you'll find America has nothing to do with it and nothing to do with jobs making America great! As a research analyst I will be watching closely. There have already been enough lies about the so-called automobile industries that we're already going to stay in the areas, job ads had already been distributed in newspapers and with Headhunters in those areas over three months before the election ended! Check it out. One such job was for a production manager who knew how to monitor robots and the pay was $33,000 a year! The job requirement with GED at least until you read on! $33,000 would not pay for the education needed to do the job of a production manager in an automotive manufacturing center. I'm pretty sure that was Indiana, it had to have been either Indiana or Michigan – AND they were in areas which were over 90% White demographically, so it is possible that this new glass Pharmaceutical could be in an area of Atlanta MSA for white employees however it is highly improbable. Knot in my neck of the woods!

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    Traitor: Marco Rubio Be careful Sir, they have 2 bills with the same number up . One is this an one is regarding Jews to trick you

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    Dear my beloved America The Great

    Mercy and truth are met together
    Righteousness and peace have kissed each other
    Truth springeth out of the earth
    And righteousness hath looked down from heaven

    Save when there shall be no poor among you
    for the LORD shall greatly bless thee in the land
    which the LORD thy God giveth thee
    for an inheritance to possess it

    Only if thou carefully hearken
    unto the voice of the LORD thy God,
    to observe to do all these commandments
    which I command thee this day

    For the LORD thy God blesseth thee,
    as he promised thee
    and thou shalt lend unto many nations,
    but thou shalt not borrow
    and thou shalt reign over many nations,
    but they shall not reign over thee

    My beloved and beautiful America Uncle Donald John Trump
    My beloved and beautiful America Uncle Michael Richard Pence
    My beloved and beautiful America Uncle Ken Frazier
    My beloved and beautiful America Uncle Ian Read
    My beloved and beautiful America Uncle Wendell Weeks

    God bless America The Great

    hugs and kiss with love always yuli 🙂

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