Profile of Pharmaceutical Stainless Steel

Pharma Stainless provides solutions for the pharmaceutical, medical device, and life science industries. Our clients would be the top tier medical device companies in the world – pharmaceutical companies in the world. The most important thing for our clients is quality. Normally a client would give us a concept design of
what’s required for a bespoke piece of equipment. We would, in turn, design up these parts,
send the client back a 3D drawing. We would then put it into manufacture. Once the drawing is approved it’s released down onto the floor. We have our own in-house laser which allows us to ensure there is no cross-contamination of the product once it goes into manufacture. I suppose what sets us apart from other fabrication companies is the fact that we use this multi-directional surface finish. It’s unique in the industry. It’s of interest to the pharmaceutical companies because of the fact there is no directional grain. It’s very important in terms of contamination and keeping a clean environment. Process pipework, and product contact vessels are very important in terms of providing a very good internal surface finish for APIs, or Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. So, from that basis, we are able to provide the client with a very high internal surface finish 0.05 RA which would be the highest in the industry and this would be
very important in terms of cleanliness and to ensure there is no contamination for an
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient. We move on then to a more effective way of folding
and forming the metal. So, Trumpf, who would be our main suppliers, have introduced TruTops Boost which allows us to simulate folding of sheet metal parts. From this we can determine how well and how we can form parts and how well they work and also the client can
see these parts. So, it’s a 3D simulation of sheet metal parts. It’s very important
for our clients that they can handle their product safely without causing damage to the product. So, for example, a capsule filling machine or a tablet press, they need to ensure the tablets come off the tablet press and are housed in a piece of equipment that doesn’t cause damage and also protects the users and the operators and the people putting them into boxes. The benefit of working with Pharma Stainless is the quality of the product is
guaranteed because everything is contained in-house.

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