Prince William: Men talk about football but are silent about mental health | ITV News

at the home of football the Duke of Cambridge came to unify his love of the game with his passionate support for mental health issues by launching the heads up campaign the aim to harness the power and popularity of the sport to get men talking about their mental health when it comes to our mental health we by we I mean men in particular often have nothing to say at all when we see a friend that looks down too many of us don't know how to ask if he's okay when we ourselves feel down we were often ashamed to say we need help and when we know we need help we don't even know where to start life often imitates football england's manager Gareth Southgate among the high-profile supporters featuring in the accompanying campaign video football proved a lifeline for James castling a player for Queens Park Rangers mental health team his 15th birthday should have been a day of celebration instead it was the day his father took his own life Oh what did I do wrong why couldn't I say James struggled to cope attempting suicide several times he was sectioned and admitted to hospital one morning he was asked if he wanted to play football he said it changed his life what do you think football gave you I'm not blind to the fact that if I didn't have to flip I wouldn't be here today because it just gave me something to live for something to strive to be good at from grassroots footballers to the elite players Prince William hopes they will all play a part to change the game on men's mental health says all caria ITV News you

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