Proteon Pharmaceuticals SA, Jarosław Dastych – Prezes Zarządu, #58 POZA PARKIETEM

Proteon Pharmaceuticals is a biotechnology company developing innovative products in the field of animal health. Now it is considering entering NewConnect. We will learn the details from Jarosław Dastych, CEO of the company. Welcome. Thank you. Hello. It is nice to be here. Let’s begin with what exactly your company is involved in? As you mentioned, biotechnology. What we focus on is creating new antibacterial preparations, that is, products we use to combat pathogenic bacteria, which act differently from those currently available on the market. Because of the antibiotic resistance crisis, particularly on the market for products for protecting animals, it is necessary to quickly introduce alternative methods. Our technology, developed by Proteon Pharmaceuticals, based on the use of bacteriophages, is such an alternative. BAFASAL and BAFADOR, if I’m pronouncing them correctly, are keywords in the case of your company. What do they mean? BAFASAL came from an acronym for Bacteriophages Against Salmonella. It is the historic name of a tech project that began in 2009. We left the name because in all our documents the preparation appears under that name. Currently it is also a registration name in Ukraine and the name in a registration dossier being reviewed by the relevant agency of the European Commission. What are the main sales markets for antibacterial preparations? It’s a global problem. Wherever animals are farmed, there are bacteria that have to be fought. Some of these bacteria are a threat to our health and some are a threat to the health of animals. Currently there is a heated debate that can be followed in the press concerning programmes for combating Salmonella, but the same discussions as in Poland are occurring all over the world. We are talking about the EU market, the Asian market and the [North] American market. But these preparations are also used or even essential in South America and Africa. Our contacts are currently focussed on the first three markets I mentioned. We also know that you hold specialist patents in Poland, Russia, the US and Ukraine, as well as the European Union. What are those patents? Yes, they are patents concerning production of our first two preparations and other technological elements which have broad application in the case of use of bacteriophages against pathogenic bacteria. Some of them are patents, some are patent reservations still under consideration. So what are the further plans for the company’s international growth? We are now at a moment when the momentum of our activity is being shifted more toward commercial operations — placing our first products on the market. Our current activities, apart from Ukraine, which I mentioned, or the European Union, now concern Asian countries, because our second product, aimed at aquaculture, that is, fish farming, may be particularly sought after in Asian countries, where the aquaculture sector is the fastest-growing in the world. I am also aware that the company is doing R&D work on three more preparations based on bacteriophages. What does the work concern now? Each of these projects is at a somewhat different stage. The most advanced is another product intended for poultry, targeting pathogenic E. coli bacteria. I believe we will soon conduct trial tests, which we could call clinical trials. Another project involves improved, modified forms of our first product under the BAFASAL name. This is already a very advanced project, and next year we will pursue measures aimed at registering this preparation. Finally, there is a product for milk cows which is a bit harder in a technological sense and also in a registration sense. This is a product that is more like a medicine, an inoculation for use in the case of mastitis in cows. This is a huge problem, with a huge market behind it. But the path to that market is somewhat longer. Does the company seek substantive international partners? We already have such partners, but of course we are still seeking them. Is work underway on gaining further substantive partners? If so, where, and what are your expectations? Unfortunately most of the data concerning the technologies of products that are just being created, which are backed by contracts signed by the company, are subject to a confidentiality clause, because they lead to sensitive technological data. But the information that you are considering listing on NewConnect is not covered by a confidentiality clause, and you are also talking to an investor. How does the situation look now? We are in the course of a number of discussions, contacts with potential investors. For certain this year we will finalize these discussions, taking a final decision, and then we will inform you. And if a decision is taken to list on the market, and first and foremost when a specific date is set, then we will return to our conversation. For now I thank you for the conversation and for your time.

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