Prof. Vinay Kumar – Keynote Lecture on Technology and Innovation in Medical Education

is not a better scenario physician education and training needs to take place with innovation and technology breakthroughs the face of initial Martha is one of the few people who set out to change the dynamics of medical education but institutional level of quality efficiency that remains untitled so now please welcome abyss of it a commodity the foreground applause by a person from Sabina comma enormous sum of his contribution in few lines but has a tradition photos I shall be department Proserpina client is a colossal figure in some fields of pathology he is known as Medical School he is known to medical students worldwide as chief editor of the prestigious textbook health which I've already said prosecuted modest doesn't even notice infrastructure of misadventures when Department of Pathology political science division and the School of Medicine University of Chicago University he has he has also had stepped up other eminent Academy position oh yes th medical Korean processor Kumar has to its fate more than hundred and fifty original particles and the scientific journals a dozen books chapters and our ticket I met Richard Currier has been equally outstanding he was named best medical graduate and was awarded the Pfizer awarded gold medal for highest achievement as a medical student mg pathology degree from All India Institute of Medical Sciences and also complete completed his PhD in experimental pathology from the same institution where he was awarded as argon cut-price for outstanding research in technology Kumar is a passionate teacher and an equally passionate researcher being an authority on natural killer cells he objected throughout the Redmond European society of authority to keynote on a very much everybody but I'm getting old and whenever is not not not as good so thank you all one and everybody senior people to get people for giving me the soldering things from late as I said at the morning you can take me outside of India but you can't make it the outside me so I keep on coming and I am positive institution I'm already sort of extremely excited and impressed by the by not just with the first reception but also talking to people you know that deep interest in improving medical education and you can almost be a place of scholarship reading scholarly institutions having produced many many humanity but I will I will not recite all of those because you know them all and just once again so it gave me this feeling and believe that if you really want to something because it happened so without my representation so and competent this is a new challenge this is a new challenge it will ask ourselves how are you going to do this good fish is foot intend and even money is not hot if we don't think of how this actually develop this require this who is sublingual to have hundred thousands of professor's provisions we will differ from you all know what's happening right now okay so so I think technology will be very important but we have also changed when we think about education and and spend the first part of so here the challenge that is right very easy so what's the point is mine to make people memorize memorize memorize what we don't disturb is how we get new information after 10 years 15 years the graduates of brain facts what they expect you're 40 years with any competent doctors in 10 years or 15 years from now if they learn how to learn for life long and in this change paradigm the students approach meaning from gets to help gather information in a particular guided wave from the resources available 24/7 balloon pump it up to date and the student has to be thoughtful of life and collective knowledge is a very different and the paradigm change instead of being the owner of effects they have to be specific problem so not repetition of what's in the book in fact thank you suppose you just ask that honestly tell me what did you find in this lecture they will tell you so we teach them 50 calls of chespin but we don't teach them many patients how it just want to myself – if you think I had pudding incompetent validation that is why everybody's rushing toward PG because we have failed to produce a competent immediate after and from second professional they are Makita for the PG transcribe and they lose out on the years that follow so other than bringing us booze you to ask ourselves today in India people feel they are asking me there are companies now the public is left so technology should be motivated for technology should make people equal right now some people are unequal because they work for access and I think I think as medical educators it is our model it's a responsibility that we don't hit only the release will reverse its and moving for propelling apologies and technologies the multiplier effect which means that you know you could have a program created by a group of you know and then you can disseminate 200,000 people without the place that's effective technology so there's a lot of technology developed for this thing and that one we can personally be very attracted to it was involved for two years ago and and this is qualified human program it's a high even program simulates a complete one to patient endowment I'm sure it enables integration of basic science activity exercises encounter so so this can be used for these people into the medical colleges it's the not a substitute for website meet people open up this personal that these people will not work with what no – to flight length not a big possibility that we don't we let students without any any prior simulation practice both on the walls how did it be how did it feel if parents apply only to other people and doctors let me not forget how deep and this in this program dynamic is the school competency in various off it'll show me know okay so the students and it appears the student can take I'll show you it would it take a to speak to specifics and order tests the official diagnosis make it your plan and follow up etc so let's take this is variously any the mouth this screencast provides an overview of some of the major features of the I human case player the I Cuban case where violently to complete our patient encounter we're taking a history assessing metal slides or performing physical examinations ordering and reviewing tests and developing information acquired through the patient decided physically from the business of initial diagnostic reasoning conclusions will be faulty unless you start with a pure data so the prerequisite for obtaining melody is well-developed and interviewing and physical examination articles your patient interview begins with your first impression even before you ask the first question how does your patient look move itself one is the thin young man with an intermittent dry cough ask why are you seeking medical help today if he says something that strikes you is relevant to his diagnosis and it as problem cute questions and italics with a blank require that I select a qualifier from the drop-down menu since once said that he is concerned about his cough and being tired and short of breath select difficulty breathing from the menu then asking to tell you more about that second questions are organized in this video tree according to the taxonomy used in most physical in history taking textbooks could turn off the side of your patients breathing so that you're not too distracted through the rest of the interview you can also search for questions let's find questions about your patients cough document your findings to the patient record so they never were quite out that is taking the dart and she killed the visual aids it's like how the president asked medical history family at social history renew assistance oils physical exam findings differential diagnosis and treatment plan additionally it will include records from any prior visits notice this icon at the bottom of the screen you must click on it if it is highlighted it will take you to active learning exercises or simulations relevant to this case the history of emigration cards when you ask all the required and different questions know the irrelevant or inappropriate questions and whether you let the patient complete the story student performances are going to ended at each step in the patient assessment process the case and the software is track of what questions are in what sequence when the first of the class was it module or till love you okay if the patient says no I am far in the next question that zoonosis do your method okay there is another question it can answer but the Sophos beeping craps office keeping track whether the students proceed their logical decision free system or just you know random and and you might after this dependency use because there are houses all the questions and to be choosen so let's put the next it's restorations assembled if your patients breathing click on the speedometer to take their patients progress keeping what pressure move your cursor to your pants mattress to check his pulse no did your cursor turns into a blunt end jump for a bid his pulse is regularly visited there are 12 different customers Harvard with other students that also did not just from the risk that part of the image can be almost like all by taking pulses and different places this position at the time the purpose of God rounds and and and then each who drew the physical exam in this technique of operate hazardous touch with the pulse rate into the irregularity of everything that the food is fairly significant comes down the next time it becomes apparent astonishing physical exam select examine pupils in the heat anything any local data you can totally penetrated into each eye both lines from reactive intersection because every situation that one side to people is not an implement so let me perform move your finger the h-pattern will observe a kiss I love this design strike normally so many simpler the vehicle under passive select auscultate lungs in the chest category select the leftmost icon below the signal and under dial highlight anatomical auscultation landmarks move your stethoscope to the desired locations at colliculus sending worthless book at all those boxes your gospel difficulty in testing for boy your patient is fine crackles in the basis of both mods notices a problem document the selected findings in the physical exam section of the patient record okay so I hope you do sort of explanation this so indeed time as the student is taking history are going to the economy there is there is at the bottom a button for key reality that evaluate button is available only the training mode okay so-called in your home country did they go soul at each step in the training mode weather night one ultimate and ready student listed under my phone yes immediate feedback say three bullet items these questions are to ask directly regulate item so it's based on a thousands in the back now who has made that he tells us that is engaged by consortium of root of fifteen to thirty thirty interests are people who are experts in their federal business so this is not one person's opz just an opinion officer for proven as if if you all offense at a party back together and say there are the right questions is the right sequence that for myself enemy so if the patient has a target problem or something from an icon on the patient's the image then click on this and you get the basics exercise underlying the virtual patient is they could not simply discrete and integrated in human organ system physiology pathophysiology in treatment interventions exercises became a high-pitch would take the hypothesis body products these are just a few in this exercise the support is going to be hot what will happen can effect not you know refreshing Jesus who various parameters total resistance renal blood flow and remember hypothetical there is associated with then he stops likes better than my dad the caliber of you protected your anniversary against all the reasons and then alterations visit our traditions and then we develop it and you have developed unfortunately not everybody shopping services are also provided in key donors you watch my house we can you fit into it okay so this is okay then the software is so blue is the circle of questions that the expert already thought should I get past in this case not just a number but of the sequence okay now smooth sees it these are overlapping so that means I asked for preparation now spoon-fed slip on this part and see which questions he or she asked with expert do not think was required and click on this part and see what the expert pasta be hot and it did not ask so one practical importance of this is if the furthermore the student can actually see how long how long it took for him ever to 360 and then student can see compared with the rest of the entire class for my songs now this is very important for the teacher they can see mother glasses do so you don't have to be in a small you know regular polish to see this Riku Pacifica and seeing homes be perving there and one of your faculty go there there is a great this thing completely position to freely doctoral training in medical school but you get one person physically physical exam with an expert with same thing diagnosis treatment time everything is being charted oh okay and the other advantage is obvious now if the lecturer sees this is pattern this attacking in the class where very smooth are missing in a set of questions in the tension is no longer ABCDE lecture now is this class it's team fight when you were taking history of this patient who had denied essential hypertension all of you seemed not to have asked any question about predisposing conditions on young faces the age and so on so for the secretary of crime application so let me get us discuss that very drawn in the specifics of your knee know the smoothness my write them down to the new language provided bohemian minded way of interaction with a simulated patient so lectures no longer part as I said you know recitation of the textbook lets us become problem solving exercises like this exercise in a class you divide them into three groups and you may you say ha Road number 7 you know whatever explain this thing it can't become so similar in bed for students if you if you decide if you decide that different PDF download should have should be familiar with these hundred rupee yes you can get it to be done whether they will go they see the case depends upon which their water protection drill and if that at that time there is no miss no gays love your pics noses they have not seen it but you can take all the must know things and the system so this way is not a challenge so it's not database for this so so in the yes I guess not to replace going to the watch the idea is to prepare them much much much better so that when they are the wards they are doing more advanced level thinking so you also you know they take this I think that you know vision and we say is the degrees active self and interactive learning experience here is why you do this I'm not seeing this the only reason I'm not saying it all have come from America has a magic that you know that can be done in and talking with principals and availability of Technology I never believed that 15 people sitting in America can make the people from within the country and they could be a collaboration it can build capacity for dress physician shortage I just face it you're here I eluded you the same thing the same word showcase with program variations can be used for medical students nurses and other health care premiums you can really lose interest you just change by the way this the authoring tool paid for this is so simple anybody had to make it is what it is put something else on it the eight hours of times no programming system of conflict and I even focuses on comprehension competencies and not with the time it takes for accomplishment the same principle that everyone has surprised at the same time the sounds evolution but actually people I think what seriously I better wear the costume of this with a try so if you can say it you know this patient this this student is comfortable now you see it started to go through all these things and then you take an exam five or something of they obviously the new patients also for the students everything somebody does it is in here some it does it for you so it does is finding this ideas in the Revolutionary but I'm telling you this coming is already coming in college education events because of massive online open courses around Oh is you even have a certification the solution why should about the University and paper at the HP Nutella you tell me which forces and certificate you want I do it and if I do any of its time if I'm a hardware polish already the commerce college student this is Stanford course Stanford is I accomplished that for statistics course I do not comfortable essentially so they're not be right down so in 2012 I started sort of working with the way happens was the software company made the platform in the chaos the user Chicago instance we won't find it we can tell you what can be done okay now you have to make the cases because you are the features they are not something to make it very very fun we have given thought of doing all the time so when they came here the pressure was money where's the money so Association firstly they said okay we give you $200,000 make some pilot is so we got 50 people from we said and then you know my of course passion was that this is this is this is a technology you should be available in India if anybody needs it he can reach the far more than the maintenance where the resources are more trained workforce is more if concentration ratio is already fairly good so so I won't tell you it took three years I met a knock to the door of every ministry then they will interest they want to stealth problem they want distribute the product free so anyway after we don't going through if you stop talking chateaus this is no chance that normal ever movements so you know a doctor for 30 40 50 don't and then it go and if you let traffic foundation I'll say this is wonderful will give you ten a half million dollars to 850 kisses for what you put consider personal knowledge okay and and then also gave money for in advance platform which is lacking that I showed you is like five you mo posted for more natural voice recognition is being you know it was you ask the question and was recognition adaptable to tablets and smartphones and many Pentecostal algorithms so this is a meet a twenty four forty us-based and forty he kept this very mysterious people know we had first face-to-face meeting in October 2014 in which we spent three days you know to each other so the way it works is this the outline the skeleton of the case is made by a US educator and then it comes with I goes to the partner of the person they modify is a case like this young person like this you know this would be the type of things are possibly different here so we won't ask it this way if you ask it this way as one make that you know we don't remove not part of the first has to be this so all that feedback is gone and you'll be incorporated and and and the program will be completed in March of 2016 the foundation has supported this thing because the punishment against the ninja and so somebody face one okay his fighters not me no intellectual property said he was not taken for using in here because if you have a sedative but the same pieces will also be under the US with quantification then you know people will have to pay University will get some of the the software company independent of in the u.s. so July available but it'll be all be done to the foundation the people that we have from from Calcutta from evolve it spans all the geographic and I can tell you I was so surprised these working people reach the whole done at one once noticed that you come to Mumbai go 15 and 16 can meet everybody hundred percent message on the capacity they wanna give this first assignment they were tuned catalysed over 1500 1500 that we have very the rigid schedule everybody still know it next milestone is this name and this is what has to be done by the time everybody is really dangerous yes it is so hot we see because people actually see they can see what we are doing is for to make a difference and because of the you know no regard for still there we are also the space in the space technology has benefited the masses where the satellites of the space technology is finding application versus the farmer can actually see a change in travel beyond the barber can see a moneymaker any government workers weather satellites Indian response to aunty commercial satellites for other countries so the water was this we don't have to wait for the car to go of it before we think of moving forward it's not a question of Hyderabad is a personal end we tend to provide infinity water we also have provided quite a high tech high quality medical education these are not mutually exclusive they are both required and the most fully formers and medical educators did not go and provide clean water but we can we can do this this is out this is our share this is our cop for the and you know you can read it yourself I'm super shockers let it go so I am so survey telescope variety and over us what your personal Mohammedan about me Apple Vallarta for admission Apollo metal oxidation couch the above eventually come to JavaScript the shuttle to Nicholas so but then you know and you get myself so lenient torchbearer for all of us and your presence amongst us can motivate our medical students and the medical faculty to strive hard and fight the foes of the path of excellence let us see and show that your friend Kristian is changed by all of us part of any long time each word of person was like what they did in this piece I hope and page that you shall find more time in the near future what was the interaction with this here and memorable experience related to another quest for personal physician I need office present a memento appreciation proposal reading about in dollars we should not investor to relativity posters which are displayed in the dissection wollen acne at 1 million for evaluation you it was

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