President Trump Participates in a Cabinet Meeting

The President:
Thank you very much. Our Cabinet meeting. And we’ll start
with a prayer, please. Secretary Perry: Yes, sir. Mr. President,
thank you. Just as a –
to put this all in perspective: On
the 4th of July, I had a prayer that came true,
which is a good thing – to pray
and for the good Lord to agree that your prayer
is a good one. So Griffin James Perry came into
the world on the 4th of July, at about
8:10 in the morning. So I have a grandson. The President: Good. Secretary Perry: And we had
prayed about that for many years. And I think the reminder
for all of us is that prayer is an incredible
and powerful thing. It’s a great tonic. And as we interact
with each other, to keep all of us – our friends, our families,
this country – in our prayers. Every Wednesday morning, there’s
a Cabinet member Bible study, and it’s been one of
the great privileges for me, in this administration, to pray
with the Cabinet members. So this is an extension of that. So if you would bow your heads
and join with me in asking the Lord
to continue to bless this country: Father, thank you
for this table of men and women, of individuals who
selflessly serve this country. And, Lord, we ask you to
continue to give them courage, to give them wisdom,
to be with this President as he deals with
the challenges of the day; to continue to comfort him
in the knowledge that you are in charge
and in control. We thank you for your blessings
both in the personal way and the larger issues
of this world that we live in, that we’ve been given
the privilege to serve. We ask you to continue
to keep our young men and women who defend our freedom safe
and to bring them home soon. And, Father, we ask you again
to keep this President safe and to give him wisdom. In your most holy name, we pray.
Amen. The President:
That was very good. Thank you very much, Rick.
Well done. Well done. Thank you all for being here
in the Cabinet meeting. We have them quite often,
and they really produce results. We’re producing results I don’t
think any administration ever, in two and a half years – the first two
and a half years certainly – has produced the results
that we’ve produced. We have the strongest
stock market in the history of our country. By the way, just in walking in,
we just set a new record. Just went up today.
We had – a new record was set. The Dow Jones went over 27,000
for the first time ever. It went over 26,000
for the first time ever, and 25,000
for the first time ever. So, we’ve set it. I think
we’re over 100 since election. We’re over 100 times that we’ve
set a new stock market record. And, to me, that’s not just
a record; that means jobs. It’s all about jobs.
It’s jobs for this country. We’re bringing in many,
many countries. They’re coming in.
They’re coming in at a level that we haven’t seen
for decades. Car companies are coming in – Japanese car companies,
in particular. Although, Germany called to say
that they’re going to be announcing some
very big movement with respect to a certain company
that I’ve demanded has to come, because they sell us
a lot of cars but they make them
in other places. We want them making them
in the United States. But Japan has 12 different
companies building plants in Michigan, in Ohio, in North Carolina,
in Pennsylvania. One is going to be announced
in Florida. We are doing things that
nobody thought were possible. I wouldn’t have even said them,
frankly, during the campaign because nobody would’ve
been able to believe them. Nobody would’ve believed them. Our unemployment numbers
are historic, in the sense that we’ve
never had better numbers. African American have
the best numbers in the history of our country. Hispanic American –
the best unemployment numbers in the history of our country.
Women – 75 years. Asian Americans – best
in the history of our country. We have the best overall
unemployment, the best in 51 years. And, very soon,
that will be historic – meaning the history
of our country – if we keep going
the way we’re going, and it should be fairly soon. So things are happening
that we wouldn’t have believed happening,
or could happen. The border: We’re working
very hard, with everybody – the Attorney General. We’re doing everything we can do
without getting Congress to act because the Democrats
refuse to act. They refuse to do what they have
to do and what they should do, and that’s loopholes. We have loopholes
that are so bad, you could drive a truck
through them. They could be solved
in 15 minutes; would have those loopholes
taken care. Literally – everyone knows
what they are; they’re very simple.
You know what they are. You know what they are better
than the people in Congress. But the Democrats,
we need their votes. Not that we need them;
we need their votes – because we have a very,
very small margins both ways. The Senate is 53-47.
The House is very tight. It’s a very tight House, too.
Very small number. We need Democrat votes
to get up to what we need. That’s why we didn’t do it
last time – first two years –
because we only had – we needed 9
to 10 Democrat votes, and we were never able
to get them for certain things. But we were – but wherever
we could use the majority, we ended doing a fantastic job, including
two Supreme Court judges. We got two Supreme Court
justices put on, and many other things. But we need Democrat votes
to get the border fully secured, fully taken care of.
We’re getting close. Mexico has been fantastic.
We had a meeting with Mexico. For 45 years, people have been
trying to get Mexico to do what they’re doing now,
and they weren’t able to get it. And we got it in one day –
everything. Mexico now has approximately
21,000 soldiers on their land. They have very powerful
immigration laws. They can do what
they have to do. We have the worst laws
in the entire world. There’s no law like this, where
we catch them and release them. We catch them and we say, “Come back to court
in five years.” And nobody comes back.
Two percent, to be accurate. I want to be accurate because
I don’t want the press to say I was inaccurate.
Two percent come back. And those people,
we wonder why – why they’re coming back. They’re the only ones.
So we can straighten that out. We are getting rid of thousands
of people who are criminals. We’re taking them out
of the country – MS-13 – by the thousands. And they’re going out quickly.
We do it very professionally. We have papers
on everybody we take out. All documented, all very legal. They come in illegally
and they go out legally. So we’ve done a job. On Sunday,
there was a lot of activity, but you didn’t even see it
because it went very smoothly. The ICE folks and the people
from Border Patrol, the job they do, is –
they’re heroes in so many ways. We have Border Patrol, though, being nurses and doctors
and janitors. And I very much want to thank
Vice President Pence for taking a whole delegation
of people down to see the things that one of our
very radical-left Democrats call “concentration camps.” They’re not concentration camps.
They’re really well run. They’re very crowded,
in many cases. Actually, in the case
of the children, they weren’t crowded at all.
People came back and they – even some of the news –
which is shocking, frankly – said they were very well run,
very clean, very nice for the children.
We had an adult center of males. Many of these people
were criminals. We’re not letting them out.
We can’t let them out. And it was crowded;
very crowded. And the best way they can solve
that is don’t come up. If you don’t come up,
you’re not going to be crowded. We want to take people
in legally, and we want to take them in,
frankly, through merit. We want our companies
to be helped. All these companies that are
pouring into the United States because we’re the hottest
country in the world right now. Every time I meet a leader – a president, a prime minister,
a king, a queen – they all say, “Thank you,
and nice to meet you. It’s wonderful. By the way,
congratulations on your economy. What you’ve done is incredible.” You read yesterday where China
is down very substantially. They’re having the worst year
they’ve had in 27 years. I don’t want to have them
have bad years. But we made a deal
and they broke the deal on me. The deal was done.
It was practically done. It was just like
a very short period of time, we would’ve had it finished.
And they broke the deal. They decided they didn’t want
to do the things that they had agreed to. So I said, “That’s all right.”
We put tariffs on. Twenty-five percent
on $250 billion. It’s obviously having
a very negative – I don’t want it to have
a negative impact. Not having any impact on us
other than positive, because China
devalues their currency, and they’re pumping money
into their system. Our people
aren’t paying for that. There’s been no inflation.
There’s been no nothing. Frankly, if we ever got interest
rates down where they should be, and if they weren’t
raised so fast, you would see another, probably,
10,000 points on the Dow. We’re setting records.
I don’t want to act like – it’s like somebody gets a 99 on
a test and they’re complaining. I don’t like that.
But I’m going to complain – (laughter) – because, frankly, we would’ve done even better
had we had a Federal Reserve that didn’t raise interest rates
so quickly. And had we had
a Federal Reserve – and there are many people
on the Federal Reserve. You know, we have votes.
It’s called votes. But if we had a Federal Reserve that didn’t do
quantitative tightening – they did quantitative
tightening – $50 billion a month.
That’s a lot of money. Now they’re doing $25 billion
a month. Whereas, in Europe, they are
pumping money into their system and they’re lowering rates. In China, they are pumping money
into their system and they’re lowering rates
very substantially. In Europe,
the rates almost zero. And, in China, the rates are
whatever President Xi wants. He’s his own Fed.
He’s the Federal Reserve. He’s – one man.
He’s the Federal Reserve. He’s the President.
He’s everything else. But, unfortunately, what
they did was not appropriate. They are supposed to be
buying farm products. Let’s see whether or not they do
– our ag, our great farmers. But out of the tariffs,
I took $16 billion to make up for the shortfall. I went to Secretary
Sonny Perdue. He’s a fantastic gentleman.
By the way, is he here? DEPUTY SECRETARY CENSKY:
He’s in California today. The President: What happened?
He’s working on – he’s working with the farmers. They have a big meeting
in California. Good. I’m glad he’s there.
He can do more help there. He’s done a fantastic job. I said, “What was the amount
at its highest that China pumped into the farmers
in the form of purchase?” “Sixteen billion dollars.”
I said, “That’s all right, we’re taking in many,
many times that in tariffs. We’re going to help
the farmers out.” And I did that with $16 billion. It cost us nothing.
Same thing as if they bought. And yet, the farmers
don’t even want that. They really just want to make
the product and sell it. But it was just a small
percentage of the tariffs that we’re taking in. And we have a long way
to go as far as tariffs, where China is concerned,
if we want. We have another $325 billion that we can put a tariff on
if we want. So we’re talking to China
about a deal. But I wish they didn’t
break the deal that we had. We had a deal
where China opened up. We had a deal where there’d be – intellectual property theft
would be taken care of because it’s estimated
that they steal $300 billion worth of intellectual
property a deal. Who knows. Who knows.
That’s what they tell me. Three hundred billion.
That’s a big number. How they get to that number, I’ll accept it –
they’re experts. That’s what they do.
But that’s a big number. You add that to the fact that,
during the Obama administration, $500 billion a year
was being lost to China. Five hundred billion.
They did nothing. And, in all fairness,
whether you go back to Bush, you go back to Clinton – you can go back a long way –
the WTO. Once the World
Trade Organization was formed, China became like a rocket ship. But now we’re doing
something about it. Now we’re doing something
about it. And – we’re doing
a lot about it. We picked up close
to $20 trillion in wealth during my administration,
from election. And, I have to say
“from election.” Because when I got elected,
the stock market – the day after,
the stock market went wild. If I would not have
gotten elected, you would have had a crash. So I can’t give Obama credit –
President Obama – credit for the tremendous gain
from the day I won until January 20th,
was when I took office. Because that was all attributed
to the enthusiasm that we’ve caused
and that we’ve had as a country. From the election until now,
it’s been extraordinary. We’ve picked up $20 trillion.
China has lost $20 trillion. If my opponent had won, China would right now
be number one in the world. Right now, we’re number one
in the world, by far. We’re going to keep it that way. And if you have smart people
sitting in this chair, in this position,
you’re not going to lose. So we’ve got
an extraordinary country. We’re doing numbers that
have never been done before. I think a number that makes me
the happiest is that, proportionately, the biggest gainer
in this entire stock market – when you hear about
how much has gone up – blue-collar workers, the biggest
proportionate gainer. They’ve had a tremendous gain. The workers have had
a tremendous gain. People without a diploma –
high school diploma – have had a tremendous gain. Our country is doing really,
really well. Just to finish: 401(k)s.
People have 401(k)s. Many of you have 401(k)s. Your 401(k)s are up 50 percent,
60 percent – somebody told me 78 percent. People that were losing money
all their lives are now doubling their income
and doubling their – the money that they had
in the bank is being doubled up. Their 401(k)s
are going through the roof. And they’re getting
a lot of credit from their wives or husband,
whichever one. Because the one that’s doing it
is saying, “You’re a financial genius.”
(Laughter.) “Darling, I love you very much. First time in your life, I think
you’re a financial genius.” (Laughter.) And it would have been just
the opposite had the opponent – this country was set
for a big fall had we not come in
and cut regulations immediately and let our country breathe. Whether it’s the pipelines that
we approved on almost day one, or LNG plants. I just left Louisiana; we cut
a ribbon for a $10 billion LNG plant that’s so incredible.
People wouldn’t believe it. It was many, many years
trying to get permits; they couldn’t get the permits. But we got the permits
and we got them very rapidly. And that was a great thing.
Great thing. You know the plant
I’m talking about, Rick. And we have about six of them
now under consideration. We hadn’t built one in 40 years.
Forty years. We didn’t
build plants like that. So, our country is doing things that nobody thought
would even be possible. We’re doing incredibly well.
I’d like to start off – and if you’d like to stay
for this, you can. Ben Carson is going to say
a few words about HUD. And then I think Jared is going
to talk a little bit about immigration and some
of our plans for immigration. And then we’re going
to go around the table. And if the press wants to stay,
you can. If you’d like to leave –
it’s like I said the other day: I don’t mind. If you want to leave,
that’s your option. You can leave anytime you want,
okay? Please, Ben. SECRETARY CARSON: Thank you,
Mr. President. And just before
I talk a little bit about what’s going on at HUD, I just want to thank you
for your incredible courage – The
President: Thank you. SECRETARY CARSON: – and stamina
and resilience with unwithering criticism,
unfair criticism, all the time. And I would just, sort of, sum it up by saying: Would you
rather have a non-politician whose speech is unfiltered,
who gets a lot of stuff done? Or somebody with a silver tongue
who gets nothing done? The President: But I thought
I had a silver tongue. (Laughter.)
I heard that so often. I always thought
I had a silver tongue. (Laughter.)
But I agree with you. SECRETARY CARSON: But, you know,
as I told you before, I think God is using you. The President:
Thank you very much. SECRETARY CARSON: I really
appreciate that. The President: And you have said
that, and I appreciate it. Thank you, Ben. SECRETARY CARSON: Now, once
again, you know, promises made are promises kept. You said in the inaugural
address that the forgotten men and women of this country
would be forgotten no longer. And last December,
you took the extraordinary act of establishing
a White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council. And I’m privileged
to chair that. We have, with us,
Scott Turner, who is serving
as our executive director, also. And thanks in part to the work
of the Revitalization Council, Opportunity Zones are delivering
an incredible dose of energy and optimism and investment
into some of our nation’s most economically
distressed neighborhoods. And we’re proud to report
a great success – this council’s prescription
for prosperity. I have to throw
in a medical thing there. Now, Opportunity Zones are home to approximately
35 million Americans – about 10 percent
of our population. One in three of them
live in poverty. And this prescription indeed
requires the coordinated efforts of all the councilmembers,
all the agencies. And I want to thank
all of my fellow agency heads for the tremendous help that they’ve provided
in getting this done. With unemployment,
Opportunity Zones sitting near twice the national average –
unemployment Opportunity Zones – forgotten families
are just the people that you’ve been targeting. And over the past year, property
sale prices in Opportunity Zones have increased by 20 percent, which is about double
the appreciation rate for eligible non-selected areas.
So what does that mean? That obviously means
that those people who live there and who own that property
are benefitting significantly even though
a lot of people said, “You’re not getting
any benefits.” They are getting benefits. And a massive pool of capital
is preparing to revitalize these areas with community
and business development. Now, less than two years ago,
Secretary Mnuchin predicted that these Opportunity Zones
would draw about $100 billion, and a lot of the pundits said
that was way too optimistic. But today, like so many
other milestones this administration
has surpassed, you know, we’re already approaching
extraordinary figures. For example, last month, the National Council
of State Housing Agencies announced that its
Opportunity Zone Fund Directory has expanded
to nearly $29 billion in anticipated investment. The President: And – but I might
add that Opportunity Zones, for the media, is one of the hottest
things anyone has ever done with respect to inner cities
and with respect to minorities. It is working out far beyond
anybody’s expectation. SECRETARY CARSON: Absolutely. The President: I don’t think
it’s been written about very much, but I’m not that
surprised at that. But the Opportunity Zones
are an incredible thing. And if you want to do something,
you should write about them. Because what’s happened,
the employment, the investment – people are investing
that would have never invested in these locations
in a million years, and they’re investing
a lot of money. It has absolutely been – you can talk about the number
of sites, the number of cities. SECRETARY CARSON: Absolutely. The President: What’s happened
with Opportunity Zones is somewhat of a miracle. Nobody in their
wildest imagination thought this could happen. SECRETARY CARSON: That’s right.
And to add onto that, you know, we’ve gotten
a lot of positive reports, you know, from government
officials across the country about the investors
in Opportunity Zones and how it’s un-
– stoking unprecedented interest in these underserved
communities. And, in fact, last week
I was in Salt Lake City, and a big multi-family
dwelling is going up with a concentration of people
with autism and a center
for helping autistic people to get back into the workforce.
They were able to do that because of the completion
of the gap funding through
an Opportunity Zone fund. And, you know, public officials
from both sides of the political aisle
are united in trying to maximize
the impact of the program. The Governor of Maryland, Hogan, is spending $56.6 million
for training programs to supercharge
the Opportunity Zones. In Mississippi,
Governor Phil Bryant has approved a special
Opportunity Zones cycle as part of
the low-income housing tax credit program offered through the Mississippi
Home Corporation. In Michigan, the Governor,
Gretchen Whitmer, has issued
an executive directive that focuses state procurement
practices on businesses located within
Opportunity Zones. And, you know,
the list goes on and on. The Revitalization Council
has played a key role in convening
community stakeholders as well as championing
the support of public officials and communicating a green light
for businesses and investors. And, as you know,
the council consists of members across 17 federal agencies
and federal state partnerships with a core mission
to prioritize Opportunity Zones, including deregulation,
grant funding, loan guarantees,
infrastructure spending, and, importantly,
crime prevention. To date, the council
has identified more than
160 federal programs that can increase targeting
to Opportunity Zones through grant preference points, loan qualifications,
reduced fees, and alterations
in eligibility criteria. And we’ve already implemented
more than 120 of these actions
across the agencies. The Revitalization Council
has also been conducting a nationwide listening tour
of Opportunity Zones to incorporate the input
from community leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors. And to ensure local leaders
are doing all that they can to help their constituents
in these communities, I personally,
in the last several weeks, have visited a lot of
communities like Miami, Chicago, St. Louis, Salt Lake City,
Birmingham, Las Vegas, and more at the end
of this week, more next week. Speaking in traveling, we are –
speaking of traveling, we are blessed to have
with us Scott Turner, who is the executive director
of the council. And he has been
all over the place. He’s – every place I go,
they say, “Scott was here, and he just told us
all this stuff.” (Laughter.) He fertilizes
the ground and it’s great. And through the work
of the Revitalization Council, we’re not only
remembering Americans’ [sic] forgotten
men and women, we’re helping to elevate them
back into a path of pride and self-sufficiency.
And what really is opportunity? Opportunity has no color,
but it colors everything. Opportunity has no creed, but it gives people
strength to believe. Opportunity has no religion,
yet it gives us each faith. And I want to thank you
for the faith that you’ve shown
to the Revitalization Council as we have championed
this incredible initiative across the country.
This is a game changer. Major game changer
in this country. And we look forward to building
on this exciting momentum. You know, I’m very excited.
I may not look excited; this is about as excited
as I ever look. (Laughter.) But I am very excited
about being able to participate in something that’s going to
have such a positive effect on so many people
in our country. And I want to thank you
for pushing this. And I’d like to hear
just a bit from our council’s executive
director, Scott Turner. MR. TURNER: Good morning.
Or good afternoon. Thank you, Dr. Carson,
and thank you, Mr. President, for allowing me
to serve in this role. And then, Cabinet members,
it’s good to see you all again. I looked up that term,
“revitalize.” And to revitalize means
to imbue with new life. It means to reinvigorate
and to reenergize. And that’s exactly what we’ve
seen over these last 12 weeks. We were here
12 weeks ago tomorrow, and when the President
appointed me to be the shepherd
of this council. In the last 12 weeks,
we’ve been to 21 cities. And we have a map that
we’re going to put up for you just for your visualization. These are the cities
that we’ve been to, and these are the cities
that we will go to. And you can look at it
after a while. But I say that because we have
gone around the country spreading the message
of revitalization and true transformation. We have conducted
over 65 roundtables. And per the President’s
executive order, we’ve convened faithfully
those education leaders, business leaders,
entrepreneurs, investors, and, most importantly,
community people – the people that sit
in the neighborhoods on the front porch, that have seen the neighborhood,
that know the pain and know the potential
of these neighborhoods. Because, historically, these
conversations have not happened. So we convened these roundtables
to have the hard conversations, to ask the hard questions, to create a sense of unity
and understanding. You have investors sitting
across from grandmothers from the community.
You have new business owners sitting across from congressmen
and senators and elected officials
to talk about, “This community has not seen X,
but it needs to see Z.” And that’s how it’s going
to transform. We talk about the spirit
of the council. We talk about the spirit
of the legislation. Yes, it’s economic development, but it’s also
community development. It’s social impact. So the people inside
the community can thrive and remain and benefit
from the revitalization that’s going on
in the community. We’ve seen tremendous
result already because of Opportunity Zones. And the President said it:
This is unprecedented. Our country has not
seen this in times before – from an investment standpoint,
from an incentive standpoint, but also from
a unity standpoint, where people who don’t talk,
who don’t work together, who don’t convene together, come together
for the first time. That’s America.
And that’s what we’re seeing. And I’m so blessed
and humbled. Colorado Springs only has
six Opportunity Zones, but they have one of the best
prospectuses that I’ve seen. They have two hotels going up
in downtown inside of an Opportunity Zone: a Marriot, and I think it’s
a Springhill Suites. That’s not only going to
spread economic development but supporting
operating businesses. Jobs are being created.
On the west side of Atlanta – that’s one of the roughest
parts, if you will, of Atlanta –
we were taking a tour. The police don’t even go on the
west side of Atlanta most times. Investment has not been on
this side for many, many years. Drug deals, prostitution
right on the corner. But across the street:
new housing, affordable housing, going up. A private school
operating out of church is being rehabbed right
across the street, going up. City officials are moving
the west side of Atlanta because of Opportunity Zones, and new life is being
reinvigorated in this city. I’ve seen it. And Cleveland, Ohio:
new entrepreneurs, new business, workforce training,
workforce housing, right across the street
from each other because of
the Opportunity Zones. It’s bringing new life;
it’s reenergizing areas. And we’ve seen it
with our own eyes. In Mesa, Arizona,
and Phoenix, Arizona, it’s a – it’s a great case
of best practice. Arizona State University, which is a major
research institution and an anchor institution, has partnered with Mesa
and Phoenix city officials and a local developer
to develop Opportunity Zones inside of the
downtown corridors. Incubator businesses,
operating businesses, multi-family housing,
mixed-use development going up; jobs being created;
economy being spurred; hope being restored. Dr. Carson, down in Miami
a couple weeks ago, and we were sitting across the
table in Liberty Square, and two young men
from that neighborhood looked at us and said, “We didn’t think this would
ever happen where we live. This is Liberty Square.
It’s a tough part of town.” But one of these young men
worked on the project with the company that built
the doors and the windows. And he says that
all of his, quote-unquote, “homeboys” are now asking, “When is this going to be done?
How can we get involved?” It’s bringing new life.
It’s restoring dignity and hope. And as we sat here
that first meeting, that was our prayer: that dignity
and hope would be restored. Long after we’re gone, this will
have a generational impact. And that’s the goal.
That’s the spirit. And so I say that to all of you.
Thank you for your work. Many of your agencies
are doing a tremendous job on this council. It’s a great,
humbling experience for me to be the shepherd
of this council. And it’s my prayer that
when history tells this story – what did we do
with the opportunity that the Lord gave us
in Opportunities Zones to bring a blessing
to those that come after us? And I believe that will be
the story when history tells it. So thank you, Mr. President.
God bless you. (Applause.) The President: So – so as most of the people
in the room know, Scott was a great football
player – not a good player; a great player.
(Laughter.) Well known for being
a great player. Scott, you may be
better at this. (Laughter.) I don’t know
if that’s an insult or not. You may be better
at this, okay? MR. TURNER:
Thank you, sir. The President: Thank you.
MR. TURNER: Yes, sir. The President:
Really a great job. Thank you very much.
I’m going to ask – Ben, would you like
to finish up? It’s a tough act
to follow, Ben, right? (Laughter.) SECRETARY CARSON: No, I just want to
reemphasize how important it is that everybody continue
to make sure that their sub-Secretaries
work with us. We’re getting an incredible
amount done. And one of the things
that really encourages me about this is,
you know, I go to places, and the governor
is a Republican, the mayor is Democrat,
the congressman is a Dem, and they’re all
working together. We can tamp down all this hatred
that exists in our country – The
President: Right. SECRETARY CARSON: –
because our country is extraordinarily strong. Nobody can bring us down
from the outside. We can only do it
from the inside. And Jesus said it: “A house
divided against itself cannot stand.”
These are the kind of efforts that I hope will be able
to bring people together. So thank you for this. The President:
Fantastic job. Beautiful words. We appreciate it.
Thank you, Ben. Really good job. I’d like to ask Jared Kushner to talk about the immigration
policy – the plans – what we have short-term
and long-term. Thank you very much. MR. KUSHNER: Thank you,
Mr. President. And this actually fits very well
with what we’ve spoken about. You were talking before
about all the great trade deals and all the jobs
that are coming to America. And then Dr. Carson
and Director Turner – what they’ve been talking about with the Opportunity Zone
Revitalization Council, really raising wages
and lifting people up. Now it’s time to go figuring out how to modernize
our immigration system. When the President asked me to
get involved in this last year, the President asked me
to work with him to take the ideas that he had
for a modern immigration system and figure out how to turn that
into a very detailed proposal. In May, the President
presented the principles, and we got a very, very warm
reception on the principles. And now we’re doing –
as we finish the legislation, it’s about 620 pages. The group has been
working very hard, again, at the President’s direction. In Washington,
I find a lot of people are very quick to say
what they’re against. But it’s very important for us
to articulate as an administration
what we’re for, but to do it in detail. We’re not afraid
to put out details because we think
that this proposal is a very, very good proposal that really
is great for America. The Trump administration,
despite what some people say, believes in safe,
legal immigration and is against illegal
and random migration. America is by far the greatest
country in the world, and the greatest honor
that somebody can have is to become
an American citizen. This is something that we value,
and this is something that everyone
in the country should value. America deserves to have
the best immigration system in the world. We’ve studied a lot of the other
countries – what they’ve done
and what they have. With the economy,
with where our history is at, we think we can have
an immigration system that really is
the envy of the world and also a border
security system that keeps all of
our citizens safe. This bill will create a modern,
merit-based immigration system that allows the best and the
brightest from throughout the world to compete
based on objective criteria to become American citizens.
This bill also – it creates the gold standard
for border security. It was not designed
by the politicians. We have a lot of
input from politicians, but we went and spent
a lot of time with the border
security professionals and they told us what they need
to fully secure the border. But the border is not just about
illegal immigration, it’s also about keeping drugs
out of the country, making sure that we’re scanning
all the different vehicles and packages
that come to the country, and also expediting
the commerce. As our economy continues to grow and we have more
and more packages that are exported and imported
through our borders – our infrastructure
is woefully out of date, and we want to make sure
that we’re able to facilitate this trade
in a very, very secure but expedited fashion.
Next slide. I spoke to all of you last time
about the objectives that the President has
for his immigration plan. We obviously want to make sure
that we fully secure our borders,
that we protect American wages. For the first time
in almost 20 years, because of the President’s
policies, Americans’ wages are rising
and they’re rising the fastest for the people
who are most vulnerable and in the lowest
wage categories. We have – for the first time,
we have more jobs available than people
who are searching for jobs. And we’re bringing more
and more people who aren’t in the workforce
into the workforce. We want an immigration system – the current system imports
a lot of low-wage labor. We want to ensure we’re bringing
in people who will grow GDP, create jobs, and do this in a way
where we’re not putting downward pressure on wages
at the lower levels. We want to attract the best
and brightest and we want to welcome people
to this country. We want to prioritize
the unification of immediate families from an immigration
point of view. We want to make sure
that we have labor in critical industries
that we have in our country. We have so much growth
in so many areas, but we need – we have a lot of labor
shortages in different industries. We want to make sure that
we’re bringing people in who are filling those gaps. And then we also have to
make sure that we reserve
our humanitarian values. Right now,
a lot of people take advantage of the largesse of America.
We’re the number-one contributor to resettling refugees
throughout the world. We’ve taken in a tremendous
amount of refugees, but we have a lot of people
who are abusing the system and using it as a way to get –
to cut the line and to go in front of a system that was designed to really
favor illegal immigration. Next slide. So, basically, the two pillars
of what we put together – and it’s
a very, very detailed proposal – is going to be the merit-based
system, which I’ll go into more later, and then also
the border security. And we have –
I think these are both systems that we both be very – that we could all be
very proud of. Next slide. So the infrastructure
at the border is very important. What this does is
it fully secures our border. It completes the wall. Right now
we have over 400 miles of wall that has either been built
or is going to be built. And that does a lot of the job.
This would finish the job. We want to make sure that
all the ports of entry are fully modernized. We want to target
that 100 percent of the people and goods in the vehicles that cross the border
are fully scanned. We have the technology
to do this, but just have not appropriated
the resources to do that. This will allow us
to really stop all the drugs and counterfeit goods that are going through
our ports of entry. And we want to make sure also
for business that the trade is much more – goes through quicker
and is facilitated properly. And we also want to make sure that there’s a self-sustaining
revenue fund so that we’re not in a position where we allow this critical
infrastructure to atrophy like we’ve allowed it
to happen over time. And then, finally,
we want to make sure that we fully enforce the law. We have to fix some of the laws,
which this bill does. It eliminates the magnates. But we want to make sure
that it’s fully enforced. And the Border
Patrol professionals – who really are amazing people, and I’ve had the real privilege
to work with – they do an incredible job
to keep us all safe, that they have all the resources
they need to be successful. Next slide. So this was the slide that has
the biggest impact on me and why this is such a critical thing
to securing America’s future. Whereas if you look
at the top of the slide, you’ll see that America’s system
is a very outdated system compared to some of the peer
countries that we compete with. We compete with these countries
on trade, and we’re also competing
with these countries for talent. Right now, just 12 percent of
people become legal immigrants. Last year we had 1.1 million
people become citizens. That’s a great thing. We are keeping
the number the same. And – but we want to change
the composition of what’s that made up of. Twelve percent of the people
who are coming in are filling economic needs
that we have. Compare that to some of our
peer countries like Canada; they’re at 53 percent.
New Zealand at 59 percent. Australia, 63 percent.
And Japan at 52 percent. Under President
Trump’s proposal, we’ll go to 57 percent, which puts right in the range
and it will make us competitive. And again, the way we came up
with this is we studied what other people
in the world were doing, and we took their best practices and we figured out
how to build a system that is able to really be the best of everything
in the world. Next slide. So to really sum up: What this
bill will do is it will lead
to a fully secure border and it will solve
the humanitarian crisis, and it will make we have
a secure border both now and then long into the future.
It will protect American wages. The things that we’ve done
in this country – whether it’s tax reform;
whether it’s deregulation; whether it’s energy
independence; all the work you’re doing
on workforce training and Opportunity Zones
and trying to lift people up – that’s been having
a tremendous effect, but we want to make sure
that the immigration system isn’t just
importing low-wage labor to then keep wages down. We want to make sure that
it’s growing America’s economy. And this will do that.
It enhances social diversity. It will bring in a wide range
of countries. People will come in,
and we’ve figured out how to make sure
that we follow the practice that Australia
does with diversity pooling to make sure that it gives us
a good cross-section of people coming in to maintain
what’s great about this country. And then it also leads
to growing the U.S. economy. It will create over $500 billion
in tax revenues over 10 years, which is tremendous. And this happens because
it will create a lot of jobs. It brings in a lot of people
who are – that are paying into
the social safety nets, not people who are coming in and then immediately taking
from the social safety nets, which right now have
to support Americans who are currently citizens. So this will be
a very tremendous thing, and it will make a lot of money
for the country. And then, finally, we’ll simplify
a very complicated system. And then this is one of the amazing things: If
you try to become an American citizen today
and you go on our website – we have some
very smart people in this room – you probably could
figure it out, but it would take you
a long time. If you go to a country
like Canada and you go on their website,
you could probably figure it out in about 10 minutes
what qualifications you need, what visa you would apply for,
and how it would happen. Our system, over time,
it’s like a coat of paint on top of a coat of paint,
on top of a coat of paint. What we want to do here is
really sand it down to the base and then have a new system that’s representative
of the times, it’s representative
of our values, and something we could
all be proud of. So thanks to the President’s
leadership, we’ve worked very, very hard
over the last seven months to put this together,
really at your direction. This is your plan. We’ve met now
with over 25 Senate offices. We’ve gotten extensive feedback
from them. They’ve made a lot of good
suggestions. We’ve tightened it up. And we’ll be ready
to release it very soon. We’re meeting today
with the leadership in the House and the Senate,
and hopefully what we can do is have
a unified Republican plan for what it is that we’re for. And I think that these plans
will keep Americans safer, will keep Americans
more prosperous, and continue to make sure that
the American Dream is available and America continues to be
the Promised Land for people throughout the world who want to earn their way
to become a citizen. So thank you
for your leadership. And you have information
in your binders, and we have a 22-page summary that we’ll be submitting
to all your offices. And again, immigration doesn’t
just touch Homeland Security
or Justice or State. It really touches
all of your agencies. And so if we can get this right,
it will really be something that will be great
for our country both in the short-term,
medium-term, and the long-term. So thank you very much. The President:
Fantastic job. Thank you, Jared. This is a commonsense plan. It’s a plan where we’ve studied
almost every country. Some good.
Some bad. Some tremendously successful.
Some not successful at all. And this is the best
of everything. And it gives incentive
to people. It also – we have a problem.
I’m called constantly by people; they want to have really
smart people working in their companies. We have companies where you need
very smart people, and we don’t have a provision
for smart people. You can graduate from a college, you can be number one
in your class in the best college
in the country and be thrown out of the country
the following day. And we want to be able
to keep people in that have
this kind of genius. Silicon Valley
is constantly complaining. They’re building places
in Canada. They’re building
places elsewhere because our immigration plans
don’t allow this. Well, we have to have this. Whether we like it or not,
we have to have this. And we’ll be able to get it. But I’ve met with many people
that have very good intentions, but have to have smart people and they have to have
smart people stay in our country and be able to stay here
for a period of time – not just for
a short period of time, where they can’t even
buy a house. They don’t know if their family
should move. So we’re doing a lot of things
to help people. I think as you saw it – as Jared really
put it very well – our country has tremendous
immigration gap. These are plan
after plan after plan, and each plan is very simple.
Overly simple. When you put them together,
they’re indistinguishable. You can’t –
it becomes a maze of complexity that nobody even knows
the answer to. You have people studying, where – you’re going to have a really
beautiful system of immigration. People are going to be able
to come into our country, be proud of our country,
and help our country. We want them to help us. You know, it’s a two-way street;
they have to help us also. And it’s met
with great popularity. Now, if it doesn’t get passed,
because we do have the Democrats – because they’re against
almost everything. We’d love to do it
in a bipartisan way. We’ll make changes.
We’ll do what we have to do. But if it doesn’t get passed,
it’s a campaign issue because we’ll pass it if
and when we win the Congress. We’ll win the House and we should
be able to keep the Senate, win the Senate,
and maybe pick up some seats. And hopefully we’re going
to keep the presidency. That, I feel very comfortable –
I feel very confident about. But I feel also very confident
we have a very good chance at winning back the House. And it may very well be
an election issue, because this plan
is a plan like no other. This is the best of everything
all over the world. And it’s a very fair plan. We have to say
that and stress it. Very, very fair plan.
Very compassionate plan. So it could very well
be something that gets done where everybody puts politics
aside and they get it voted on. Or if it isn’t – you know,
the election is 15 months away. Very close.
Who would have thought that? But it’s very close. And we will put this
as a major election issue. This is what people want. They want this kind of a plan.
They want the compassion but they also want a merit-based
plan where people come in
and can help our country. So I appreciate you seeing that. I think what I’d like to do,
if I could – ask our Secretary of State,
who is doing a terrific job – Mike Pompeo – to give you
a little update on Iran. I could possibly say a couple
of things about North Korea. When I took over –
when I became President, North Korea
was ready to go to war. We were, I think,
headed to a war. It would have been
very quickly, too. It would have been a very
bad war, a very rough war. But I believe we were headed
in that one direction. There was no communication.
There was no talk. There were
nuclear weapons being – and nuclear everything
being tested. Constantly, we’d be hearing
about earthquakes. It wasn’t earthquakes;
it was nuclear testing. And we were heading
in a bad direction. And you saw what happened
a few weeks ago when we were in South Korea,
and I said, the day before – there was no planning,
no nothing – the day before, I said, “Hey, we’re here.
Let’s say hello to Kim Jong Un.” And nobody actually knew
how to get in touch. Tough people to get
in touch with. But I have a very good
relationship with him. And I put it out on Twitter. “Hey, I’m in South Korea.
You want to meet?” And we had a great meeting.
It was pretty wild. Very good communication.
We’ll see what happens. But, in the meantime, as I say,
we got our hostages back. We got the remains back,
and they continue to come. We have the sanctions
on in full. We’re working with China. We’re working with Russia
on the border. And at some point –
I’m in absolutely no hurry – but at some point, I think
we can probably do something that would be very good for them and very good everybody
and for the world. So we’ve met
tremendous progress. People don’t like saying that.
The progress is great communication.
Before, we had no communication. There was zero –
zero communication. Nobody spoke to anybody.
They wouldn’t know who. I do believe they tried.
I do believe it never happened. I think we tried very hard
to speak to them, but they weren’t interested
in speaking. But now they’re interested
in speaking, and the relationship
is very good. I think we’ve made tremendous
progress on North Korea. And, again,
time is not of the essence, but I think good things
will ultimately happen. I’d like to ask Mike
to say a few words about Iran and what that situation is.
Please. Secretary Pompeo: Thank you,
Mr. President. If I may just to –
I’ll try and do it briefly, but I might just take a minute.
In the same way that – when this administration
came in, broadly in the Middle East, you had ISIS
with an enormous caliphate, Iran as the world’s largest
state sponsor of terror, with lots of wealth and the capacity
to grow their terror campaign. What we’ve done in these two
and a half years is we’ve built out a coalition
of Gulf States, the Israelis. Each of them has been focused
on taking these activities on. And we’ve taken down
the caliphate nearly in its entirety. And, second, with respect to
Iran, we’ve done three things. We’ve supported
the Iranian people. The Iranian leadership
is not doing what the Iranian people
want it to do. We’ve made clear that we support
the Iranian people. Second, we’ve continued to work
with this coalition that all understands that the largest threat
to Middle East security is, in fact,
the Islamic Republic of Iran. And, third, we’ve imposed
a series of sanctions on the Iranian regime. I remember, Mr. President,
when we began, a lot of folks said
that it wouldn’t work; if it was just America alone,
it wouldn’t have any impact. We – as of June,
we’d taken down 90 percent, maybe 95 percent,
of all the crude oil that was being exported
from Iran around the world is no longer shipping.
You can see it. The Iranian regime
is struggling to figure out what they’re going to do
with their economy because we have been
terribly effective. And the result is that –
is that, frankly, I think it was yesterday
or maybe the day before – for the first time,
the Iranians have said that they’re prepared
to negotiate about their missile program. So we will have
this opportunity, I hope. If we continue to execute
our strategy appropriately, we’ll have this opportunity
to negotiate a deal that will actually prevent Iran
from getting a nuclear weapon in the same way
that the previous agreement had no chance of actually doing. The President: Well,
thank you very much. You know, a lot of progress
has been made. And if they’d like to talk,
then we’ll see what happens. But a lot of progress
has been made. Remember one thing: An agreement
was made with Secretary Kerry, at the time,
and with President Obama. That agreement was a disaster. They spent $150 billion;
$1.8 billion was given in cash – cash like cash from your pocket.
$1.8 billion given in cash. And we had an agreement
that, number one, didn’t give us
good inspection rights. We were – the places
we most would want to inspect we weren’t allowed to inspect. We were allowed
to inspect places that didn’t mean anything.
Number one. And I think, very importantly,
and maybe most importantly, the agreement was short term.
You know, for a country, 10 years
and 15 years is short term. If you sign a lease,
you can a sign a 10-year lease. But for a country,
that’s a speck of time. And there’s only
a few years left now. Very short number of years left. And you’re not going to go up
and make a deal. This was a path for Iran
to have a nuclear weapon. They can’t have
a nuclear weapon. We want to help them.
We’ll be good to them. We’ll work with them. We’ll help them
in any way we can, but they can’t have
a nuclear weapon. We’re not looking, by the way,
for regime change, because some people say
we’re looking for regime change. We’re not looking
for regime change. I’ve watched President Obama
and many other Presidents try that.
It doesn’t work out too well. We’re not looking
for that at all. They can’t have
a nuclear weapon. They can’t be testing
ballistic missiles, which, right now,
under that agreement, if they had the agreement – which we are out of –
they’d be able to do. They can’t do that. And we want them
to get out of Yemen. I asked Secretary Kerry,
through people, “Why didn’t you get them out of
Yemen when you gave them
$150 billion?” He said it was too complicated.
Oh, great. So we want them
to get out of Yemen. Syria is a different
kind of a situation, but it’s all working out.
We did a great job. As Mike said, we did a great job
with the caliphate. We have 100 percent
of the caliphate, and we’re rapidly
pulling out of Syria. We’ll be out of there
pretty soon. And let them handle
their own problems. Syria can handle
their own problems – along with Iran,
along with Russia, along with Iraq,
along with Turkey. We’re 7,000 miles away. But we did a hell of a job
with the caliphate. Nobody thought
that was possible. When I came in, my own generals
told me it would take two years. And I said, “Really?”
But then I met another general. He said, “Sir,
we can do it in a month.” I said, “I like you. I like you. I like you much better
than some other people.” And he did an unbelievable job. They were incredible,
the job they did. And we got 100 percent
of the caliphate. We now have 2,000 prisoners –
ISIS prisoners. And we’re telling Europe, “Look,
they were going to Europe.” They weren’t coming here;
they were going to Europe. “You’ve got to take them.”
Europe doesn’t want to take them because, you know, why should
they? They – American patsies. We were patsies
for so many years, but they don’t want
to take them. You got to take them.
They were going to you. We helped you out.
We did a big thing. We can’t be responsible
for these people for 50 years or whatever it may be, or more. And so we’re negotiating
with Europe, and we’re negotiating with Iraq
and lots of other peoples. Somebody has got to do –
we have a lot of war; bad people, in many cases. Bad people,
possibly in all cases. But we have about 2,000 of them, and we’re negotiating
right now with Europe. We say, “We don’t want them.”
“Oh, you don’t want them? You would’ve had them
if we didn’t come along. You would’ve had them in a way
that you don’t want to have them.”
And everyone knows what I mean. So, we weren’t treated
very fairly by the world for the last 20,
25 years, whether it’s trade
or the military. We protect so many countries. Some countries
are unbelievably rich. They don’t pay us.
They never paid us. Now they’re starting to pay
and they’re paying. Importantly,
they’re paying a lot, and they’re appreciative of us. I actually think they like us
better now than they did before because they have
respect for us again. So, I want to thank Jared.
And I want to thank Ben. And I want to thank Scott, Mike,
everybody. You’ve been doing
a fantastic job. I think I’m going to finish just by asking Alex
to say a few word about – words about what we’re doing
with prescription drug prices because it’s really exciting.
I’d also like you to discuss – because most people have no idea
that we’re so close – what’s happening with respect
to the eradication of AIDS, which nobody would’ve thought
of two years ago. And now we’re really at a point
where we can eradicate AIDS from the United States
within 10 years. So, if you could discuss
those two subjects, I would appreciate it. Secretary Azar: Yeah. Thank you,
Mr. President. Absolutely. So, new data in for June
that shows that, again, prescription
drug prices are going down. The Department of Labor’s
inflation measure for prescription drug prices,
it continues to go down this time
for the first time in 50 years. The biggest decrease
in over 50 years. So we’re getting prices down
by increasing competition. Historic levels
of approving generic drugs. Historic levels of approving
new branded drugs that can compete
with other branded drugs. And the President has made it
really clear that we’re open for business
for an importation regime to let cheaper drugs
come into this country as long as it can
be done safely, and as long as it can be done in a way that brings savings
to the American people. And so we’re working
on that very aggressively. He’s also made it very clear
that America is tired of subsidizing the socialist healthcare systems
in the rest of the world. America’s seniors have been
overpaying for their drugs, propping up socialist systems
abroad, and that’s going to end. And he’s working on that
with us right now. In terms of HIV/AIDS epidemic,
you know, we have 40,000 new cases of HIV
every year in this country, and that’s plateaued
over the last decade. We have the tools. We have the tools now to keep
people from getting infected and to treat those
who are infected. We can identify people
who are at risk. We can put them on treatment
if they’re at risk. It’s called “PrEP.” The President secured
a historic deal to get 200,000 courses
of treatment per year for the next 11 years of
free drug for our program to be able to treat people
that keeps them from being able to get HIV, even if they have at-risk
behaviors. We have the treatments – the antiretroviral treatments
that can get people who have HIV to not have it
still in their body to be transmissible
to other people. So what is called the viral load
– viral suppression – we can keep them from being able
to spread it to other people. We just have to attack
the 48 counties, the District of Columbia, and San Juan where over
50 percent of new cases are happening.
We have to address stigma. We have to get people
in the system. We have to care for them.
We got to get Congress to appropriate
the money to support us in this. We’re making huge progress working
with the activist community, with the African
American community, the Latino, the Native community
here in the United States that are disproportionally
impacted by this. We have the chance to,
within 10 years, stop HIV from being an epidemic
in this country. I mean, it’s really –
it’s going to be one of President Trump’s
great legacies for history, is the eradication of HIV as an epidemic here
in the United States. And then, we just did something
last week the President announced
on kidney care. You know, we spend one out
of five dollars on kidney care and the complications
from kidney care. And last week just blew the
paradigm up to help patients. Everything puts people into this
– going to centers for dialysis. Everything puts you towards
that dialysis. And instead, we’re changing how
we’re paying for kidney care now in the United States to create incentives
where we’re going to keep people from progressing
in their kidney disease. We’re going to get them
transplanted faster, doubling the number of kidneys
available for transplantation. And we’re going to switch it so that people can get
their dialysis at home instead of at centers,
if they have to be on dialysis. I’ve got to tell you,
Mr. President, the reaction has been just
bipartisan across the board, nationwide,
and it’s been unbelievable. You see in the media,
people say, “You know, I’m not a big fan
of President Trump, but I’ve got to tell you what –
you know what he did? He just delivered for America’s
people who have cancer and who have kidney disease.” He just delivered for everybody
who has kidney disease, or a loved one
with kidney disease. This is the first transformation
in 50 years. Just like on HIV, tackling
a problem that other Presidents have not been willing to tackle.
So, thank you. The President: Well, that was
an amazing meeting we had last week
on kidney disease, which I didn’t know
too much about. I knew it was a very big
problem. Nobody knew the cost. When you say one in five,
that’s incredible. But I learned,
and I met so many people that had the problem.
And we spent a long time with you,
last week, at that conference, and then we made a speech.
And one of the things I learned is that people
with kidney disease, oftentimes,
they die of hard work. They literally die like – we all work hard.
We work hard. I don’t know,
we seem to be able to handle it. But their work is much harder. And it is so hard to go through
this dialysis program, that they die of exhaustion. It is an unbelievably
horrible situation. And we’re working
on transplants. And we’re actually working
on something – and there’s some pretty positive news:
artificial kidney, which would be
the ultimate answer. We think there’s going to be
some good news on that – Secretary Azar: Absolutely. The President: – long before
people thought. I would like you to mention,
because a certain, very large pharmaceutical
company – you know, you hear very bad things
about pharmaceutical companies, and I agree with that. Secretary Azar: Deservedly so. The President: And
– deservedly so. But I would like you to mention
the name of the company because they’re giving
hundreds of millions of dollars for the HIV/AIDS,
and you might mention the name. Secretary Azar: So we secured – we secured this deal
with Gilead. So Gilead is the company
that invent- – that has drug PrEP. PrEP is the medicine that
if a patient takes it regularly, as prescribed,
they reduce by 97 percent the chances
that they can contract HIV/AIDS. We have patent issues
between us and Gilead. Without sacrificing
any of the rights that we have, we were able to secure
a donation by Gilead of 200,000 courses of treatment
per year of PrEP, for use in our ending
the HIV/AIDS epidemic program – of PrEP or any successor product
developed – up until 2030. It’s really
a historic agreement. The President: The dollar value
of that? Secretary Azar: Billions
and billions and billions of dollars. The President: It’s billions of
dollars they’re contributing. Secretary Azar: Billions. Huge. The President: It’s something,
right? That’s really something.
I want to thank you very much. I also want to thank a man
who has been really an outstanding Secretary
of Labor, Alex Acosta. This is your last meeting
in the Cabinet Room. Secretary Acosta: It is. The President: And I just want
to say, “Job well done.” You really were –
you were absolutely terrific. Never once a problem. Always in advance
of everything else, whether it was on 401(k)s or all of the other things
we worked on. You really did an outstanding
job as Secretary of Labor. We – everyone in this room,
I think, we
can say we’re going to miss you. But we’ll see you.
But, congratulations. And a job well done. (applause) Secretary Acosta: So, first,
let me say thank you. The opportunity
to work with you, to work with everyone
in this room, has been truly special. As we look back, I think
one of the unwritten stories – we talk a lot about the economy. But we are a safer nation
in the workplace. I mentioned it before, but last year we had
fewer workplace fatalities. We had 45,000
fewer workplace injuries. We had the safest year
ever in mining. We returned more than
$300 million in back-wages
to American workers – the highest amount of back-wages
ever returned by the Department of Labor.
And I mention this because I think this is a story
that isn’t written, that needs to be written,
that that’s part of your legacy, that’s part of our legacy.
And you see similar work, whether it’s been
with Opportunity Zones, whether it’s at the
Small Business Administration, and how, after hurricanes
and other natural disasters, the bureaucracy has been
cut and reduced. All of us could point
to these unwritten stories. And they’re transformative,
and they’re impactful, and they need to be told. And so thank you
for the opportunity and thank you for the honor. The President: Thank you.
Great job. Thank you very much everybody.
I appreciate it. Thank you. The Press: Mr. President,
when you say that the Democratic
congresswomen should leave if they’re not happy,
where should they go? The President: It’s up to them. They can go wherever they want
or they can stay. But they should love
our country. They shouldn’t hate our country.
You look at what they’ve said. I – I have clips right here.
The most vile, horrible statements
about our country, about Israel, about others. It’s up to them.
They can do what they want. They can leave. They can stay.
But they should love our country and they should work
for the good of our country. All right, thank you
very much everybody. The Press: Mr. President,
what about Turkey and sanctions? Turkey and sanctions? The President: We’re talking
to Turkey. We’re speaking to Turkey. The Press: What are you saying
to them, sir? The President: I’ve had
a very good relationship. And, frankly,
it’s a very complex situation. The Obama administration
would not sell them the Patriot missiles. They need the Patriot missiles
for defense. They would not sell them,
under any circumstance. And Turkey tried very hard
to buy them, and they wouldn’t sell them, and this went on
for a long period of time. And it was as soon
as they found out that they were going to have
to buy the missiles – a comparable missile –
not as good a missile, but a comparable,
almost, missile from Russia, all of a sudden everybody
started rushing and saying to Turkey, “Okay, we’ll sell you
the Patriot missile.” It was only when they found out
they couldn’t get it, then, they say, “Let’s go, we’ll sell you
the Patriot missile.” But, by that time,
Turkey had already signed and paid a lot of money
to Russia for the missile system that they were not allowed
to buy here, foolishly – because Turkey is a NATO member. Turkey has also ordered
over a hundred F-35 planes – substantially over a hundred – and they have plans
to order more. But because they have
a system of missiles that’s made in Russia, they’re now prohibited from
buying over a hundred planes. I would say that Lockheed
isn’t exactly happy. That’s a lot of jobs. And, frankly, I’ve always
had a very good relationship. We have Pastor Brunson – came back,
at my request, when I called up. Pastor Brunson was going to be
in jail for 25 years. And I called President Erdogan, and I said,
“Listen, he’s an innocent man. He’s a pastor.
He’s a religious man. He’s not a spy.
He’s not the things they said.” And we had a couple
of conversations, and I was able to get him back. Along with many other people,
I was able to get back. The press doesn’t want
to write about it. Our ambassador for hostage
negotiations said, “Trump is
the greatest of all time.” I only tell you that
because you’ll never say it. But I guess we have 21 back.
I got 21 back. I don’t pay, either – unlike the $1.8 billion
that was paid by the Obama administration
to get hostages back. I don’t pay because, once you
pay, it doesn’t work out. So what happens
is we have a situation where Turkey
is very good with us. Very good. And we are now
telling Turkey that, because you have
really been forced to buy another missile system, we’re not going to sell you
the F-35 fighter jets. It’s a very tough situation
that they’re in. And it’s a very tough situation
that we’ve been placed in – the United States. With all of that being said,
we’re working through it. We’ll see what happens. But it’s not really fair.
They wanted to buy – I don’t stick up
for countries. I don’t stick up for Turkey.
I don’t stick up – other than I’ve had
a good relationship with President Erdogan. He wanted to buy our Patriot
missile. We wouldn’t sell it. And then, when he made a –
and he really wanted to buy it. And then, when he made a deal
with another country – Russia – to buy their system
that he didn’t even want, then, all of the sudden, we say, “Oh, okay.
We’ll now sell you the Patriot.” And because of the fact
he bought a Russian missile, we’re not allowed to sell him
billions of dollars’ worth of aircraft.
It’s not a fair situation. Do you have something
to add to that, Mike? Secretary Pompeo: No, sir.
I think you explained it well. The President: I think so. Good.
You said the right thing. (laughter) The Press: Google and China? Google and China?
You tweeted about it. The President: Well,
what we’re doing with China, first of all – you know,
Thiel is a friend of mine. He’s a tremendous contributor. He’s a big – he’s a big –
he spoke at our convention – at the Republican
National Convention. Peter is a brilliant young man – one of the most successful
people in Silicon Valley. I guess he was
an original investor in some of these biggest –
biggest companies, including Facebook,
I understand. Yeah, he made
a very strong charge. He’s one of the top – maybe the top expert
on all of those things. And he made a very big statement
about Google. And I would like to recommend
to the various agencies, including perhaps
our Attorney General, who is with us,
to maybe take a look. It’s a big statement,
when you say that, you know, Google is involved with China in not a very positive way
for our country. So I think we’ll
all look at that. I know that our other agencies
will be looking at it. And we’ll see if there’s
any truth to it. But that’s a very big statement, made by somebody
who’s highly respected. So we’ll certainly take
a look at that. The Press: And at least two
Central American countries have said they’re not
going to play ball with your new asylum plans.
What are you going to do? The President: We’ll see
what happens. We were sending hundreds
of millions of dollars to – are you talking about
Guatemala and Honduras? The Press: Mm-hmm. The President: We were sending
hundreds of millions of dollars to Guatemala and Honduras. We’re not going
to send it anymore. We haven’t been sending it
for the last year because they weren’t
doing anything for us. They were forming caravans
and they were sending them up. And in those caravans,
you had some very bad actors. You had some people
that were not people that we want in our country.
So I realized that, when they – in the middle of their city
or towns – when you form a caravan, if a government
is at all a government, they don’t have to allow
that caravan to come up. So if they’re not going to
play ball, that’s okay with me. We’re not going to play ball
with them. We don’t give them
any more money. They’ve been ripping us off
for years. I’m not a fan. So until they shape up –
now, all of the sudden, they came down, supposedly,
with a Supreme Court ruling that they’re not allowed to do
a Safe Third Agreement with us. Well, I sort of wonder –
did it come down because they wanted
that ruling to come down? But we were giving them
hundreds of millions of dollars, like fools, for years,
and all they did is send us up – a lot of people caused
a lot of problems, and a lot of the people in those
caravans were criminals – hardened criminals,
dangerous people. And why not? Why would Honduras
or Guatemala or El Salvador, why would they keep
their criminals when you can put them
into the caravan, lose them in a caravan, and send them up
to the United States. We take everybody
because the Democrats don’t allow immigration laws
that mean anything. It’s horrible. It’s horrible.
How they aren’t – how they aren’t taking care of
just that one situation, which could be taken care
of very easily – how they won’t even give us
a vote on that. We’ve had many interviews
of the people in those caravans. Some of them are
very bad players. You had interviews –
one of the folks that was, perhaps, in this room –
I think might be in this room – said, “What was your crime?”
And the man said, “Murder.” And the reporter looks at –
“Murder?” That’s a very famous clip. She said,
“Well, what was your crime?” You know, they were interviewing
to show how wonderful the people are
in the caravan. “And you, sir,
what was your crime?” “Murder.”
The young woman goes, “Whoa.” I was surprised
they didn’t cut it. It must have been live,
otherwise you would have cut it. It must have been a live shot. But a pretty famous shot.
But you have a lot of that. And so,
as far as those countries, we were supposed to have
a safe third. We didn’t. Now, Mexico
– because of tariffs, but that doesn’t matter because
they’ve really been doing a job. They’ve only had one week
in June, and June was down 28 percent.
One week. Two thousand soldiers,
they started with. Now they have 6,000 soldiers
on their southern border. You know, they used to have like
three soldiers; they had nobody. They wouldn’t do it. For 45 years, 50 years,
people have tried. In the State Department,
one of Mike’s people said – the woman that we respect, who’s been in charge of Mexico
for 20 years – she laughed when we said we were
going to ask for these things. She said,
“They’ve been trying to get” – she was there for 20 years. But they’ve been trying
to get it for 45 or 50 years, the things that I asked for.
And they all laughed. I got it done in one day.
Because I said, “If you don’t do it,
we’re going to put tariffs on.” And every car
that comes through, that used to be made
in the United States, now Mexico has 30 percent
of our car business. But that’s not going
to happen anymore. No more – no more companies
are going to leave because we have reasons
that they can’t leave anymore. There’s just no reason
for them to leave anymore. In fact, just the opposite:
They’re all coming back. But now we have
21,000 soldiers – 6,000 on the Guatemala border,
and – which is, you know –
obviously, that makes the safe third,
John, much less important. You understand.
It’s very hard to get from Guatemala
to the United States. And we’ll have about
16,000 or so – maybe more – on our southern border. And we’re using
the Mexican immigration laws, because that’s Mexico. And those laws say
you can actually tell a person, “I’m sorry.
You can’t come in. Get out.” Or they can take them back
to a point of origin. So we’re doing very well, but we have no help
whatsoever from the Democrats – just the opposite.
They want open borders. They obviously don’t mind crime
and drugs and human trafficking, which is a tremendous problem. And it’s human trafficking
mostly in women. And, you know, Democrats,
with their big, wonderful hearts – human trafficking with women – where three, four, five women
are put in the back of a van or the back of a car,
and they go through areas where there will soon be wall,
but there’s no wall right now. Because you can’t, obviously,
come through ports of entry. But we’re really doing well
on the border, considering we have absolutely
no help from the Democrats. And not only no help;
it’s just the opposite. Now, we won a big lawsuit against
Nancy Pelosi and Congress, having to do with the wall.
You saw that two weeks ago. But we also have one that we’re
appealing to the Supreme Court. I think it was just put into
the Supreme Court. And I hope we’re going
to be successful on that. But we’re building a lot of wall
right now. But it’s being met with force.
There’s no question about it. The Democrats
are fighting us on a wall so people can come through. But now, what’s happening
with Mexico – 21,000 soldiers – we’re hearing that even
the cartels are saying, “Wow.
This is hard to get through.” Because the cartels were
bringing tremendous numbers of people into our country,
through diversion and other tactics, and money. So we’re doing well
on the border, considering we have no help. I think we’re doing well,
even if we did have help. And I want to thank Mexico, because they really have gone
above and beyond – I think beyond, Mike,
what we thought. We didn’t ever expect
21,000 soldiers. We expected
a smaller number than that. And, at the same time,
they’re helping themselves a lot because they were having
a lot of crime. And the border was really – the borders were run
by the cartels. And Mexico is taking
back its country. And I give the President
a tremendous amount of credit for that because that’s been going on
for a long time. Thank you all very much.
Thank you. The Press: Update on
China trade? China trade? The President: We’re doing well
with China, but you will see whether
or not we have a – we’re talking to China
about a deal. We’ll see what happens. But we’re doing very well
economically because they’re paying us
billions and billions and billions of dollars. The Press: Mr. Trump, would you be willing
to not use the phrase, “Go back to your country”
to citizens and women of color who are either citizens or
have been born in this country? Would you be willing
to not use that specific phrase? The President: I think
it’s terrible when people speak so badly
about our country, when people speak so horribly.
I have a list of things here. I’m not going to bore you
with it because you would be bored.
You wouldn’t write it anyway. But I have a list of things here said by the congresswomen
that is so bad, so horrible, that I almost
don’t want to read it. It’s so bad. I think what you do is you have
the same list that I do. You should repeat some of that. When the Democrats
didn’t want to mention the name of the congresswoman,
not so long ago – and what they did and the way they’re
treating Israel is a disgrace. But not only Israel; it’s what
they say about our country. It’s my opinion
they hate our country. And that’s not good. It’s not acceptable.
Thank you very much everybody. The Press: Mr. President,
(inaudible) core values to be able
to criticize this country, isn’t that a core
American value? The President:
Thank you very much. Thank you.


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  29. Ombudsman

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    – Dr Lau 劉俊穎
    – Dr C C Luk
    – Mr Kelly Hong – Pamela Youde Accounts Dept

    警察投诉科 H3B队 陈家廉警长 34882

    I cannot accept reply from 張瑞傑 !!! You have totally ignored the fact that I was robbed of my purse by the Chaiwan police and was forced to register. The police did everything by force against my will !!!

    How can you tell me you have done your job ???!!!

    Are you threatening me that if I do not pay the so-called bill created by the vicious Chaiwan police, I will be sued ???!!! After MTR lying they are now getting punishment for their bad karma !!! They will become so notorious in the history of Hong Kong !!! All of you seem to drive towards that direction and you don't seem to care at all about your own future in the very long run !!!

    Are you all prepared to go down the historical record of Hong Kong to be triad gangsters making life extremely miserable and difficult for good people, is this your mere existence these days ???!!!

    Do you think you can get away with murder forever ???!!!

    I refuse to accept your so-called investigation results !!!!!!


  30. i am from Australia, i have to say that this president Donald Trump is the most smartest president i ever seen. i love the way he put China in it's place where they belong to and where they should be. GOD BLESS YOU . . . very very very smart man. BRAVO

  31. What a show by the childish F(uehrer)OTUS. You better pray that the imagined monkey on your shoulder sends some brain.

  32. This is why I support our President and will do all I can to help him give us another 4 years of building up our country. Democrats were angry when thousands of people who support the president volunteered their time to help clean up Baltimore, why can't we just stop the division and build something great, together? Thank you President Trump, you have strengthened my faith in the promise of America.

  33. Righteousness returns to the Land I love ❤️ 🇺🇸 Thank you 🙏🏻 God. Thank you 😊 President Trump.

  34. Okay….i get it…you don't like Trump even though you probably never had a thought yourself in your life but why are you here ?
    Does your life really suck so much that you troll everything for minimum wage ? 😂😂😂
    You do know there's other channels, RIGHT?

  35. Yes i luv mental telepathy 🎖🦅 his mental telepathy get my hew chintya candranaya. To talk aboert this oh yes its treason not talk ing to our god is treason i am not your goed

  36. Barukh HaShem!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeshua Ha Moshiach for leaders that care about its peoples health, liberty, and welfare. God be with our soldiers, and blessings to our veterans:)

  37. It's CNBC's kudlow that does not understand macro economics Mr. President. What kudlow understands is how to harvest every bit of purchasing power out of a worker that he can. It's what CNBC's kudlow is good at and that is what they are doing via deficit spending of the Citizen's purchasing power while bullshitting us into believing it's growth. ; )

  38. Dear Mr. President,
    As President of the United States of America you are representing the people of the United States. I am not an American Citizen but I am German and living in Germany but nevertheless I am writing this letter to you because it is an urgent matter. More and more people in Germany are very much concerned about things going on in Germany. We are concerned about our safety and our freedom. As you surely have been noticing life in Germany is getting more and more dangerous for German citizens. Violent actions even in public at places where you thought you are safe but you are not. Most people functioning in a daily life and having jobs are not able to avoid such places and public space in the country. At the same time freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of information and freedom to dress and behave the way you want is under great pressure. This letter is a cry for help. There are more and more Germans who do not know what to do to save their future and the future of their children. German government is not responding to the voices from German citizens.

    We would be very thankful if you, representing a great nation in the world, standing for freedom, could intervene and help German citizens.
    With kind regards


  39. Look trump and all his obedient cockroaches counting all there dam money !! Once again listening to trumps bullshit about how fuking great he's is !! While these groveling cockroaches are thinking about how much more they get from trumps stupidity while they are padding on trumps candy ass and telling how great he really is how pathetic have we the people become when these idiots run a mock with everything we hold dearly !!


  41. I just became aware of this channel. This is so very, very wonderful. A full cabinet meeting INCLUDING THE OPENING PRAYER is so refreshing to see happening. God’s richest blessings to the President, his family, and his team of leaders. I have subscribed to this channel and will view it regularly.

  42. The evil CCP plunged Hong Kong to suppress Hong Kong people in an attempt to invade the US territory of the South China Sea and Taiwan. It is an evil war of aggression. The evil demon ambition of the CCP wants to steal US territory and powerful power.

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