President’s Engagement Prize Winner 2018: RePurpose

Repurpose is a social enterprise dedicated to creating an ethical and efficient supply chain of waste recycling in urban India or doing that through implementing a digital waste? Marketplace to divert waste from overflowing landfills towards recycling the first time I told my granddad this is what I was going to do He didn’t understand it and he said oh you’re going to be sweeping the roads Is that what you’re doing, but I think they’re quite excited to see what will happen I have always been interested in social entrepreneurship as a way to solve the world’s largest problems To understand what we’re doing. It’s important to understand what’s happening right now There are these people called kabadi wallahs and the kabadi fellows are essentially small street side scrap collectors They go door-to-door friend go do you have some paper? do you have some plastic and they bring it back to their small stores and they decompose it and Sell it onward to the recyclers the combative allah’s role is so significant that finding a way to streamline their effectiveness in a way that does not at all diminish or Compromise their own work is a remarkable intervention Sonica and peter are spearheading a social venture that offers improvements to the recycling supply chain and mumbai Their goal is to improve the life of those unsung heroes and their families Who are so essential to the work? No one Kabaddi Bella can single-handedly service and its higher ball generator So we find the fauces Kabaddi Bella’s who have the right kind of capacity To take in the waste and we send them update saying okay today you’re going to go pick up 10 kgs of waste from building a And then 15 kgs of waste from building B and bring it back to your store Our back-end optimization engine will pool waste across kabadi walls to deliver in bulk on a regular and reliable Basis increasing the daily margins by more than 35% That’s 5,400 tons of waste diverted away from landfill, but it’s also $400,000 in additional income that we’re creating for the kabadi wallahs at the end of year one sometimes in business We talk about the triple bottom line Which is about achieving profits achieving a social purpose and improving environmental sustainability And this is a good example of an initiative that has the potential for real triple bottom line impact The presidency agent price is a life-changing Opportunity with the funding were actually able to hire 14 we’re actually able to deliver that impact that we promised We realize so we’re not just impacting one person We’re impacting an entire family and that kind of spreads into the community. And so it’s really a waterfall Change that we’ll be looking at

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