Psycho Family Therapy

Calm down, calm down, calm down, calm down! Come on. Sorry, we’re gonna come out. We’re gonna come out. Hey, how are you? How are you feeling? Oh, I’m good. Uhm. Sorry, I just need to talk to you, real quick. Sure. Uhm, look. So, I’m really excited for tonight But I was wondering, if I could film the session? Uhh. Filming just… Kind of makes me uncomfortable… Oh. Well, see. When you asked me to do like diaries over the past year or so.. Right. I’ve been filming it, that’s been my thing. Ok. So you know, I figured… If I filmed the session, I could like, reflect on it and learn from stuff. You know. Uhm. I wish we had kind of talked about this before I got here… Yeah, I didn’t know what you- I’d rather talk to you in person about it. Maybe You’d think about it. I don’t know. Okay. How about this- Alright. Uhm. As long as… You know, I’m not in the film. In your video. Then… I could still- I could film your voice, though. Alright, I’ll let you go with that. Still, I have to tell you I don’t feel comfortable with it, but. Okay. Yeah, I could just set the camera up. Uhh. Yeah, I think it will. Ok. Uhm. Yeah, I could just set the camera up. Uhh I already set the camera up.. I already kind off planned this. I was really hoping you’d say yes. This is my- This is my friend, Corn here. Well, hallo Corn. Yeah. Nice to meet you. Yeah, uh- So he’s gonna have the camera. Just make sure you don’t film her. Yeah, it’s fine. But it’s- We already- heh. They know your name. …Who? The…? Well. (Nervous laughter) You know how I do YouTube, right? The people, yeah.. Okay. They know. So, uhh I’m sorr- Jess, I… I know heheh. Alright. Corn is gonna film it, we can stop it and we’ll pick it up in there when we’re comfortable Okay, alright. Alright, thanks. Your family members are ok with this? … Yeah… Okay. Yeah.. Did you turn that on too? Yeah, it’s on. Alright. Why are we actually doing this..? Seriously, recording? We just turned them on. Could you just let me explain, because I was about to go into it. Look. Corn, just film whatever. Just make sure you don’t get Dr. Nelson’s face- Because we talked about this outside.. And she is.. -You’re ok with this? I reluctantly agree. Right, but you did and then We can film. Just don’t get her face. It’s just audio and our stuff. Because I want to reflect on it and- And I do want to put it on YouTube. Because- Of course. (mumbling) Yes. Please Subscribe to BigBrudda. Don’t- Don’t do that. Subscribe to BigBrudda. Could you stop? People- See, people care about us and I know.. This is kind of What I want to talk about in this is:
People care People are invested in our lives and us
as a family and I care about them and I want them to know these types of
things. But you constantly put all our crap on TV- On YouTube. “On TV” (Mumbling) (Laughing) You’re so clueless. Yeah, but still. You videotape it, you put it out there in the world. Right. You know, let’s get started then. That’s perfect. I just wanna’ thank everybody for allowing me me in your home. So we can have an open forum, discuss some of the issues. There’s issues. (Mumbling) So I believe the best way to do this is
to maybe.. Well, you know what, Jess. How do you feel this should go? Uhh. Well, I was gonna ask you, you know, are we just all free to speak, or is it like: “This person talks”, and everybody else listens? You know what I mean? Well, we could start off with one individual to start speaking, and then.. Uhm. And go from there. How do you feel about that? I-I.. Because, I have a lot to share- I have a lot to say… To everyone, and like to each person individually. Uhm.. But I kind off wanted to go last, because what I have to say is… It’s a lot. Just to be the one with the last word here… No, that’s not what it is. Okay. (Mumbling) Come on, somebody talk! Do something, please. So what you’re
saying to me, Jesse, is that you don’t want to be the first one to speak. At this time, you would rather have- Because I have so much, like I have a lot to say, but I want to hear what everybody else has to say first. Okay. I have a lot to say, I just don’t want to say it (Mockingly) Well, I just want this all- I just want this all to work. I want everybody to have an open mind. I want everybody to be ser- Take it seriously and stop joking around. (People agree) I want everybody to learn why they do things they’re doing and uhm.. Like, what can we do to Stop it? And get along? Right. And be happy? Those two will never get along! That’s not just us, too. It’s NOT just us, too. It’s all provoked! Everything that ever happens in this house is provoked. And you’re Provoking right now! Yeah. Everybody has their problems here- That’s why I don’t want to be here.. Well- (Smirks) Wow… Well. Then why are you here? Nobody’s forcing you to be a part of the session. Uh, yeah there is. Everybody want all of us to be here, we got to be here. You don’t want to make this work?? Of course I want to make it work but do I want to sit here? No. What’s it gonna’ hurt? Is it going to hurt anything if you just sit here, and actually talks to your kids? Whatever, I’ll sit here. Go ahead. Who’s talking? Mom? I think mom should talk. All right, Terry, you have the floor.
Okay. Well, the first thing I want to discuss is… The very last thing that happened. With the officer. Oh, don’t… (Sigh) I’ll take this. … I didn’t know where this was gonna’ go.. (Slaps his leg) This whole thing is happening- It’s why we called you for this is..- I found out…. I found out that you were full of shit. When I confronted you in your bedroom the other day and you said that you didn’t know anything about John calling the cops or anything- That was a need-to-know basis. “I-need-to-know basis”, that’s SUCH bullshit! It was for your benefit, that whole thing. Sorry. Sorry about the cursing, but no. You fucking lied! You lied straight to my face! Did I actually lie to you? Tell me right now, you set it all up! You faked me getting arrested.. Because you thought that it would help me! Ok, I did! Big deal, I thought it was going to help you. A little “scared straight”, you know the TV-Show… It doesn’t actually work, you know that right? That’s just a show. It doesn’t matter, it was an attemt to try to stop- It did the exact oppisite. And I don’t think I’m spazzing now, spazzing makes you seem pathetic- (Arguing) Spazzing is when you flip out in a store because you have to pic up some 50 pounds bags of fertilizer. No, I was flipping because you didn’t listen! I was mad, because he wasn’t doing shit to help me. And he was filming me. You carried about- Yeah, it was 12 bags. It was 12 bags. And he filmed it. Try not to curse to much… Well, that I didn’t know about the filming- I asked Kenny- Kenny, the actor, to play a cop. We got him a uniform- “Kenny, the actor”?? Well, he wanted to be one in highschool, but oh well… It didn’t work out for him, but he always wanted to do it. I talked to him and he’d do it. He just took you to the town hall, big deal! And that didn’t seem wrong to you?! To set your son up like that! No, actually it didn’t seem wrong! No, I thought it would help you. What the hell else was I gonna do, honestly? Because you were spazzing. It’s fight or flight and I decided to run, because everybody was against me! Oh, cut it out! No way. Just like now! Nobody is out to get you, nobody is against you. Is this how it’s supposed to go? Is this- How we’re just yelling at eachother and fighting- Does this help anything?? I don’t know if the yelling would help.. Maybe if we lower our voices and I do agree with “scared straight”. I do. And uhm.. (Mumbling) Don’t tell me that you… She knew about it, I discussed it with her. I woulnd’t have done that if I were you… (Mumbling) Why the fuck are we do- Why are we doing this if you- You thought this would help?! I have to admit- I did believe it would help. I think it got a little out of control though… Yeah, because he fucking tattled me.. He tattled me and then he made a swell in my rist, because he didn’t even know how to cuff. Ok. Your actor friend, Kenny, didn’t even know how to cuff. Ok, spazz. Why did you- That doesn’t help! Tell him, that doesn’t help anything, calling me names like that. The negative calling of names, does not help, Jeff. It doesn’t. Ok. I won’t call him spazz. But he did. He spazzed! You did it! You flipped out- “Let’s call eachother names”, that why this won’t go anywhere you’re right. I didn’t say that. I said, you spazzed. You spazz all the- Say it one more time! You spazz all the time, too. You break his stuff- Actually, yeah. We already- (Caos) Could I get the floor? That’s what you did to him! You provoked him! Could I get the floor?! Oh, god. Yes you can have the floor now Take the floor. Shut the… I’m good. Okay. Look keep it down here- I’m good. You’re scaring.. Let me talk! (irritated psycho’s) (Laugther) Alright. I’m here to help… Let’s rewind. Let’s talk about how this all first started. It was because I “didn’t have a job”, after College. Alright. And you shredded my video games with your lawn mower, that summer. That’s because you never came out of your room! That’s besides the point… What I was doing in my room, was what mattered at the time. Because, that’s what I want to fucking do. And we’ve gone trough this EVERY single day, for the last fucking year. And not only, have you shredded my games… But you take a fucking chainsaw to my Xbox One. You should hear yourself right now, because you sound like a joke. You just… Jess, you didn’t come out of your room for weeks… Because I was doing my job! A lot of jobs – and we’ve had this conversation before, but you don’t seem to understand. Maybe this- this will help him. That this world is turning digital. A lot of jobs exist online, where you can’t even see it being a job. Right. You have done so many things, that hinder my performance online. You’ve raided my stream, when i had 200..- That was for you running your mouth. You ran your mouth. I’m free to say whatever I wanna say. Sometimes I use that as humor. Yeah, well, it didn’t work. Not all jokes are good, that doesn’t mean that you should embarasse me in front of like 200 of my fans, my people. And- destroying my stuff, that doesn’t solve anything. Well, don’t disrespect me. And that’s what happened. Correct? But you’re disrespecting him too. At that time, I was not! How are you even involved in this? All you’ve ever done was pissing me the fuck off! Just so you can feel a little better
about yourself. I mean, if he’s in his room all day What does it matter to you if he’s doing
something that he loves? Not something that you love- You love mowing lawns?! You do what you love to do. Yeah. It’s his life. And I love my video games! We don’t see anything from his- His “So called” job We haven’t seen anything. Oh, HALLO? I just payed you. I just gave you a check for rent. Oh, and we back up a little bit? You know your bill, that you gave me? Yeah. I asked your mother if she could print it out for you. Yeah, I remember it. So maybe you can predict already, what I’m about to say. If the whole thing was faked.. Oh god… If you set that all up, why were you charging me money, for something that never happened? Because we mixed it in there, for the… (Heated arguments) You gave me a figure.. YEAH! That’s what it was for. I had nothing to do with that number. No, that was a number of all the.. You’re just trying to get money out of me. Anyway, I gave you.. No, I wasn’t trying to get money out of you! That money, came from what I do right now. Came from that, right there. (Points at the camera) …Corn? It came from him filming it and putting it on YouTube. And I can continue to to do this. I can make money of this. It’s something you don’t understand. But what’s the gaming aspect? I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, when you do this gaming stuff. I tried to explain it. Live streaming, you make money off that. You can be a pro gamer too. And I wanted to do that, I’ve expressed my feelings. Are you making any money at it? He has been starting sexual favors online, yeah. He’s not at- Does he have to be here? Honestly. He is not adding anything to this. Jesse I believe.. Get back to the question. He does need to be here. You need to be participating. Like be.. take it seriously. I am taking it very seriously. Then maybe we should go to Jeff. Yeah. Yeah I think that’s.. Yeah. All right! How are you feeling? I feel pretty good. Honestly, how do you feel? I feel a little
bit unfairly treated. See what he does? He puts on a little show for everyone, he acts like he has no feeling, no emotions, what so ever. Ehh. I had my camera broken. You deserved that. And he says that as a joke- I don’t get you! It was your own stupidity that did that! I had my laptops broken. Well, your brother provoked that one. Yeah. I had no idea he was gonna get It really hurts when you take my things and have them broken.. I can’t do this with him. I really can’t.. This is one thing, but with him- You borrowed my laptop, gave it to Dad- I didn’t know he was going to do anything to it. I really didn’t. You didn’t have a clue? No, I didn’t know what the hell- I needed to use it. My laptop was in the tent that was destroyed by a backup. That- I didn’t know that was going to happen I needed a laptop and honestly, we were cool at that time, because for once we actually… We actually worked together. With the trophy destruction, like we actually- We broke those. That was a thing Yeah! You broke my shit there, too! It’s all relative to everything that’s been going on- No, no it’s not. Everything that’s happened- We broke that, because you broke my fucking Play Button! Alright- Ok. You deserved that, because you two were- Relax… flipping out. Let’s backtrack a bit: It was MY Play Button. You got your Play Button, dude. I got my Play Button now.. You got it, I have nothing- I have- Alright, let me just ask the question: Where is this all going, because we’re trying to figure out how to get along. We’re just rehashing everything, and then you guys are just blaming eachother. He breaks stuff. You instigate ALL the time. That is not true. All Jesse see’s is how to “spazz”, so he calles it. Then.. And then breaks stuff. (Jeffrey being a pain) I will take this seriously, I have been. Because I have a lot on the line, and I think what needs to happen is.. There is a lot of blame going around. The problem is: Nobody’s accepting it. I am going to be the bigger man and I have… No, no I haven’t done anything. (Psycho Dad getting triggered) I have only been reactionary and that’s IT. I have NEVER done anything- You’re an ass… What do you mean reactionary? (Laughter) You’ve never busted nothing. I did react- I’ve only reacted to what you’ve given me. What about Thank’s Giving? Do we need to talk about that? Is this relevant? Your father brings up a good point. Yeah, what about the trophies? Reactionary? Yeah, because you broke my award. I don’t see what Thank’s Giving has to do with any of this though. No I guess you wouldn’t, because you- You ruined the holiday. Did you get pumpkin pie? I didn’t get pumpkin pie. No, I didn’t get anything. I did that because you made me look like a fool- MOM, I GOT THIS! Alright. Let’s take it easy… Yeah. Here we go! Calm down! We don’t want the cop coming back, do we…? I did Thank’s Giving, because you put me on blast in front of the whole fucking family. You said that I had to get a job, and you put that as a part of the grace. And you already know, I don’t believe in that shit! And you put that one me because you knew, that would get a reaction out of me. And putting it in front of the whole family; Maybe that would cause change. This is like this bullshit “scared straight” thing. I thought it would work. (Psycho Dad V Psycho Kid: Dawn of Justice) It’s the same story.. No, it isn’t! Yeah, it is. You got the same story, just going around in your head. Jesse, explain to your dad how you felt. When he made that statement at the Thank’s Giving table. ….. I felt helpless. I felt alone. I felt really isolated… It was a sarcastic joke at the time! No.. You went off to deap end again. It’s not a deep end… I felt like everyone was against me, just like I feel right now.. Could somebody else talk? This is not going the way I wanted it to go.. I think this is good. Because we all need to know, our words hurt. Do you see how he’s getting upset? “Our words hurt”? Don’t you fucking touch me! I see how is getting emotional, and I understand that. And you don’t care! The hell, I don’t care. Alright yeah.. I fucked up with Thank’s Giving I made a mistake and I apologized for that. Yeah, you did but still. Then you screwed up Christmas! Burned the Christmas three- That was because I didn’t get a Wii U. Yeah, big deal! That was all I wanted. And he gets a freaking XBOX One, that he didn’t even ask for at the time. Oh my god.. (Defensive Jeffrey) What does it matter what he gets? We’ve always gotten what we wanted.. I know you’ve always gotten what you’ve wanted. So that time you burned the Christmas three- It was just a three.. It’s the games, I’m telling you! Just like when we went to London. Ok? Remember that show? And then what do you do? You stay in your room to play video games all the time. That’s all there was to do! London wasn’t all that exciting. It was fucking buildings and accents and whoop-de-freaking-doo! Right! But we could’ve done it together. But now you wouldn’t..- We used to play games together. No. No, no. Just like me and my friends gamed together That you ruined! Because you came in and smashed my laptop, Corn’s laptop, Mark’s laptop. That’s because you provoked me. How?! We’re just starting to be friends again. I’m surprised- I’m thankful he’s even filming this shit. We didn’t talk for two months! That was because you guys wouldn’t quiet down, because you won’t keep your mind off- Well do you know what that was? That him provoking it. No. He was trying to get me loud, and he was videotaping so he could get more views. You guys had like; 3-5-17(?) bottles of Mountain Dew down there. Don’t tell me- He’s making the same lame ass jokes he was making that night. But either way, you guys were so stinking so loud. We had to get up and go to work the next morning. Go to work? Yeah. Hey, can we talk about that? How I work for him for free? Well, “work”, huh. Jess! Didn’t we make an agreement? Hold on, no. I wanna hear Dr. Nelson thoughts on this. Do you think that’s right? Just-comfirm lesson. Jesse and I have discussed that. We have discussed that. And I don’t necessarily agree with him not getting paid for a job that he’s doing. if he’s employed by you and providing
you service, he should be paid for it. Yeah, but that was part of the agreement with him coming back. He was gonna do it for free. But that has to raise some
flags(?) You know.. Why does that have to raise flags? I mean, that’s like borderline slavery right now. No it isn’t! Cut it out. If I need– I’m already paying rent to you and that I work for you for free. But it doesn’t matter! if I
need help with something, aren’t you are utilized to help- your father..? Yeah, but this is for your business. This is for a job. A.K.A: You have to pay me. Why do I have to pay you? Because it’s a job! You’ve made an agreement. Just because I’m your son, doesn’t mean it’s not a job. You’ve made an agreement. You “The Job Master” “Everybody has to get a job”– should understand that. You’ve made an agreement. Agreements can be changed. Well, he should have come to me and tried to change it. Can you just let me have ONE thing? For fucks sake! I already gave you rent, I showed you that I can be independent and pay for myself. I don’t want to work for you for free. If I have more time to do my thing, you might be able to get more rent out of me. If that’s what you want. I don’t want anymore rent of you, we agreed upon that. I might be able to swing off the free-labor. Alright? Does that work? Can I get that on writing? No. You don’t need that on writing. If I tell you it is, it’s gospel. So I don’t have to work for you anymore? No. If that’s what it takes. Alright. No, that’s good. Oh my god… So it’s done? Alright? “Yey, Jesse. Jesse doesn’t have to work anymore…” You say where we’re going. I’m happy. You sure did overlook it. I’m good. Are we getting anywhere? It’s just that you bring a lot of this on yourself! Ok, but then again– How about when you kicked me out of the house? And I was living in a tent? And then you destroyed the tent I was living in. Because I was.. What was the problem there? What were your feeling there? There were more to the story than meets the eye. What were you doing out there? Your son was living in a fucking tent! And that’s ok?! And then you destroyed the tent. You realize how sadistic that sounds? You were out there in a tent in the backyard.. Because that was were I had to go, I had nowhere else to go! Not even Corn would let me over to his house! You were supposed to be ruffing it, you were gonna go to one of your friend’s houses.. You don’t even know what the fuck I was doing! You didn’t even care. And you don’t even have the respect to turn your cellphone off, while doing this! Yes, turn that off. Hey. Now that. Good. Now we can transition to something else. Woah, no. I think it’s good. Tell your dad how you– Were we getting somewhere there? I felt like this was just making things worse. No, I think you need to express how you feel. So the- Your father kicking you out of the house What do you want to know about? How I had to fucking.. shit in the woods? I didn’t.. You have no idea what it was like and you were just as wrong as I were in that time. You broke the trophies too, asshole. And can we talk about that? WHY.. Why do you treat him so much better than you treat me? That’s not true… There’s nothing- He does not- You’re both treated the same way. He plays video games just as much as I do! I do not. Yeah, but he’s got a normal job. That was what I was saying. He got out to work every now and then- Making videos is normal! If you look at it as.. say YouTube is like a cable company. I have my own channel! And I make content. Yeah. Well, at the time I didn’t know you made any money of off it. Because that’s what matters.. It’s not what I want to do, it’s what makes money. No, but you’re supposed to get out in the world! You know Get out of your room! Make a living. Get a place of your own. Things like that. Get a hamster. I wanna hear something real from you. I feel like… I gotta I got to take this call. Seriously. I feel like our relationship is bad
because you don’t feel anything. ..I don’t feel anything? You act like you don’t feel anything. I don’t know where that came from, but it’s… You can’t have a connection or any type of relationship with anyone, if you don’t give anything in return. Do you see me right now? I am hearts at marble. Did that do anything(?) Sorry, nobody can hear you. Because you, you’re what? Embarrassed? Tell me about the time when you guys had a great relationship. We used to play video games together… When we were younger we used to be close. We used to play games, but.. When did it start changing? .. would you say? I wanted a Playstation and you wanted an XBOX. So you and I can’t take that seriously. That’s when it started, you wanted to play that. I wanted to play the other. But those are material things. I’m talking about emotionally and– I mean, those were activities that we kinda shared in. That we did… I don’t know if that was just the tip of the iceberg… We just… We– I don’t… They’re very different, but also similar. And the games.. I mean, you have– You both do have common interests. You just.. That’s why– He’s always trying to one-up you. I don’t understand how that’s a problem than. If we’re so similar. Because you’re so damned competitive, that’s the problem. Well, you’re back. Cool. Yeah.. I had to take it. Alright? There is a life out here, you know. I got to take calls. Just like you got to take calls, your brother got to take calls. You got to sit there and text, play on the phones. I didn’t even bring my phone.. I haven’t even touched it, unlike this guy. This is.. probably the first time. …maybe. So Jesse. Going back to what you were saying to your brother… What would you like to see different in
your relationship? Compassion. I feel like that’s all that really needs to happen. Because.. I would not be siting here – If I wasn’t doing some sort of compassion.. If you care .. For your condition. For my con– You’re the one who said that you had a condition.. Can we get into something..? Come on. Tell him how you feel. You sure as hell think that I don’t care. But when you break my stuff.. he doesn’t care. That’s not compassion. When you film me.. When you film me getting fucking arrested You weren’t arrested! Cut it out. I just did that [” “] ! I see it… We all thought it was a good idea for you. Yeah. You thought the filming was a good idea? Well that I kind of just did. I have no idea on that one.. You broke the camera and I kind of thought… Heh. Why not? So Terry… Let’s give you the floor. Well, it’s not- This isn’t working like I thought it was gonna work. I- I thought that they would be open and talk about their real feelings. They’re not talking about their real feeling. I– I mean, you are. There’s a lot of disrespect… Thank you. No, and you are being disrespectful too. I mean, he’s an adult. They’re both adults. I agree with you. (Stuttering) It goes both ways! They’ve got to show some initiative around here. They’ve got to show respect. There’s things around here they’ve got to do too! We can’t sit here and cuddle them all the time. We don’t cuddle them all the time! You don’t cuddle them at all, ever. Never? I beg the differ. And how does this effect your relationship? ‘Makes it ruff. It really does. Oh yeah, we don’t agree on hardly anything. I don’t tell him stuff, he doesn’t.. — Like, I told Jesse about the “Scared Straight”. Oh, you told him? Uh, yes I told him, I felt really bad. And I told him. What was it going to hurt, to tell him after the fact? You’re the one that taught me how to play video games. Yeah I told you how to do that, I played video games. I have friends telling me that they play games with their dad. We used to play games too. And that in my mind seems so far fetched. He used to play games. Your father loved to play games. Loved playing video games, he taught you guys how to play video games. Then what happened? Life hits! You have to mature, you’re going to have responsibility. You can’t sit there and games your whole life. I had to work. See, Uncle Larry actually plays with me. He started his own YouTube channel! Do you care? No! It’s great for Uncle Larry if he has his own channel. No, it’s great for me! Because that’s just somebody who actually cares! A father figure that cares. He has time, I don’t! I work, Jess. So does he! I have a YouTube channel.. Yeah, good for you. Gaming is not a problem. Gaming is a problem, you got to stop, seriously. No it’s not, no I don’t. I’m not gonna stop doing what I love. Are you gonna stop mowing lawns? I have to mow lawns for a living. Oh, so do I! It’s not like you’re making any money off it. I make money off streaming. Just stop the games! No, not gonna happen. Just stop them. I think you have a good point there, Jeff. And I think we need to continue with that. Yeah, what is.. What’s his point? I think– I have lot of people that I’ve worked with over the years, who’ve had gamed. Or gaming. Gamed? Have you ever played a video game in your life? This isn’t about me, Jesse. No, no. It is. Because that makes me feel comfortable, right? Have you played.. What have you played? Yes, I have played. Have you played 10 games in the past week? Shut up. I have played games. Ok, so you can attest this. So you know what it’s like to be a gamer? Would you call yourself a gamer? I would not call myself a gamer. Jess, it’s not about her, it’s about you. No, this is important. Because a lot of people judge, because they’re not one themselves. Just like you. Well, I think we need to ask, what types of games? What types of games? Ok, I can’t talk your ear off. I play all sorts of games. I play adventure games, I play RPG’s, I play Sexual games.. Shut the fuck up. I play shooters, one of my favorite games ever is Halo. Ok. You know Halo? I’ve never played Halo, but I do. But, you’ve heard of it? Yes I have. It’s a first person shooter and it’s one of my favorite games. And I like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty is alright.. This is what I’m trying to explain to you. Games like that… Like.. what? There are studies of them causing aggression. Uh, violence? Violence in games? Violent tendencies, yes. Oh, yeah.. Yes. Yes, Jesse. Oh, so maybe you can argue that my dad plays games, he’s a gamer, because he has violent tendencies, right? He’s really aggressive. Donkey Kong and Mario, yeah. Yeah, it made me aggressive. Just stop the games, that’s all. No, Dr. Nelson, I’m curious where you’re going with this. Here’s a question for you Jesse. Yeah? After all the years of playing these games and being a — That’s from where I drive most of my knowledge. Ok. Has it ever brought about feeling of where you may have wanted to harm anyone Or maybe felt any ill will to anyone in this room? Your family? Your dad for example? No… That would be crazy! And I am not crazy. If you think these games are causing that shit.. Ok. There are studies that they do cause aggression. I’m aware, I bet there are. Yeah, I bet a lot of people look into that, they assign blame to that. I do have to agree with your father that maybe the gaming needs to stop. Yeah. Yeah, it needs to stop. That makes sense.. I think it would be nice and a great idea if it stopped. I have to agree with him, Jesse. Professionally you would agree, that I have to stop playing video games? Yes. (Jeffrey provoking) SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! You’re just trying to add fuel to this FUCKING FIRE! c’mon. Calm down. There’s nothing wrong with video games. There’s nothing wrong with them. Alright. You need to relax. It’s really easy to sit here and judge. To watch bullshit on the television and say: “You know what? yeah. These voices, these faces behind the camera, they know exactly what’s going on with gamers. Calm down. We’re normal people! You’re getting aggressive again. NO, I’M NOT! I’m defending a point because nobody understands me. Nobody? Corn does. Because you’re a gamer. You know? Yeah. It’s not this bad! But Corn’s not flipping out behind the camera. I have, look.. You know, I have a condition and I’m not.. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?! This is your fucking stash! I thought I had destroyed them! Jeffrey, get the fu– (Rage building up…) No, I don’t know what these are. These are your games, you play these all the time! My games? I think we need to calm down. What are you playing? You like Halo. I like ALL of them!! I don’t.. You like Grand Theft Auto, here. That has nothing to do with anything! Jeffrey shut the fu– A lot of first person shooters here. Yeah, I get it.. I GET IT! You don’t seem.. Maybe you should try and cut it down a bit? WHY IS HE EVEN HERE, I DON’T GET IT! Get the fuck out of here! Get him the fuck out of here! Ok.. C’mon, that’s enough. I don’t wanna hear you lie, you bullshit, you manipulate me into thinking there’s this fake arrest. You have NO idea what it’s like to be a gamer or YouTuber or anything.. And you, you do the same shit as me! I need to go. It’s time to go, come on. Pot calling the fucking candle black. It’s time to go. And Mom, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you were thinking, bringing this fucking brat here! Alright.. Alright, um. FKN BLLSHT! (Shirt going off…) I think I’m… FUCK YOU! Fuck you.. calling it “stash” like that.. I’m sorry… Get the fuck out of here, dude.. Is it cold in here..? Get the fuck out of here. Corn, Corn.


  1. mom (Theresa)👉normal
    Jeffrey/JT👉kinda psycho
    Jesse👉kinda psycho
    🔥dad (Jeff)👉VERY PSYCHO🔥

    Kinda like me with my parents.
    Me👉kinda psycho

  2. Y'all can y'all just shut the old lady f**** up cuz you talkin too much she taking to 4 if you take that s*** to for I knocked into for her mouth

  3. 36:00
    At first I thought the dog in the background was holding one of the games in his mouth… 😂😂😂

  4. Say what you want about jessie and him getting angry during therapy but at least he(and his mom) are showing that they care about fixing their family problems while jeffery and the dad don’t even care at all and didn’t even take it seriously.

  5. This is not what a real family therapy session looks like. The therapist usually uses a lot of directed techniques and support in a real session. I hope you can at least acknowledge that if it's not a real session because those who need family therapy and watch this might get a wrong impression of what family therapy is actually like and may end up not getting the help they need.

  6. Respect each other and encourages kids passions as long as hes paying rent. See his passions. Dont break each others stuff. You all need to think what would happen if tomorrow your family members died. Stop putting each other down. Dad your job is to encourage not put your kids down. Burning Christmas tree cause you dont get what want. Come on talk you all one person at a time take responsibility for each of you what you say or do. Would you act like this with friends out in public cherish each other see best in each other

  7. okay the counselor did not help at all. A counselor helps you because they are on your side no matter what the situation is. It makes you feel not alone. This is not good counseling if anything.

  8. he has something there t stand up for his dad not acting like a mean father that does mean things bad happening i not need to start to fight or anything but like destroy sons stuff like that sme things you get ma at new stuff over nothing like is not fair to the kids over 22 years old just cant do thoes stuff lilke

  9. hey i wan you to know that your dad destroy your stuff from your room and the brother came out to with the recording thing but i really hate to say this my dad will do the same thing to me

  10. I like how Jesse was all into the therapy idea and loved it when the doctor was agreeing with him, but the second she starts questioning his gaming addiction and agreeing with Psycho Dad his whole demeanor changes and he spazzes out and goes into "NOBODY UNDERSTANDS ME BECAUSE I'M A GAMER!!!" mode. 😂

  11. Just because you didn't get what you want for Christmas doesn't mean you get to bring down a tree when your brother gets something that he doesn't ask for what you did and he gets it that still doesn't mean you get to burn down a tree I get a bunch of stuff that I don't even ask for or I don't want and I'm still grateful for it there's a bunch of people out in the world who don't have stuff that we have and it's good for us to learn that sometimes what we want isn't the best thing that we need at that time you need to focus on your family and trying to get better and not get angry so quickly getting angry for stupid crap like that isn't going to change the relationship that you have with your family yeah your brother messes around with you I have five brothers and Five Sisters all of us are homeschooled and yes we all fight but then we figure out the best way to solve our fights and then we all go on our merry way and we all get along but you and your family are crazy you guys all need to get it in your head that fighting name calling all that stuff isn't going to solve whatever you guys need to Salt you all need to sit down and talk about it without yelling or cussing or name-calling because all that stuff goes into a big fight you guys are a family of four I'm a family of 16 and if I can solve my problems with all of us and I'm pretty sure the four of you guys can solve your problems how getting a therapist that shows how selfish you guys are just remember you have whatever the heck you want third world countries don't they have rice and beans for every meal they have to walk with no shoes or to go get dirty water you have a roof over your head watching these make me sick it's unbelievable you need to figure it out before before something happens to your parents or your brother and you're just alone your last words could be very hurtful or they can be something meaningful and heartfelt you guys need to put it in your heads. Not everything is about you and what you want and yes your brother does things to make himself feel happy he takes a little of your joy to make him feel happy I have a bunch of those people in my family but we somehow work it out if I can do it you can do it I believe in you. I don't know how old you are at guessing around 20 21 22 your parents are always going to be there you need to start focusing on what's going on In the real world like job and car and apartment home stuff like that that you did me money he is right you need to learn sitting on your behind couches in your room and your parents as house is not okay you're in your twenties you need to suck it up go and get a real job yes you should give me a job we use the money that you're dreaming on YouTube towards the home towards an apartment towards a car using your parents stuff is it going to get you anywhere because what happens when they die where you going to go what if your brother took the house there's no guarantees that you're probably going to get the house you need to start living on your own making your money being independent doing all that stuff so that your parents aren't as mad aren't you.

  12. Have Turn Off Your Phone. Or Silenced.😱😳👮🏻‍♀️👮🏻‍♂️📱📲📞🔇🔕Have Turn Off your ringtone.😱😳🔕🔇📞📲📱👮🏻‍♂️👮🏻‍♀️

  13. everyone is arguing, changing the subject, discussion overall going nowhere other then people shouting and calling names at one another and making sarcastic remarks
    therapist: i think this is good, we're making good progress

  14. Staged or not Jesse’s part in this video is the problem with people today…”I did because you did this to me” lol that’s the issue today. Nobody makes you react like a fool nobody makes you do anything. It’s a choice. If you don’t have control over your emotions and life like Jesse’s character in the psycho series that’s your problem and you deserve all the crap that follows your actions 💯

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