President Trump: 'Nobody Knew Health Care Was So Complicated' | TIME

some unbelievably complex subject nobody knew that healthcare could be so complicated and statutorily and for budget purposes as you know we have to do health care before we do the tax cut the tax cut is going to be major it's going to be simple and the whole tax plan is wonderful but I can't do it until we do health care because we have to know what the health care is going to cost and statutorily that's the way it is so for those people that say oh gee I wish we could do you know the taxpayers it just doesn't work that way I would like to do that for us it's actually a tax cutting has never been that easy but it's a tiny little ant compared to what we're talking about with Obamacare you


  1. this guy is a clown
    I swear it's like hiring someone who's resumรฉ seemed good and once work started he just made a fool of himself
    unqualified to be President

  2. What an idiot. I worked in Health Care field, and anyone knows that it's "COMPLICATED" … Try getting Universal Care for everyone … Sure, talking out his ass once again …

  3. Ha!!! I nearly fell off my chair laughing! Really?!?!
    Fuckin- A! Where does he come up with this shit!?! NOBODY KNEW how complicated healthcare is??? Christ on a bicycle. I just….. I just can't….

  4. I wish he would just shut up forever because everything that comes out of his mouth is either illiterate or a lie.

  5. Primary care doctor =nurse practitioner .Nurse practitioner> primary care doctor .Obama care makes appear as if primary care doctors are the ones who save people lives false .Its the specialties who save your life .!Better health insurance means access to
    More specialities in radiology , urology ,cards,gastro, obviously surgeons medical emergency .ect..Repeal Obama care end all hospital administrators monopoly over our health care ..

  6. Wrong again Nostradamus! Lots of people knew. Anyone with a decent amount of common sense knew! Only you didn't know! And guess what, it was not a secret!!! You could have asked your buddy Putin about it, I bet even he knows!!! How is it a so called really really smart person knows so little???

  7. Before he took office, he made it sound so simple. "Everyone" was going to have health insurance, we'd be able to keep our own doctors, it'd be better quality and the "government was going to pay for it." Oh, and free pizza on Fridays and no school on Mondays. Yeah!

  8. So, all you folks who voted Trump in, are you happy now? This is an incoherent fool. He said he had the best plan to replace the ACA and would do it quickly. Mexico would pay for the wall. Gonna tear up Iranian deal on day one. This guy is in way over his head without a life jacket. Some of his campaign promises are coming back to haunt him now. He just makes shit up and sooner or later his house of cards is going to come tumbling down.

  9. Just woke up to the fact that some things others have already done are complicated! What a shock for the man who thinks he is like really really smart! I wonder if he is smart enough to think maybe he's not as smart as he thought? Nahhhh!

  10. Let health insurance be mostly free-market based.
    Force everyone to get basic insurance to cover accidental death and injury.
    Let the taxpayers who are to pay for others decide how much.
    Stop government from using printed money to pay for medical costs.
    Ease Doctors' monopoly on providing healthcare.

  11. Except Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, the entire democratic portion of the house and senate, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, pretty much the entire republican portion of the house and senate, experts in the field like doctors, owners of hospitals, the insurance companies, and pretty much anybody else you could have just asked about it instead of flinging shit for years about how Obamacare is the devil while, by your own admittance, not even understanding the complexities that go into crafting such a complex law.

  12. I am having a 4 some with Donald Trump daughters Tiffany Trump, Ivanka Trump, and his fucking wife Melania Trump ! While so Donald Trump is my fucking slave and he calls me Master !

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