Priyanka Gupta, M.D. | Urologist, Michigan Medicine

– I decided to become a urologist pretty early on in my school. I was kind of interested
in surgical specialties and really liked working with my hands, and fixing things, and then got some early exposure to urology. And I think what I really liked about it, was there was the ability to
do surgery and fix people, but also have long term
relationships with patients, and that was something that
was really attractive to me. I think we connect with
patients just by having a very down to earth
conversation with them. I try to give them time to
really tell me their story about their symptoms,
and I think just even in that initial interaction
of hearing their story, is a way that we start
to develop a connection. And then i think, I really
take time to draw pictures and explain things to my
patients using visual aids, and I think that really helps too, because I try to explain things in ways that make sense to them without using a lot of medical jargon. And I think that’s something
that’s really helped me connect with patients. For me a great day is when
a patient tells me that they are so happy that I’ve helped them. It’s not uncommon that I
get a hug from a patient. Because something has
really improved, or changed in their quality of life. A lot of the care I provide
is quality of life surgery and quality of life treatments, and so for me when a patient says, “Gosh, you know, you’ve
really changed my life,” or “you really improved my
life,” that’s a good day. And feeling like I was able to provide something of value to a patient, and sometimes it’s just even
having listened to them, and that itself can make
me feel really good.

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