Prime Healthcare – We’ll Be By Your Side

[Music] traveling down the slowly [Applause] prime healthcare believes that saving lives starts with saving hospitals this dedication to transforming hospitals into award-winning medical centers means access to quality care and emergency services will remain in our local communities for generations to come right Oh this world prime healthcare is a leading hospital system with community hospitals throughout America from the coast of California reaching across the heartland to New England as a physician found that in physician led organization we focus on delivering the highest standards of care investing in hospitals and technology helping the most vulnerable making lives better and hometown is stronger this focus on quality earns hundreds of national awards each year including prestigious patient safety and excellence recognitions because of our commitment to Clinical Excellence people across the nation have a hospital in their community they can trust a place of comfort and healing close to home our dedicated team serving the urgent medical needs of seniors and Families one patient at a time we are here to help our neighbors get back to the activities they enjoy and the people they love we are here to make patients lives better and communities stronger we are prime health care [Music] [Music]

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