Prof Gavin Walker, SSPC, the SFI Research Centre for Pharmaceuticals

Ireland is a global hub for pharmaceutical manufacturing an SSPC is uniquely placed to address the needs of
the pharma industry in Ireland Our new funding in phase two of the centre will fund six to eight funded investigators, over 100 PhD students and
over forty postdoctoral researchers This will have real economic impact for Ireland particularly within the pharmaceutical sector It will attract more foreign
direct investment, it will supply a talent base that are indigenous
pharmaceutical companies can grow and expand, and will maintain the multinational base for pharmaceutical companies here in Ireland Ireland produces over 50% of
the worlds non generic medicines, that’s a phenomenal statistic for a country of this
size, it also produces over 50 billion euro in profit for the pharmaceutical
companies which is exported globally which is over half the exports for
Ireland as a whole That’s fantastic sector and we’re really pleased with the funding for phase two from science foundation Ireland

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