1. hey whats up can you just tell me if you still have this car how is it holding up did you have any problems with valves or valve seats ?thanks

  2. I like what I see! Here in the US, I am seriously considering the conversion. What or who is the source of the kit, how much did it cost and what if you don't have convenient filling options?? How did you compensate for the additional heat??? On a more basic note, are you injecting the propane directly into the existing injector manifold or is a new manifold installed to supply lpg to the injectors. Thanks…well done. B.Rodgers

  3. Thanks for the video. I am currently looking into this conversion vs a CNG conversion. LP is easy for me to fill at home off of my 500 gal tank at 1.85USD/ gal compared to gasoline of 3.00USD/ gal. I know that the MPG is not equal but I am driving 1,000 miles per week. Also the kits that I am currently pricing is about 400USD excluding the cost of the tanks. I am lucky enough to be able to install it myself and avoid the labor charges for install.

  4. I'm thinking of doing this to my hemi Ram 05. It has a race cam and a custom dyno tune on the computer. I wonder if the high lift = .538" and 263 degree intake duration, 274 degree exhaust duration  will work.

  5. geRAMicc85, I'm certainly interested in doing this conversion, I have a dealer about 1 mile from my home that will fill my truck very cheaply, I cook and heat with propane anyway. I can live with 15% less power for every day, my truck is already very fast, over 400 flywheel hp, 15% less would still be like 340 hp.

  6. Can you get this conversion kit ( with the injectors etc) to purchase? I have a 2002 5.7L Dodge Ram I would like to convert. Please advise.

  7. I'm trying to find/learn about injecting propane (not converting to propane) along with gasoline as a boost (like nitrous oxide). Is that possible?

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