1. is this how america works? fuck up so bad the guy behind you can't do there jobs. now the senate has to start from scratch? wow

  2. The Goldman Sachs people behind Trump who crashed the world economy in 2008 are now writing USA's Tax Policy and Budget.

  3. This pil, I mean bil,  improves only the pockets of the white and priviledge, is being pushed down the throats of the rest of us and leaves us either ill or death… The words Trump and care do not compare. 😉

  4. "We're the "Pro-Life" party,   we don't give a fuck if you die from a lack of proper health care or not".     Praise The  Lord,   Pass The Money!

  5. Lmaooo at all the butt hurt liberals crying about the Obamacare replacement bill. Funny thing is democrats like Bill Clinton and Minnesota governor Mark Dayton ridiculed Obamacare

  6. sleep well GOP. Karma is a bitch! 217 (mostly white men and some traitor women) have thrown Americans under the bus AGAIN. It doesn't matter how this bill eventually shakes out, these monsters sought to screw people because they have no use for them.

  7. He can call it a plan or a strategy or a final solution but anyone who can read knows that this is simply lighting the real plan on fire and letting the people that are using it just give up and die rather than sinking whatever they have saved over their lives just to exist for a little longer. We might have different philosophies on how much the government can do for its citizens but don't sell us lies and say you did it for anyone's interests but your own prestige and wealth. Have your minute of fame now because you will forever replace Benedict Arnold as the name of betrayal to the American people.

  8. I think Republicans are trying to get us to limit the powers of federal government by screwing it up so bad we'd prefer no to have it.

  9. Wow.  The liberals/democrats/socialists are whining, crying, and bitching about the AHCA being passed.  Time to wean yourselves from the tit, twits!!  Go get a job and earn your damn money!!

  10. World's messed up. We can all be humanitarians until there's no food left on the table. Or be cold hearted and let the masses die. Frankly a good thing for the planet. It's like that expression, you can't have your cake and eat it too.

  11. Can someone explain to me what exactly is going on with this healthcare act? & why Obamacare gets all this hate ?

  12. HUGE thumbs up, way to go Trump! The only people who enjoy Obamacare are the small fraction of people who don't work or earn an honest living. Hard working people were getting the shaft!

  13. Your premiums down, denials up, and out of pocket costs… WAY up. Another bill written by health plans. Where do I get a copy of this version?

  14. Fuck you crybaby libtards!!!!!!!! America is finally back on track, time for you parasites to get off the tit!

  15. Did they get rid of the penalties for people that do not have insurance? I watched the entire thing on C-SPAN, and it looks like things are coming together.

  16. So when premiums go up as they inevitably will because they always do the Dems will blame the Republicans now because they claimed the smallest increase in recorded history was a disaster caused by Obamacare

  17. Start spending quality time with your loved ones right now, especially those between 50 and 65 years old.  When they become ill and bankrupt themselves they are going to die. Painfully sad. This did not have to happen.

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