Pritzker School of Medicine 2018 Stick to the Status Quo

I know this is the start of something new but I just really hope that Pritzker is what I’ve been looking for Oh, and I totally forgot to tell you You know how we were talking about all the stereotypes for all the specialties Well I’ll tell you this I definitely know what everyone in my class is going into You can bet there’s nothing but sweat When I’m in the gym and getting swole They think that I’m pumping for the Ortho 500 There’s a secret I can’t control Everybody gather round Everyone thinks I’m going into Ortho But I really want to be a Neonatologist I love little babies I love holding them, kissing them, even changing them Not another sound Sometimes I even watch them when they sleep They’re so precious No, no, no, no No no no You are an Ortho Bro If you want to match Go work on your traps Don’t mess with the flow, no, no Stick to the status quo Look at me and what do you see A future in psychiatry I’m so deep and thoughtful but I feel something awful Stirring inside of me Open up dig way down deep I want to be a general surgeon I want to cut and slice and burn and saw Is that even legal Not another peep It’s just surgery Sometimes I think its even cooler than thinking No, no, no no No, no, no Psych is the way to go There’s way more to find by dissecting the mind Don’t mess with the flow, no, no Stick to the status quo Usually I prefer to be all alone here in the dark But I’ve got an attraction to a place with more action The difference is pretty stark What could make you want to leave I want to go into Emergency Medicine and see all different kinds of patients Awesome! What’s a patient? A type of contrast dye? No, they’re people who need our help Not another peep Do you have to wear a costume? Yeah they’re called scrubs No, no, no no No, no, no Touching people is gross Stay out of the sun, these films are more fun And at 5 you can go home Stick to the status quo No, no, no Stick to the stuff you know Med schools full of pain So stay in your lane Don’t mess with the flow, no, no Stick to the status quo This is not what I want This can’t happen again I’ll be posting about this on SDN Something is really Something’s not right Really wrong And we gotta get things back where they belong We can do it Trauma Bay Stick with what you know We can do it tPA She has got to go We can do it Piaget! Keep your voice down low Not another peep, no, not another word no, not another sound, no Everybody quiet Dr. Woodruff…why are they all staring at you? Well Gena…I don’t think they’re staring at me. They’re staring at you! Why? Because I’m the leader of the family medicine interest group And I’m doing research in the ENT department? I can’t have people staring at me, I really can’t No, Gena, listen Pritzker is a place where we encourage our students to explore their passions Even if they’re very diverse passions For example, I am a practicing general medicine doctor a Dean of Students, and I take care of an orchard in southwest Michigan This is a place where you can challenge the status quo Not just stick to it Thanks, Dr. Woodruff, I really needed that Go Wildcats! The interview day pizza You’re interviewing for the next class already? Yes. Oh, I am so sorry Welcome to Pritzker everybody!

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